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 Wicked Temptation [Tess]

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PostSubject: Wicked Temptation [Tess]   Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:05 am

[[TW: Swearing (excessive). In later posts: mention/hinting at kinky sex, probably suicide ideation/romanticism, probably underage drinking/getting drunk, probably drug abuse mention, super unhealthy behaviour, toxic relationship, and probably a couple more stuff here and there... Delia's a mess, honestly.]]

The weather was nice -- not entirely was she was used to, but nice nevertheless -- and Delia was bored. She hadn't had sex in a while, not since that weekend with ... whatever his name had been. She didn't recall off the top of her head. It would come back to her, in time, and she'd written it down somewhere, of that she was sure. But right there and then, she didn't care. All she knew was that she needed to get out of the castle before she suffocated.

Simple wrap over herself, she made her way to the lake, removing the wrap as soon as she was closer, displaying her swimsuit for the world to see. Out here, she didn't care. The only reason for the wrap in the first place had been so that a prefect didn't stop her and her chances of being spotted were less.

There was already someone by the lake, and Delia raised an eyebrow. She was hot, that much was for sure, but was she hot enough for Delia to care? There were many hot people in school, surprisingly, but not all could promise her fun or the danger she craved. Still, there wasn't much harm in trying, and as Delia approached the water's edge, she threw her wrap onto a nearby rock and waded in, carefully, slowly, inhaling sharply as the chilly water touched her skin. Desire faltered a little, but cold water was not enough to stop her; that much she was used to.

Instead of saying anything, though, she took a deep breath and plunged beneath the waves, coming up a few moments later nearer the other female. Delia pushed her hair out of her face and looked around, as though surveying the layout of the lake, and said nothing.
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PostSubject: Re: Wicked Temptation [Tess]   Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:38 am

With the humidity that went all around her, Tess found enough time to run out and find time to go swimming. She slipped a simple sundress with flowers and a pair of sandals before she ran off to the Black Lake.

Since her initial transfer, she found herself
finding more and more peace in the water.
The path she took was thankfully ignored
due to the Quidditch tryouts. She had briefly thought about trying out to be chaser but grew too nervous to do anything. Instead she threw her sandals to the side, along with her sundress leaving her in a vintage swimsuit. She was particularly shy about her body and still felt awkward in her skin.

Still as she dove into the water and the silkies surrounded her with curious eyes, she was at peace. At this time she was no one important and it was wonderful. It was in the middle of a dive when the silkies informed her of a stranger in the lake.

Turning around she found herself staring at the Gryfindor from potions. While nervous she smiled politely at the girl before greeting her. She seemed very familiar but she could not put her finger on it.

“Hello! What brings you to the lake? Other than the swimming” she added embarrassed at her awkwardness.

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PostSubject: Re: Wicked Temptation [Tess]   Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:04 am

The person stopped beside her, and at this close distance, Delia realised her mistake almost immediately. The witch before her was not just any with. She was a Pureblood, proper and elite and probably running the same circles as Elenore. If she was as stuck up, though, was yet to be seen. Purebloods were not her most favourite people in the world. They tended to be too posh and prim, as though if they didn't lift their pinky when they drank a cup of tea the world would explode -- and, quite possibly, this was true. If not the world, then their world.

But if there was one thing that Delia enjoyed, it was toying with the world, both literal and figurative.

Besides, there was no denying that Tess Holmes was hot, probably more so now than when Delia had first met her. That had been many years ago in some Pureblood ball her father had made her attend. She remembered it well, not because of Tess or the ball -- all balls were the same, and if you attended one, you've attended them all -- but rather because of the momentary escape she had with one of the cute waiters. They'd eyed each other up the entire night, and when Delia's father determined it was time to leave, she'd snuck her phone number into his pocket, hoping that he was at least muggleised enough to have one. Sure enough, she'd received a text much later on, and while their fun never went past texts that would make anybody, let alone a Pureblood, blush, he'd been fun nevertheless.

Momentarily, she wondered how he was doing. She'd long forgotten his name; all that remained were the promises of what he'd do to her once she was of age and they met up, and the thrill that came with the imagery.

Her cheeks flushed a little with the memory, but not by much; she wasn't a blusher, not typically, and it could have just as easily been the cold water mixing with the warmth of the sun causing it. It was no wonder that she hadn't recognised Tess earlier; the evening that she met the witch was full not of the people she'd met, but rather the male and all the delights that came with doing something she wasn't meant to.

Her original answer -- Why, you, of course, -- died on her lips. She'd already pissed off one high-ranking Pureblood. There was no need to push it by flirting with another. At least, that's what common sense told Delia, and she mentally laughed. No, common sense was boring. So, instead, she flashed Tess Holmes a grin. "I was hoping to meet a hottie to have fun with," she replied, deciding not to add 'and I guess I have' just yet. There was time for that later. "I didn't know you were attending Hogwarts," Delia added, hinting at knowing who Tess was.

If the Pureblood remembered her or not, Delia didn't really care. There were a lot of people who did, some because they'd met her, and some because of what happened to her parents. She was used to being gossiped about and talked about badly, not that she cared. Reputation was iffy at best, constantly shifting and changing with the tide. She had far more important things to worry about than what people said about her, either to her face or behind her back.
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PostSubject: Re: Wicked Temptation [Tess]   Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:45 am

When the girls made eye contact, Tess tilted her head once the girl looked a little lost in her thoughts. Taking the girl in, she somehow seemed very familiar. Her brain began to quickly filter through the faces she'd met. While this would seem like a tedious task to any other, for her it was just another trick of the trade when it came to being in the social standing that she was. Something about the teen's eyes that caught the image perfectly.'

It had been probably two years ago if not less, when she had last seen the girl before her. The small way her lip twitched was enough of a sign that she was memorable.

"You're....Cordelia Schaefer; right?" a small smile arose from her face. "I hadn't seen you in a while."

Her voice was shy and polite. It was a warmth out of politeness over their kind and not so much one of knowing one another. It was just the way that she was raised, nothing particularly genuine.

Still, her tone grew to a curious one once Cordelia continued to be brash into her reason for being there. Her cheeks warmed a bit at the lax nature of her comment but she worked with it.

"I didn't know you were attending Hogwarts,"

A small more genuine smile arose from her face at the question. So yes, perhaps she was right in knowing the girl.

"I transferred a year ago" she murmured. "Beauxbatons myself, and you? I haven't seen you much."

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PostSubject: Re: Wicked Temptation [Tess]   Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:00 am

"Yes and no," she said, lifting a corner of her mouth in a smirk. "I tend to go by Delia, now. Delia Foster, after my mum. Schaefer is who I become when I'm at stuffy balls impressing stuck-up pricks." If memory served her correctly, Tess wasn't too bad, but she wouldn't mind putting that to the test. Higher class purebloods mostly tended to be the same, meaning that Delia enjoyed messing with them somewhat, although not too much. She may not care about her reputation, but her father certainty did, and she did not want to receive another lecture from him about behaviour. She was a Schaefer by blood, even if not by name or want, after all.

"Didn't expect to meet you here, Tess," she added, not needing to confirm her name with a question. She was meant to know all the faces of the high class Purebloods, to impress them and hopefully try and win their friendship. At least, that was what she was asked to do by her father; she didn't care enough to try, not even at balls when he was watching. She was unapologetically herself -- although sometimes holding back just a little so she wasn't kicked out or humilated.

"Dumstrang," Delia replied, a hint of pride in her tone. While some might have seen Dumstrang's teaching methods as extreme, or their idealogy skewered, Delia found it refreshingly unique. She enjoyed her time there, soaking in all she could about subjects that would be frowned upon by any other school and getting up to all sorts of mischeif she knew she wouldn't get away with in Hogwarts. It wasn't better, exactly, just different. "I just started Hogwarts this year. It's... an interesting change."

"It's been..." She paused for a moment, thinking back. "Three years? Four? Too f---ing long. Since we met." Grinning a little at Tess, Delia shrugged. "How've you kept?"
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PostSubject: Re: Wicked Temptation [Tess]   Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:42 am

Tess had to admit that Cordelia's language was not...what she was excepting. Cursing was not something deemed proper for people like her and yet the girl before her paid no mind to her cursing. In turn, she tried not to flinch at the brusk language.

It was clear to her though, that when she mentioned Cordelia's name, it was not something that rubbed her the right way. She in no way meant to insult her. And if trust be told, everyone spoke about how the heir to the family had not shown up to multiple events due to "school" or being away during an important part of the social season. She had always assumed that Cordelia married somewhere else and just never returned.

But that was not the case and as she continued to pry a bit, Tess was still as polite as possible. "I know" she smirked. "I assumed I'd stay in France for my whole life, yet father had other plans." She tried not to shrug because it was uncouth, but she tried to convey nonchalance as best she could. "Hogwarts is quite lovely when you get used to it. And while I assume you miss Durmstrang, you'll make a home for yourself here."

At Cordelia's insistance and curiosity, Tess found herself opening up as she waded in the lake.

"Well...I've been fine. I know you no longer attend balls, but for the most part nothing is changed. Currently the prefect for my house. Father is doing well and my brother...well he's the potion's professor as of now. Things are going...swimmingly. What about you? It's been a while since we've seen you in our circles."

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PostSubject: Re: Wicked Temptation [Tess]   Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:13 am

[[OOC: I used Google translate for my French, since I don't speak it. If the grammer or anything is wrong, let me know; it's not meant to be. She's fluent in it, so any mistakes are mine/Googles. xD]]

There were multiple language classes in Dumstrang, not that Delia bothered attending many of them. She only learnt two others fluently -- French and German -- and picked up a few sentences and phrases here and there from other languages, mostly swear words from her friends. It was mostly due to her father wanting her to act like an elite Pureblood, skills not forgotten but no longer practised.

"La vie à un moyen de baiser des plans," she said, offering Tess a light smirk. "I..." She shrugged, making it obvious this wasn't exactly what she did. "Convinced my father to let me move back in with my mother." Despite the restraining order, she added, mentally, but didn't say. Her reputation she might not have cared about, but she knew her father's was important to him -- and, in a way, her. Who else would give her a shit-tonne of money? (Aside from her mother, that is.) "I've been here what, two months now? Beats the shit out of Germany, however I look at it. Father's too f---ing boring for me."

Delia let out a soft laugh. "Still attending balls, don't worry. I know you missed me in all my glorious mess." She winked, either to show Tess she was joking or flirtatiously; which was up to the other witch to decide. "I mean, all I've done is move in with my mother, and changed my name... It's only been two f---ing months; am I really that easily missed?" She grinned. "If there's a particularly fancy thing my dad wants to show me off at I go, but they're so f---ing drab he knows if it's more than once every few months I'll end up making my own fun, and take the piss of the guy he wanted to impress the most or some shit like that. So I've only really attended like, three in the past half year, since I started planning to move in with mum."

With another laugh, she added, "Ah, yes, and your brother. The hot potions Professor, everyone's saying. I've heard there's a market for nudes if you want to make a quick buck." Her tone was light, showing her obvious teasing. This was probably the bigest test. If she could handle Delia's sexual jokes, Tess would probably be able to handle anything else Delia threw at her.

"And as for me?" she went on, a few moments later. "I'm the best I've ever f---ing been. Broke up with my girlfriend a while back, so I'm currently single and free as a f---ing bird." She'd never been one to shy away from her sexuality, dating neither in secret or privately. If anyone had an issue with it, that was their problem, not hers. A split second later, she added, "Britain's a nice change of scenery, too. A few stuck up entitled bitches here, but those are the most fun to f--k with."


[/i]"La vie à un moyen de baiser des plans."[/i]
Life has a way to f--k up your plans.
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PostSubject: Re: Wicked Temptation [Tess]   Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:52 am

The way that Cordelia spoke was both horrifying and intriguing. The way that she showed her colorful language flowed through her sentences made Tess realize that this was just how she spoke normally. It was not something she was used too if she was perfectly honest. Her family never swore; sharp tongues stung more than any fowl word. There were countless of times when she was in tears over cold sharp lashes from her father's tongue.

Cordelia's mention of living with her mother did manage to bring a pang to her heart. She wondered what it was like to have one that brought the comfort that a father could not. She looked a bit surprised at how vocal she was about her criticism of her father. It was rather...brave.

Her lip twitched realizing at what house she was sorted in. She covered her mouth as she joked about being missed, only for her face to morph in disgust at the idea of her brother being attractive. Rather than saying anything, she signaled that she would be getting out. As much as she enjoyed the conversation she would rather talk in land.Pulling herself out of the water, she grabbed her towel and covered herself, very self-conscious at being exposed in front of people that were not her family.

"For the record, my brother is not attractive. He's normal" she wrinkled her nose. "We clearly need better looking people if that's who you're eyeing"

Her eyes were bright with amusement. This was new and entertaining. The way that she was so free in her emotions was refreshing, yet the mention of her sexuality made Tess blush. Sexuality and pureblood culture did not go hand in hand. Sex was taboo and sexual orientation was even worse. She bit her bottom lip before taking a second to respond.

"I do hope you don't mean me when you talk about....bitches" her face showed confusion at the word usage. "But I do hope that you can heal your heart with someone in the castle"

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PostSubject: Re: Wicked Temptation [Tess]   Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:06 pm

Delia didn't miss the surprise that flashed across Tess' face, barely managing to hold in a laugh. Pureblood females -- pureblood anyones -- were not meant to criticize family. They were not meant to openly disagree with anything anyone older than them did. Families were families. It was bad enough her parents were divorced; it was another thing altogether if she showed favouritism for someone other than the male of the family.

But since nothing was said, either in approval or otherwise, Delia didn't bother elaborating. She wasn't out to create a fight; she was just expressing herself. She could damn well finish a fight, but typically, unless someone really irritated her, she didn't start them. It was just too much effort.

Following Tess out of the water, Delia didn't bother covering herself. She'd been in less around way more people than one witch, and she wasn't even sure if Tess wasn't heterosexual. If she was, well, too bad; if she wasn't... well, also too bad, but for different reasons.

She let out a long laugh at Tess' words, amusement playing on her lips in the form of a smirk. If she could handle sexual remarks and jokes about her brother, Tess could probably handle anything Delia had to throw at her. "Oh I would never... He's too high-class. I can't deal with the stress of being the wife of someone of your status. I'd f***ing die." Her tone was light, showing that while she was semi-serious about her words, she was also teasing the witch. A short pause, then, "But he is hot. You might not see it as his sister -- what sibling is ever hot? -- but damn, girl, he's a piece of meat... In the nicest way, of course."

Delia's smirk appeared at the comment. "Well done," she said, dryly. "Next, let's have you try the word f***. Say it with me -- f***ing bitches." Winking yet again to show her jest, Delia sat herself on a nearby rock, motioning for Tess to do the same. If she wasn't gonna swim, she might as well work on a tan. "And no. Not you. I wouldn't be talking to you if you were."

"Heal my heart?" she repeated, leaning back to allow her body to catch the rays of the sun. "What f***ing Hallmark movie did you get that from?" She let out a short laugh. "My heart's not broken, if that's what you mean. We broke up on good terms. We were never in love. It was mostly..." She paused, wondering how much she should reveal, then shrugged. "Physical. We f***ed a lot, realised it was unhealthy and we'd probably kill each other if we continued, decided to remain friends instead, and broke up. That's literally it."
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PostSubject: Re: Wicked Temptation [Tess]   Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:14 am

Tess felt a brief shame rise within her as Cordelia laughed at her. Was it something she said? Her cheeks reddened at the ignorance in her comment and felt some shame in herself. And it was a brief feeling until she realized that there was little malice in her reasoning for laughing. It was a bit weird for she was many things but being funny wasn't one of them.  So despite her more cynical thoughts, she was not being laughed at. Slowly a small smile arose from her face.

But as the older girl continued to chat about her brother's looks, the idea was not ideal. Still the humor was clear. "I doubt he'd be able to handle you to be honest. He's even more composed than I am" her lip twitched almost a smirk. "Even more boring than I can hope to be at his age. " Still as the girl tried to get her to smirk she shook her head. "I'm not going to necessarily curse Delia, it's not my style."

And it wasn't. She was cold, heartless sometimes, but she never cursed. Her father had oftentimes told her that cursing dumbed her down. And he often times patronizing would comment 'You are too pretty to use such silly words'

Love is a beauty thing in her mind. It was elusive, and complicated and rare. Did Tess think that she would ever attain it? No, not really. In her community ad her society, love came as an afterthought if you were truly lucky. Still her face paled at the mention of casual sex. That was a big taboo; her body even reacted by closing her legs.

"I...a movie?" she was unsure what that was about. "I-I know nothing of casual...relationships. But I assume that there are boys here that might peak your interest and maybe some females too."

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PostSubject: Re: Wicked Temptation [Tess]   

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Wicked Temptation [Tess]
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