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 We need to talk {Jacques and Michelle}

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PostSubject: Re: We need to talk {Jacques and Michelle}   Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:00 pm

Michelle didn't even flinch, not when Jacques' hand landed on her stomach or when she was pushed into the bookcases. All she did was stare at him, her lips pursed and her eyes narrowed on the Clement heir.

"Very little?" Michelle scoffed. "I've not forced Mimosa into doing anything. I sit down with her in a nice little cafe and I patiently help her learn. I don't force her to do anything. I let her decide what she wants to do for the day. Learning from a book? I take the time to help her go through it, letting her go at her own pace and helping her when she's having trouble. Learning to write? She asks me if she could sit down with me and give her a hand at learning to write. I never forced her to do anything."

She knew, oh she knew that she was pushing Jacques buttons and she was digging herself a deeper hole, however, Michelle was not one to back away. The pressure from her stomach left and she just massaged the tender spot before she stalked after the Clement heir.

"She has dyslexia, Jacques. The only way to help Mimosa is to be patient with her and help her when she needs it. She's a smart girl, very smart for her age. She knows when to ask for help. And that's what I do, I help her. I don't force her to write lines day long or read books. We meet for the day, I ask her what she wants to do and then she decides. Somedays she wants to read books, somedays she wants to write letters and other days she just wants to learn by hearing. There is no easier way to help Mimosa then be there for her, give her a hand when she needs it and not coddle her."

The witch ignored the looks that followed the two of them, most of them focused on her stalking form.
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Jacques Clement
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PostSubject: Re: We need to talk {Jacques and Michelle}   Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:21 pm

Jacques eyes did not warm as Michelle spoke. Though she might not believe she knew nothing, with every word she spoke, it showed how very little she really did know. Jacques' head shook slightly before he moved away, the flash of anger not being something he was comfortable in in himself with.

The distance was a necessity in that moment, even as Michelle stalked after him, talking to him as if she knew better than he did. As if she was the genius on this subject, and everything she was doing was perfect. Criticism, it seemed, was not something Michelle could take very well, and it was going to cost Mimosa, something Jacques would simply not allow.

The older witch continued on her tirade of how she was doing what was best for Mimosa, by allowing Mimosa to rule the roost, decide what she wanted, which was not how the child was ever going to learn. Michelle might be blind to that much, but Jacques was not. The young Frenchman stopped once more, turning back to the witch.

"You realise coddling her is exactly what you've been doing, don't you?" Jacques asked, looking thoroughly amused by this point. "Allowing her to choose means she gets to avoid the difficult things she doesn't wish to do. It will continue allowing her to do the things she doesn't wish to do. And, that will not aid her in overcoming this whole thing.

"Whilst you can pretend to be helping her in that little bubble of yours, Ms. Roux, I'm going to find the right way to do it. With, or without your help." Jacques finalised. There was, now, nothing more to say on this matter, and Jacques pushed open the door beside him, heading back out towards his bike.

If you wanted something doing in this world, Jacques reflected, it was best to do it yourself. But, surely, there had to be someone in Mimosa's life that genuinely cared to help her, and not just pretend this whole thing didn't exist!


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We need to talk {Jacques and Michelle}
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