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 Life is Full of Complications {Open}

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PostSubject: Life is Full of Complications {Open}   Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:10 pm

A lone female with beautiful and full of life blond hair and sky-blue eyes was sat outside at one of the many cafes' that were strategically placed around the main roads of Versailles, sipping on her ice-tea that she had ordered.

Her mother had accosted her several hours ago and had apparated them to the little cafe in Versailles', Michelle hadn't been too pleased, especially since she was aware what the woman had wanted.

The glee on her mother's face and the perfectly manicured fingers that were curled around a recent newspaper made her scowl in anger for a scant moment, just enough for her annoyance to be seen by outsiders but not enough for her mother to pick up, before her face had schooled back into the blank mask that she usually wore around the harpy.

The... meeting, for it couldn't be called a friendly outing by any choice, had been tiring on the woman who, for all intents and purpose, was an adult in her own right. Her mother had grilled her on the pictures that had been in the paper and just exactly what she had been doing with the Heir Clement. The greed in her mother's eyes had been noticed by Michelle and the blond witch had scoffed and gave her mother such a glare that even the people around them had flinched back from the ferocity of it.

Despite the glare though, Michelle's words had been calm if cold to the woman who had birthed her. "Mother," She had started off pleasantly enough, her patience with the woman already thining. "What I do in my free time, with my acquaintances and friends is, in no way, shape or form, any of your business. And frankly, you have no right to be butting into my life. What Heir Clement and I get up to in our spare time is none of your business. So I would be happy if you'd just butt out before I will be forced to take... measures against you."

Her mother had been undeterred and continued to question and grill her daughter on the relationship she had with Jacques before the blond-haired witch finally lost her temper and shot her mother such a scathing insult that the woman had flinched back before quickly apparating away though not without informing Michelle that Renee would be having words with her father about her acquaintance with the Clement Heir. Michelle had just scoffed and rolled her eyes as she watched her mother practically run away with her tail between her legs.

Her mother never took the insults well and Michelle always used that as her payback when the woman became too unbearing. Despite the fact that her mood plummeted quickly when her mother started on her rant, Michelle just sat back to enjoy the rare sunny weather of October while sipping her ice tea and mentally making a note to avoid her mother for the foreseeable future, who knew what sort of ideas that woman would get into her head if she saw even more pictures of Michelle and Jacques together.
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Sierra Stark

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PostSubject: Re: Life is Full of Complications {Open}   Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:29 pm

Sierra had some free time in her hand toning so she decided to spend it just by herself. She needed to enjoy her own life anyway. She couldn't always to do a work. She just wasn't sure how to spend her day. It has been a while she had any free time in her hands like this.

Somehow she ended doing some shopping herself. She needed to get some new things and spending some hard earned money was a good idea for her. She didn't really but that many things at the end. She didn't really need that much of clothes or anything else. She was totally fine with all she had but at times it was a good to follow some fashion sense at times. Some point she felt like she needed some food. So she ended up walking to some cafe.

She did order herself some tea and Caesar's salad and they promised to bring it to her table once it's done. She just was trying to still keep to be a bit of healthy there. So now she needed to find herself some place where to sit.

She looked around there and wondered where she could sit. Most tables were taken there by more than one person. She didn't really wanna spend her time alone anymore. So she tried to find there someone she could sit together, this is when she noticed the familiar blonde haired young woman.

She walked over her there. When she was closer she really was sure that she has seen her before in the Versaille's Palace before. She works there too if she is right. She was there as some tutor to one girl. She didn't really know all details about her work. She just never paid much attention to that. All she knows she has seen her around the Place a few times.

"Hey, May I sit here with you?" she asked politely. She wasn't really sure if the young woman even wanted some company there. If she remembers right her name even might be Michelle. They probably have never talked much. So they aren't really close for sure. She didn't really mind it but she knows she could start making herself some more friends.


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Life is Full of Complications {Open}
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