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 Toxic (Delia)

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PostSubject: Toxic (Delia)   Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:04 am

Bored. Saturday afternoon, less than a month into the school year, and he was already bored. Nobody at the University was fun. For an hour, maybe, or an evening. But certainly not the kind of fun that would last him three more years. It was a shame, really, he'd had such high hopes for that place.

He wasn't dropping out. His classes were actually not bad at all, and he was set on getting his degree. But in the meantime...well, he had to find an outlet.

So here he was, back in Hogsmeade, not sure exactly what he might be looking for. Maybe he'd meet that Janet girl again, she'd said she lived nearby. Not that she was particularly interesting either--pleasant, sure, but typical. And normal people could only entertain him for so long. Normal people always expected others to be normal as well, and they were so easily scared off. That limited his actions considerably. His experiences with normal people were all basically the same, and they were starting to get tedious. He needed something new.

Honestly, he didn't expect to find it here, but he had no better options. He hadn't been to this particular pub yet--he found he rather liked the atmosphere. He sat in the back corner, sipping a glass of...well, something. It was a rather unnatural shade of dark red, and tasted vaguely of nutmeg. Not the worst drink he'd ever had, though he probably wouldn't order it again. He sat sideways in a casual slouch, with his back up against the wall, and his left leg propped up on another chair.

He didn't know who he was today. He figured he'd find out if he met someone. But God, he really wasn't in the mood for normal people right now. He slouched a little lower and preoccupied himself with his drink, glaring slightly over the rim of his cup. Any of those insufferably cheerful strangers would hopefully be turned off by the dark and brooding look, helpfully reflected by his choice of dress--a mismatch of darker colored articles he'd found in a thrift store in London, which made him look slightly punk, slightly homeless, and mostly unapproachable.

The dingy lighting of the pub kept him mostly in shadow as he quietly observed the other patrons, watching as the door occasionally opened to let in someone new.
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PostSubject: Re: Toxic (Delia)   Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:37 am

Delia had nothing to do.

No. That wasn't right. She had plenty to do, plenty of people to meet with, and much to talk about. It wasn't that she had lack of activities; it was that the one activity she wanted to do, she couldn't. She was restless, her body craving touch and love from someone -- anyone -- without the worry of attachment or relations. She missed Irene. Not the toxicity of it, nor the way they both knew it would crash and burn if they continued just a day longer, but rather the way they both fit so well into each other, as though their bodies were but the same. It was the physical aspect that she missed, not the talk or even the witch herself.

It wasn't love. She doubted she had ever loved anyone she'd been with, and the list was extensive. Irene was probably the closest, and yet... They'd been more like fireworks. A spark was all it took to set them ablaze, and off they went into the sky, hissing and fizzing, vibrant and bright and firey, for the world to see. Eight whole months they had lasted, and then the inevitable happened and they began to fizzle out. And so, before they lost their friendship to fighting and bad memories, they departed, keeping nothing but fondness for each other and memories of the time they were both going strong.

And now Delia was alone again, with nobody to retreat into the night with. She missed it. She hadn't slept with anyone since she moved to Britain. Hadn't had any fun...

Getting out of the castle one Saturday afternoon wasn't hard. There were groups of those allowed to leave, and she'd definitely been one of those. Jeans and t-shirt on, she left with a group of girls, then, once they'd reached Hogsmeade, slipped into a much more suitable dress. Letting her hair fall in curls around her, she hoped that nobody would recognise her, seeing as she was still fairly new to Hogwarts. Besides, here, she was someone else -- someone older, more mature, more elegant.

Her eyes scanned the tables already taken, looking for someone, anyone, who'd fit her needs. Most looked too nice-boy for her. She didn't want a good cuddle or to be told she was doing well. She wanted fun. Usually, if she found someone from bars, she'd do it at night when the shady ones were out -- but that wasn't exactly an option here. In fact, there was only one person currently present who fit what she found was typically her type; at the very back of the pub, wearing dark clothes, an almost sulking appearance on his face.

She broke into a light smirk, pushing past tables and people until she reached him, and sat herself down beside him. Without saying anything, she reached over and pulled the glass he was holding out of his hand and took a long drink. Whatever it was, it was awful, but still had a light kick to it, not that it was even close to enough. Instead of handing it back to him, she held onto it, leaning back and getting comfortable. "This tastes like shit," she said, pretending to examine the liquid before taking another drink. "Let me get you something nicer."
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PostSubject: Re: Toxic (Delia)   Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:20 pm

Kenny had watched the door as it swung open. He'd observed the girl as she stood in the doorway for a moment, searching for something. And then she'd looked straight at him and strode forward with a purpose. As she approached, he quickly swung his leg off the chair beside him, surprise registering for a split second on his features as she slid into the newly emptied seat and snatched the glass from his fingers.

He stared at her for a moment. Blinked once. What was she looking for?

Never mind that. His eyes travelled over her slowly as she pronounced her distaste for his drink, and he realized that she might be exactly what he was looking for. Maybe he should go for dark and brooding more often.

She was pretty. Young, though he couldn't tell her exact age, and to be honest, he didn't really care, as long as she wasn't trying to get him in trouble. Pushy, he thought, as she insisted on buying him a drink. And most importantly, she was definitely not normal.

He broke into a dangerous grin and leaned his head back against the wall.

"Nicer? What do you have in mind?"
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PostSubject: Re: Toxic (Delia)   Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:50 am

The grin he gave her was one she was oh-so-familiar with. It was the grin of someone who knew the risks of the game, knew the price of things, and didn't give a shit. It was a dangerous grin, one not to be taken lightly, and for that exact reason Delia ignored the warning bells in her mind. Most followed those, listening to years of women's experience in this sort of thing. Delia went for the opposite; she wanted danger, wanted the thrill of not knowing if it was safe, the taste of excitement that only came with risks and the unknown...

"Hmm..." She paused, as though mulling over it, taking the opportunity to take another sip of the god-awful drink she held. "How about tequila?" She glanced towards the bar, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth as she did, then back at him. "I'm not so sure they'd sell any, and even if they do..." She lifted a shoulder in a shrug. "The shot glasses they use are f---ing boring. I can think of much better way."

It was a gamble, seeing if he knew what she meant, and, if he did, if he was interested. Not everybody went to the bar for a pick-me-up of that nature. And, even if that was the reason, there was no saying she was his type. He was most definitely hers, but the opposite was yet to be seen. Still, if she didn't at least try, there was no knowing. Besides, it added to the fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Toxic (Delia)   Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:45 pm

Kenny raised an eyebrow at the girl's proposal. Tequila? Is she suggesting...? Hm... He hadn't done body shots since Ilvermorny. The seventh years had thrown a wild and slightly illegal graduation party on the last day of school. As far as he remembered, he'd been quite good at it, but his memory of the night was rather fuzzy.

The situation was unexpected, to say the least. He'd met the girl thirty seconds ago, and without introducing herself, she was already requesting body shots in the middle of the afternoon. It wasn't how he'd imagined his day going, but what the hell. He was bored, and this was certainly much better than sulking in the corner by himself.

Still, however fun it may be in theory, the logistics of the matter were a little complicated. First off, where would they get tequila if they didn't have it here? And then where would they go? Perhaps they could rent a room upstairs, but Kenny was a little short on money, and he had no idea what resources she had. Well, he decided, it was her idea. If that's what she wanted, she could figure it out for herself.

He made no movement to express feelings either way about her offer, simply tilting his head to the side and gazing at her with vague interest under half-lidded eyes.

"If you're suggesting we go somewhere, by all means, lead the way."

He reached over suddenly and reclaimed his drink from the girl's hands. "And if this is shit," he said, leaning back against the wall again, "Don't drink it." He tilted it back and downed the last sip, setting the empty glass on the table with a thud.
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PostSubject: Re: Toxic (Delia)   Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:07 am

[[OOC: Sorry if it's messy/short. I had like 15 mins to write it xD]]

Delia kept the smirk on her lips, lightly touching it so it wasn't outright obvious, but definitely there if someone were to look for it. There wasn't much she could have done, anyway, not in public like that. She was only sixteen, after all, although she could -- and often did -- act older. Life was only fun if you took risks, and at sixteen there weren't many she could take. But if she acted older, pretended to be say, eighteen and legal? Then the fun could really begin.

The tequila, Delia knew, was not difficult to get. In fact, she already had a bottle in her bag -- charmed, naturally. If she were older she would've summoned it, but performing magic wasn't exactly something she was able to do just yet, and it was a dead giveaway if the autorities swooped in on her in the middle of sex.

Laughter bubbled up in her. "I'm new in town," she said, lifting a shoulder in a shrug. This, at least, wasn't a lie. "I don't know the spots. Besides," she paused, eyeing him properly this time, "You're the man. You lead. I'll... follow. Do..." She ran her tongue over her bottom lip, bringing her eyes up to his, "...anything you want." And she meant it. Quite honestly, Delia had very few limits, and any that she did have? Well, she liked testing them as much as she could. What were limits, after all, if not for toying with?

She let him reclaim the drink, watching him finish it. "Ever heard of pre-drinks?" she asked, tone obviously light and teasing. "They're meant to be shit. The real fun starts after you're already halfway to piss drunk."
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PostSubject: Re: Toxic (Delia)   Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:49 pm

New in town, huh? Well, it looked like he'd have to do some thinking after all. He'd only been here a few times, but he knew enough about the lore of the place to understand what was what. And apparently as the man, he was supposed to lead.

"That's rather misogynistic," he muttered, glancing out the window toward the street, considering his options. "But, if that's how you want to play...I know the perfect spot."

With a wicked smirk, he appraised her one last time, a slightly menacing gleam in his eye as he decided where they should go--and decided to test if she really meant what she said.

He hadn't been with a girl since he'd moved to London. He'd had several flings with men here and there, sure, but the last woman he'd slept with...if he remembered correctly, it was about a year and half ago, back in Pennsylvania.

He conceded her point about pre-drinks, half shrugging before standing up. He dug some coins out of his pocket  and left them on the table before grabbing her wrist and leading her out the door.
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PostSubject: Re: Toxic (Delia)   Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:01 am

"Or perhaps I'm just a lady," she shot back, flashing him a grin as she did. "I know you men like to take the lead. And it makes things so much more interesting when you do. Exciting, thrilling... The things you men come up with..." With each word, her tone dropped softer, till it was almost a light purr, invitation vibrating in every syllable. She may have been a campaigner for feminism at times, part of that belief was that females should get to choose -- and allowing herself to be under the control of whomever she picked was her choice.

As his eyes searched her body, she leaned forward a little. "See anything you like?" she murmured. His reply was to grab her wrist, and she let out a wicked laugh. "I wasn't aware I was on the menu, kind sir," she teased, allowing herself to be led out the door.

In silence -- she had nothing to say, not yet -- she allowed him to literally take the lead, moving along the path. A few times she had to avert her gaze a little, tilting her head so as not to be spotted by a fellow student. If someone -- anyone -- recognised her, it would be trouble; she wasn't technically of age, and the male before her looked to be older. Twenties, most likely. It would not do well to be caught. A couple minutes later, they cleared the shops, heading towards ... Delia wasn't exactly sure, but wherever it was, it looked private.

She'd done it out in the open a few times -- in woods or empty fields -- but usually at night, when the cover of darkness helped. Did ... whoever the hell she was with ... want to do that, too? It was a thrilling prospect, although one that made her slightly nervous. To do it outside in broad daylight was not a smart move. Still, she said nothing, allowing him to lead her onwards, excitement growing with each passing moment.
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PostSubject: Re: Toxic (Delia)   Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:34 am

Kenny's lips twitched with an amused hum as her suggestions grew increasingly lewd. "A lady indeed."

At her comments, he said nothing, simply smirked and continued walking out the door. He'd visited their destination once before, though he'd only viewed it from afar. He was fairly certain he remembered the way though, as it was separated from the rest of the village. They walked for some distance down the street, away from the bulk of the shops, until eventually they were clear of the main road altogether. Turning left, he caught sight of the old, decrepit house that lay a safe distance beyond a wooden fence, and ambled toward it, the girl in tow.

The Shrieking Shack. The locals claimed that it was haunted by some sort of vengeful spirit. He had no idea if there was any truth to that rumor. If there was, it would add to the fun. If not, it didn't matter, the effect was the same: everyone else kept far away. If they were looking for privacy, it was the ideal location.

Stopping behind the fence, he gazed out at the house, searching for an opening. He couldn't see any from where he stood--it seemed all the windows and doors had been boarded up. No matter. There were a few perks that came with being an adult wizard.

He turned to the girl behind him. "It's called the Shrieking Shack," he supplied. "Supposedly, it's haunted. I hope you don't mind a little trespassing," he smirked. Before she could protest (or simply comment--she didn't seem like the type to really care), he took her other hand, as well as the one he was still holding, and pulled her close, stepping and turning as he did so.

With a snap, they apparated to a point just outside one of the blocked doorways. Unfortunately, he couldn't apparate directly inside, as he didn't know what the inside looked like. He could, however, pull a few tricks from his sleeve--namely his wand. Letting go of the girl, he approached the thick wooden plank across the door, and tapped it with his wand, muttering an incantation. The solid material transformed into fabric, and he pushed it aside with ease, gesturing for her to enter.
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PostSubject: Re: Toxic (Delia)   Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:22 am

Seeing the old shack in the middle of nowhere, her eyes widened, not in fear but thrill. This was better than being outdoors any time. While she didn't recognise it entirely, she had a pretty good guess as to what it was, and as the male -- she still didn't know his name, not that it really mattered -- spoke, her suspicions were confirmed. The smirk on her lips twitched further up, but before she could say anything, she was jerked forward and the world spun. It wasn't her first time side-apparating, and she was thankful for that; the first time, she'd been so disorientated after that she couldn't stand straight. That was definitely not sexy. But, used to it already, Delia merely leaned into his body as the world disappeared, replaced by the outside of the shack.

She waited, giving him room to do whatever he wanted. Transfiguration. Not a bad one, either; it definitely added to the mood. "Maybe we could have a threesome with a ghost," she commented, dryly.

Following his lead, she stepped inside, looking around as she did. The place was dry, at the very least, and old. It looked like nobody had been there in a while -- if not for the fact there was not a lot of dust. It was used, that much was for sure, but by whom and for what, Delia wasn't sure, nor did she care. There were no bags or indications of people staying there, which was good; the last thing she wanted was to be interrupted by someone homeless.

Slipping off her handbag, she reached inside, taking out a second, smaller bag. This was a special one, hand ordered and made just for her. There were charms on it she hadn't known existed, extending it, making it light to carry, make it theif-proof, making it hold more than would appear possible, making it so only she could open it... But that wasn't important. Reaching in, she pulled out a small packet of salt and a bottle of vodka. She hadn't actually meant to carry it with her; she'd forgotten it was in there, truth be told, from the previous night when she wanted to do some shots. She hadn't, instead opting for something else, but the vodka had remained in there.

Gently placing it on the floor, she glanced up at the male, keeping eye contact as she reached back in and pulled out a set of handcuffs and a rope; these, she always had. Letting them drop to the floor, she flung her bag back, letting it hit the wall and fall to the floor with two loud thuds. There was no more need for that. Moving over to him, each step slow and deliberate, she reached up, grabbing the collar of his shirt, and pulled him towards her. She paused for just a moment, his face an inch away from hers, searching his eyes intently, before pressing her lips against his and letting desire take over.
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PostSubject: Re: Toxic (Delia)   

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Toxic (Delia)
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