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 This Is Probably Bad for the Economy (open)

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Clara Goldstein
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Ravenclaw Prefect

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PostSubject: This Is Probably Bad for the Economy (open)   Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:35 pm

Clara Goldstein was passionate about several things when it came to fields of study, but her sudden obsession with Ancient Runes had come as surprise. Up until this point in her Hogwarts career, she'd taken for granted that potions would be her chosen major if she continued on to university (which she planned to do), as she had invested quite a bit of time into studying it already. However, while she still quite enjoyed potions and she doubted that would change, Ancient Runes had opened an unexpected new realm of possibility--and she found potions taking the backseat as she felt compelled to follow this avenue to completion.

Runestones in particular had brought up several questions, which she now sought to answer. First off, Professor Kessler had said that gold was the strongest medium, but he hadn't specified exactly how strong it was. Secondly, it seemed strange to Clara that they were using Nordic runes to spell out English words, and she wondered if it would make any difference to use Ancient Norse instead.

She decided to conduct two experiments at once, after mentally verifying that neither would interfere with the other in any significant way. She would make two runestones, both in gold, one in English and one in Norse. She'd picked up a Norse to English dictionary in the library, and had decided on the word "invisible"--the stone would conceal whomever happened to be touching it. The English word would say "invisible," translated phonetically, while the Nordic one would say "leynask," meaning "to conceal oneself."

At first, she wondered where she would acquire gold, but then she realized she already had some. Wizarding currency, unlike most muggle currency, was purely whatever metal it advertised itself as, which meant all she really needed was a couple galleons. It was possibly...well, wrong in some way, to melt down money, but she figured it was worth it, for science.

So here she was in the alchemy classroom, setting up a Bunsen burner. The melting point of gold was 1064°C, and the hottest point of a Bunsen burner could reach 1500°C, so it shouldn't take too long. She had two galleons (she'd weighed them to make sure they were the exact same mass), two small clay dishes, a ring stand, and some tongs. For the next part, the carving, she had a small steel rod, a little longer than a toothpick. She'd melt the galleons one at a time, and wait for them to cool most of the way before carving the runes into them.

Making sure the area was clear, and that she was wearing all the necessary protective equipment, she turned on the gas, struck a spark, and adjusted the flame until it was a pale blue with a turquoise center.


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This Is Probably Bad for the Economy (open)
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