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 Potions: Lesson 1 (Years 1-4)

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Mycroft Holmes
Ministry Worker
Ministry Worker

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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson 1 (Years 1-4)    Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:40 am

Mycroft raised his brow in surprise as his the young Slytherin tried again. Still, her tenacity was admirable and he signaled her to express her thought. While not elegant it went straight to the point and he nodded.

"Very true. Five points to Slytherin. The River Lethe was the river that lead to the underworld and to Hades who handled the dead. The shades of the dead were required to drink the waters of the Lethe in order to forget their earthly life. Now it's a good thing you did not drink the waters Miss Harrington for the water does have magical properties. And while I will not bore you with the mythology of everything, it's important to note that in all storybook stories, there is a bit of truth in all."

And for the first time he let out a genuine smile before beginning the lesson.

"Now I will do the first part with all of you and I will ask that you attempt the second part yourselves alright? To start, please grab the clear phial and place your base. Turn on your cauldron to medium heat before very carefully add two drops of the Lethe River Water to your cauldron. Please do not get it on your hands, but if you do please let me know so I might send you to the hospital wing. Once twenty seconds pass, simply add the two Valerian sprigs to your cauldron." Picking up the sprig, he removed the sprig and left the leaves fall. "If I were you I would keep the stem out of the potion. I know this is not in the books, but I've found overtime it's an easier transition. Now, very carefully stir the potion three times, clockwise" He showed what clockwise was so they wouldn't be confused. "Wave your wand in a circular motion and lower the heat. Once that is done, we will wait thirty minutes for the second part."

As he said so the second part began to form in the air to show the students along with imagery to help out.

Add 2 measures of Standard Ingredient to the mortar
Add 4 mistletoe berries to the mortar
Crush into a medium-fine powder using the pestle
Add 2 pinches of the crushed mixture to your cauldron
Stir 5 times, anti-clockwise
Wave your wand to complete the potion

"You may begin. If you have questions please let me know."


Mycroft Holmes / 24/ Ministry Worker / Single
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Sophie Heart
Gryffindor Fourth Year
Gryffindor Fourth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson 1 (Years 1-4)    Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:55 am

Summer had been a blast for Sophie. She'd earned first place in the most prestigious and biggest show jumping competition in the world for juniors. It wasn't long after that that sponsors came flooding in, each one wanting her for something or other, but she declined them all. She didn't do any of what she did for fame or fortune, but because she loved what she did. True, the press and attention gave her the opportunity to raise awareness about ways to train a horse, and speaking in their language - which she did in an interview, talking about how she'd worked with Phoenix and gotten him to respond to her without the need for violence - but she didn't chase the spotlight.

She'd received letters from equestrians, asking about certain problems they were having with their horses and patiently answered each one with as much detail as she could provide. The questions were still coming in even though school had already started, which gave Sophie an idea to start an online blog where she could upload videos showing how she worked with Phoenix. The more people who understood the language of horses, the better.

On a high from the holidays, Sophie entered the classroom with a smile, greeting the professor and the other girls already present, taking a seat behind the trio. Potions was a class that Sophie liked. It wasn't her favourite - that place belonged to CoMC and Herbology - but she loved creating things that had spectacular effects. It wasn't unlike the concoctions she'd come up with on her own for Phoenix or horses with behavioural problems.

Class started soon enough and Sophie paid attention, letting the younger girls answer the questions instead of jumping in with more in-depth answers. She stood up as Professor Holmes began with the practical work. The potion was an easy one to brew and something that Sophie had done before, but she didn't mine getting more practice in.

Absently listening to the sound of the professor's voice, she followed his instructions, taking the clar phial and putting in the base before turning on her cauldron to medium heat and dropping in two drops of Lethe River Water.

She counted down the seconds, eyes on the clock then added the Valerian sprigs, leaving out the stem. Once the sprig was in, she stirred the liquid clockwise three times and waved her wand in a circular motion before lowering the heat. She noted the time and waited out the thirty minutes.

The moment thirty minutes was up, she began on the second part, adding two measures of Standard Ingredient and four mistle toe berries to the mortar. Picking up the pestle, she began grinding the two things together carefully, making sure that it all stayed within the mortar and nothing spilled over. Judging that the powder could be considered medium-fine, she put the pestle down, picked up the mortar and moved to the cauldron, adding in two pinches of the powder to the liquid. She then stirred it counter clockwise five times and waved her wand.

With her potion finished, she took some out and put it in a clean phial, labeling it with her name, year, and house. She wasn't sure if Professor Holmes required her to pass it up, but it didn't hurt to have it in advance.

[[OOC: Sorry Sophie joined in late, Ang. She just got resorted.]]


Thank you, Megan, for the sig! <3
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Mimosa Harrington


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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson 1 (Years 1-4)    Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:28 pm

The volley of instruction sent Mimosa in a panicked tizzy, but only for a moment. For as soon as the child realized that not only was the chalk behind Professor Holmes writing out the instructions but also drawing out detailed visuals on each step, she let out a sigh of relief. She could follow instructions... At least she thought she could.

Dia seemed to be very good at this sort of thing. By the time Mimosa had collected herself and was trying to commit the first two steps to memory, the Gryffindor already had her potion going. Mimosa quickly imitated the girl, turning on her fire to the same temperature as Dia's and pouring the clear liquid for a base. The child ran into her first hurdle when it came time to measure out the two drops of Lethe water.

Never having used any kind of lab equipment before, the child didn't know the first thing about measuring out drops. Still, she supposed it couldn't be hard. Reaching for a syringe, the little witch sucked in a generous amount before bringing it to her base. The other students were waiting for the base to boil before adding the water but Mimosa was not gifted with their patience, nor their accurate sense of measurement.

She tipped the injection over the cauldron as carefully as she could and pressed down. Immediately, five fat droplets fell into the solution in quick succession. Dropping the injection on the table, the child waited to see if anyone had noticed. Fortunately, everyone was too busy with their own work, even if she could feel Squid Boy's eyes boring holes into the back of her robes.

Still, more Lethe Water could only mean a better forgetful potion right? The child continued on, hopefully not finding the rest of the instructions too hard thanks in part to the easy visuals and looking around her to see what others were doing. Her Valerian sprigs in, or rather, the sprigs Bushrah had finely cut up for her gotten from the witch while they were both collecting ingredients in, Mimosa began the careful stirring, counting under her breath as she mixed the tincture clockwise the way Professor Holmes had shown them.

Now she just had to wait the half an hour. The timer was set and once it rang, she would finish the rest of her potion.


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Dominique Grey


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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson 1 (Years 1-4)    Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:50 pm

Now it was time for Dominique to make her potion. Shew knew that it was in her blood, hoping that she was just as good. Even though she did get five points for her house. Now she had her cauldron out. Now she was hoping that she was paying attention. And knew that she was going to have to make sure that she was doing everything right. As she knew that there was going to be a lot of measuring. And she would have to make sure that she was stirring it right. Since it said anti- clockwise. So that meant that it was going to be counter clockwise.

But she was going to do her best to help Mim out. But as could tell that she was having problems. As Dominique started her potion. She was actually getting the hang of it. Maybe it was right that she had potion making was in her blood. Now she was making sure to get Mim on the right track so that she could finish it.


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Gaspard Kylar
Ravenclaw First Year
Ravenclaw First Year

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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson 1 (Years 1-4)    Yesterday at 3:40 pm

Today had not been the best of days for the young Ravenclaw however he tried not to allow that to interfere with his studies or thought processes. He'd come to class in more of an antisocial mood than usual. Sliding into a seat near the back rather than the front or the middle Gaspard had did his utmost to not draw attention. Rather than opting to try and answer a question which he knew he'd have been able to answer easily, he'd kept his mouth shut and allowed the others to answer.

Aside from other personal reasons for being moody, there was a fellow student in this class that he would like to not have attention from. Unfortunately it didn't seem as if he'd be able to just keep silent or avoid the girl any longer when he glanced out of the corner of his eye that she'd made a mistake in her potion. While he wouldn't have cared since he was quite sure that at this stage it would be quite hard to have a potion blow up or cause any kind of collateral damage on the students, Gaspard sighed. Normally, he wouldn't have bothered, but the girl was an acquaintance and really, she had this way that made you want to intercede whether you wanted to or not.

When he got to the part where he could relax as the timer was set, Gaspard glanced at the professor to be sure he wasn't watching then tried to discretely go to Mimosa and drop in the extra amount of Valerian leaves that he'd calculated to drop into the potion hoping that that would help rather than make it worse. He wasn't quite sure what the reaction would be with the lower heat with the addition rather than the higher temperature, but it wasn't like it could get any worse. And as long as the girl just added the correct amount of surplus ingredients into the cauldron, she should be fine. The potion might not come out perfect, but it had to have been better than what it was before. Or so the boy hoped.

((ooc: Sorry, I've been away due to family matters))


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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson 1 (Years 1-4)    

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Potions: Lesson 1 (Years 1-4)
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