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 Reienne-Louise Sabrina Thompson

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PostSubject: Reienne-Louise Sabrina Thompson    Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:24 am

Full Name: Reienne-Louise Sabrina Thompson
Age: 15
Date of birth: November 24th, 2007
Birthplace: Kentucky, USA
Current home: London, England
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Homosexual
Wand type: Ebony wood, Phoenix feather core, 12 ½ inches, slightly yielding

Hair colour and style: Reienne often keeps her hair down, laying in chestnut waves right above her waist. She has natural highlights strewn throughout, a product of living under constant sunlight for the majority of her life. Reienne can’t remember a time where her hair was short. Having long hair is comfortable to her and it scares her to think about wearing it any other way.
Eye colour: Blue. Green? Blue. It somewhat depends on the lighting. Her eyes are mostly blue, especially at first glance. But they do sometimes appear to be a faded shade of olive green.
Height: 5’3” (Adult height: 5’7”)
Body type: Reienne is thin and long. Years of horseback riding have left her arms and leg muscles defined and toned against the warmth of her skin’s complexion.
Dress sense: Comfortable. A common outfit for a day in the life of Reienne would be jean shorts, a flannel (preferably her “lucky flannel”: The flannel she wore on the day Rocco was born. It is red and yellow, with a few wear and tear rips on the sleeves and pockets), and a pair of white converse. Reienne isn’t a fan of makeup. She has a small box of it in her room, but only takes it out for special occasions. The girl would rather spend the morning taking care of the barn than at her vanity coloring in her eyebrows. “You know what I could do in the time it takes to put on a layer of foundation? Ride a horse, bake cream puffs, read a book, take a nap, go on a jog…”
Birthmarks: A few small blobs on the lower left of her torso. It looks a bit like a raincloud with lightning strikes bursting out from it, but that’s a stretch.
Tattoos: None. She’s thinking of getting a small dreamcatcher behind her ear when she’s older.
Scars: Reienne has bumps and bruises here and there from riding. She calls them her “battle wounds.” She also has a small scar on her chin from one time when she was making pasta for lunch. She’d lost grip on the strainer and sent water flying everywhere. She then slipped on her own miss and fell chin first into the corner of the island. She’d had to get a few stitches, but it was okay. The only casualty was the pasta, but her mother had another batch waiting for her when she returned from the emergency room.
Piercings: Reienne has her first holes on her ears. She usually sports small, silver ball earrings. She likes the simplicity.

Likes: (3 minimum)
  - Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies; She remembers going to visit her nana in Seattle at Christmastime when she was younger. As a little girl, Reienne would be met with the uniquely combined scent of peanut butter and chocolate wafting through the house. She’d always wanted to learn how to bake the cookies just like her Nana did, but she was always told that it was a recipe for when she was older. When she turned 15, an owl came to see her at Hogwarts carrying a letter that stated her Nana had passed away in her sleep a few days prior. Attached to the letter was a small piece of card with the cookie recipe on it. “Guard it with your life,” the card said. “This will be our secret”
  - Horses; Growing up in Kentucky, Reienne was taught how to ride a horse before she was taught how to ride a bike. She fell in love with how intelligent they were and with how loyal they could be to their riders. She raised her first horse when she was 9 years old. He was an American Paint Horse named Roccolo. When she went to Hogwarts, it hurt her to leave Rocco behind. She spends a majority of every vacation by his side.
  - The Kentucky Derby; When she was younger, Reienne would watch the derby on television with her Nona because she was "too young to attend in person". She didn't mind watching from afar, though. Her Nona went to lengths to make a big deal out of their annual tradition. They would get all dressed up in sundresses and floppy hats and sip fancy drinks while watching the horses run. The adults would bet on which horses they wanted to win, but Reienne was content simply watching the derby; she felt no need to get rich off of someone else's win.
- Morning runs on the beach; There are no oceans near Kentucky, but Reienne got into the habit early on of adressing lakes as beaches. they both have sand, so there can't be that much of a difference. Either way, she enjoys running along the beach as a way to wake up in the morning. The cool of dawn feels refreshing against her skin and the friction of sand on her sneakers provides a challenge that is exempt from running on most other terrains.
- April; Reienne's favourite month has always been April. It seems to be the perfect mixture of cold and warm weather, neither one being too prevelant in the atmosphere. It is also when all of the flowers begin to bloom. The field behind the family farm begins to blossom in daffodils and daisies and it becomes an ocean of white and yellow. It makes her smile.

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
  - Driving; Technically, Reienne is too young to drive. This didn't stop her father from trying to teach her once. She disliked the experience dearly. It wasn't that she was a bad driver or that her father was a terrible teacher. She felt like she was doing wrong by horses to all of a sudden choose a vehicle over equestrian travel. It felt wrong to her. She told her father that she never wanted to drive again. He told her she would change her mind when she was older and all of her friends had the freedom of the road. She said she would never change her mind on the issue.
  - Caramel; Reienne has always been more of a chocolate sauce girl. She doesn't like how the stickiness or the colour of caramel. She doesn't mind the little hard candies as much, but she doesn't real for them first choice in the grocery store or at the movies.
  - Dishonesty; She's a strong, independant young woman and she sees no need for people to try and shield her from the truth. When she was 10, her Great Uncle Billy passed away from Cancer. He'd been fighting the battle for years and Reienne hadn't been allowed to visit because her parents didn't know if she could handle seeing him like that. "Billy is doing better," her mother would say through a forced smile every time Reienne asked how he was. "Maybe you can see him when he comes home, should be anyday now." When Billy passed away, Reienne didn't cry out of sadness for the loss. She cried because she hadn't even known he was dying. "You said he was getting better," 10 year old Reienne had said to her mother. What was the point of lying?
-Zoos; Reienne doesn't like the idea of taking an animal away from it's natural habitat in order to put it on display for money. more often than not, the animals are in terrible circumstances and they are treated like possessions, not living beings. And it sucks.
- Animal shelter commercials; They're sad. Reienne loves animal shelters and she appreciates the work that they do, but the shelters that show the sad commercials with that Sarah McGlaughlan song don't even use most of the money for the animals. It's misleading and greedy

Strengths: (3 minimum)
  - Making friends; Reienne is a naturally bubbly person, which makes meeting new people a rather enjoyable experience. She's never been classified as popular, but she has also never been lacking in the friendship department. People like her and she likes people.
  - Horseback riding; She feels a special connection to Roccolo and this helps her in her riding techniques. Their mutual trust is essential in safely navigating the woods or competing in competitions. Her room back home is full of medals from different rodeos and competitions. While she has tried every event at least once, Reienne loves jumping. For a second, while she's being elevated into the air, it feels as though she is flying.
  - Quidditch; As Reienne is used to being in control of an animal, controlling a broom is sort of like muscle memory to her. She's only practised alone, though. She would like to join the team, but her confidence hasn't quite hit that level yet.

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
  - Compassion/Empathy; Raeienne feels everything at a magnified rate. It's not a superpower or anything it's just how she was born. If she sees someone having a hard time or a bad day, it becomes this weight that drops her mood and she finds herself motivated to help them. While it can be seen as a good thing, it becomes an obsession and it sometimes consumes whatever responsibilities she should be focusing on.
  - Reading; Reienne has always done better learning by doing. She is best when getting her hands dirty and going through the motions of the subject. She often finds it hard to concentrate on a word or phrase for a certain amount of time and even when she has fnished reading something, the comprehension is null and void.
  - Animals; Even at her highest possible level of focus, Reienne cannot dismiss the presence of a cute animal or an animal in need. It sometimes results in clumsiness and an inability to get work done, as she lives around animals and they are a common distraction.

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
  - Kind; Reienne is a great friend who tries to always be there for others. She cares a-lot about the feelings of those around her and she does whatever possible to make sure that someone is having a great day.
  - Optimistic; Even if it seems dim for the time being, Reienne likes to think that the future is always bright. She likes to think that there will always be a rainbow after a storm, although it may be hard to see.
  - Trustworthy; Reienne likes to pride herself in her ability to keep secrets. As someone who wants others to see her as a friend to confide in, she has to be able to know when to close her mouth. Others often feel comfortable talking around her because they know she'll only tell what they want her to.
- Dependable; Reienne is the friend who will be make herself available at a split second if someone needs her help. She is the kind of person who tries to help everyone, but never makes a promise she can't keep.

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
  - Obsessive; If she senses that someone needs help, Reienne won't stop until she makes them smile. This can sometimes backfire on her, as not everyone likes receiving that much attention. She is unable to grasp the concept that not everyone wants to be saved.
  - Impulsive; Reienne tends to not think before she speaks (unless there's something she knows she can't say). She often acts on a whim and thinks about the consequences later. She sometimes comes up with schemes for helping people that seem outrageous and crazy.
  - Self Righteous; Not completely, but to an extent. Reienne tends to keep herself in high esteem, not above anyone else, but not below anyone else either. She believes she is a good person and she often disputes any accusations that she has done something bad when all she was trying to do was help
- Oversensitive; As Reienne feels everything to a full extent, it's very easy to change her mood on the turn of a dime.

Reienne-Louise Sabrina Thompson was born into the loving arms of Angela Crocker and Oscar Thompson. She was raised in happiness and love under one roof with two people who cared dearly for her, something she later learned that not everyone was lucky enough to experience. At an early age, she was taught that it was her job as a human being to help people whenever she could. This made sense because she grew up in a household with a mother who spent every day saving lives and helping people who needed it. She loved the idea of making people feel better, but the idea of being a doctor had always somewhat grossed her out.

Reienne grew up just a couple of blocks away from her father’s farm and because of this, animals had always had a large representation in her life and lifestyle. She felt a special connection to the farm and the young girl grew to love horses and chickens and cows, etc. She began learning how to ride when she was six and around age eight or nine, she witnessed the birth of her best friend. Her father informed her that it was her responsibility to care for Rocollo and to make sure that he had a high quality life.

When Reienne was 11, she was sent a letter from the Ilvermorny. At first, she and her family wondered if someone had chosen to prank them or something of the sorts. She'd been brought up in a real world where magic was a figment and all of a sudden it was something that could be real and tangible and she was scared. But her mother told her not to be. She would enroll in Ilvermorny that year and she and her father would give as much support as possible on her journey.

In the Summer before her 4th year, Reienne's mother was offered a medical position in Scotland. Her father had to stay in America for the farm, but the couple refused to split up. They weren't fighting and they were still in love and they wanted to make things work. But they had to find a way to fit Reienne into the picture. Because of this, Reienne chose to transfer to Hogwarts as a way to stay close-ish to her mother. She and her mother would go down to the farm on holidays and it would be tough. But they wanted to make it work.

In a completely new country, Reienne missed her farm and her horses. But she had to get used to it. While she was in school, she would be nowhere near her mother, but she knew that the woman would have comfort in knowing her daughter was in the same country. Her father was a tough man who could take care of himself. Mother needed her more.

   Name: Angela May Crocker-Thompson
   Age: 36
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Preschool Doctor (She sells floral arrangements on the side)

   Name: Oscar Louis Thompson
   Age: 41
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Farmer/ Horseback riding instructor

   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

   Name: Roccolo
   Age: 5
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Horse

Angela Crocker and Oscar Thompson met in both of their final year of grad school. It was a veterinary retreat in Tampa, Florida. Angela had chosen to attend the retreat because it would aid her in her tests for her veterinary license (While she is a human doctor, Angela wanted to have a failsafe in the form of a vet clearance). She’d been informed about the event by a co-worker who’d attended last year and it seemed like the perfect way to study and improve upon the knowledge she already had. Oscar had attended the retreat as a way to learn more about caring for horses and other farm animals. He’d been told since birth that he would one day take over the family farm and he had to make sure that he would be ready to do so.

Oscar first laid eyes on his future wife during the Welcome banquet the first night of the retreat. She had been sitting with a few colleagues who had also wanted to attend the event, chatting about the right kind of shampoo to use on a boat (Charlene insisted it was sea salt, but Angela said non-scented was the way to go). As an excuse to walk over to where she was sitting, Oscar pretended to see someone he knew at the table behind her, but he dropped his glasses on the way over. He proclaimed that he was a clutz, Angela laughed, and the rest was pretty much history.

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Reienne-Louise Sabrina Thompson
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