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 Lynnette Clement

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Azalea Murray

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PostSubject: Lynnette Clement    Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:00 pm

Full Name: Lynnette Sofia Marie Clement the Second

Age: 73

Date of birth: 17, July, 1950

Birthplace: Lyon, France

Current home: The Palace of Versailles

Blood Status: Pureblood

Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual though has transgressed into something of an asexual nature over the past twenty years. Pleasures of the flesh van with age, as do most other niceties of youth.

Wand type: Willow, 12 inches, Augery feather core, fickle

Hair color and style: At one point, Lady Lynnette’s golden locks were a point of pride on her otherwise pristine image, shimmering atop her head like a divine halo. Today, much of that gold has given way to ivory and cream. Lady Lynnette takes very few visitors these days but on occasions when it is demanded, her hair is freshly dyed to a duller hue of its former glory in keeping with her aging features.

Eye colour: Light green though beginning to cloud with cataract.

Height: At the paek of her glory, she stood a proud five foot nine inches. With age however, a bent back and shriveled bones have made her a mere five foot seven.

Body type: Always slender, she has grown slighter with age, her bony features now replacing the once soft curves of her frame.

Dress sense: Old fashioned and modest, in keeping with the Clement style. Also expensive and impeccable, in keeping with her station as wife to the Former Lord Clement. It is worth noting that while Lady Clement dressed in the house colors when required on auspicious occasions, the Lady never showed much liking for the black and white of the house banners, preferring to stray to brighter colors when given the opportunity.

Birthmarks: A “bauty mark” on her right cheek that was slowly dissolved over time with light acids that would bleach color from her face and curb the incessant growth. Beauty potions were not as widely available in the sixties as they are now and blemishes on pureblood ladies were not tolerated.

Tattoos: -

Scars: -

Piercings: Twin piercings in each ear


  - Her memories – specifically of her first borne. A mother can never forget her firstborn, and Lady Lynnette will never forget her precious boy, her Dominic. Taken from the world too soon he may have been but no one would ever be able to take him away from his mother’s heart.

  -  Her current position at the palace. Lady Lynnette has reached the age where she has to do very little to justify her role in the Clement household while still reaping full benefits from being a member of the family.

  -Pulling strings with invisible fingers and watching everything fall into place.


  -The Current Lord and Lady Clement – with a passion no less. In her eyes, they are responsible for the death of the rightful heir and must pay the price for stealing her son.

  -Her husband – Thomas Clement had never been a good father in her opinion, if he was he wouldn’t have submitted so easily to the Clement regime her mother in law ran. Thomas failed to protect their son and for that, she will never forgive him.

  -Her grandchildren – they are a product of the two traitors who destroyed her family and she will do all within her power to ruin them and their progenies.






  -Dominic (though her beloved son has passed on, even a mention of his name brings Lady Lynnette to tears)

  -The inability to forgive

  -Waning health with age

Positive traits:

  -Patience – Lady Lynnette knows that revenge is a dish best served ice cold, when the enemy least expects it. And so she is biding her time, waiting, watching filling the ears of innocents with lies and venom, all so that one day the fruits of her labors would be within reach.

  -Planning – people always assumed Lady Lynnette wasn’t much of a strategist when she showed no interest in matters of the House. Truth be told she just wasn’t interested in the house beyond the son it had given her. After his death, she has found plenty of time and motivation to apply that skill of strategy to attain her goals.

Negative traits:

  -Vindictive – Lady Lynnette will take her grudges and grievances to the grave, and then seek revenge from the beyond at those who have wronged her.

  -Unloving – Lady Lynnette had known the very moment her son was born that all her love would only ever be for him. And when he passed away, so did all he love she had ever felt for another human being. Nowadays, she simply pretends.

Borne only a few years after the events of World War Two, Lynnette Malfoy was as much a surprise to her own parents as her success would later be to the rest of the world. Her father, Abraxas Malfoy, knew what an invaluable gem he had in his wife, a member of House Clement even if not of the main family. And wisely, the man spent his entire life trying to work his way back into the Clement clan via means of his four daughters.

Where his contemporaries would have begged the gods for sons, Abraxas honed his daughters to be the ultimate face of his house both in beauty and intelligence, grace and cunning, demure and deceptive. And finally, his hard work was rewarded when his oldest daughter Alexandria caught the eye of the reigning Lady Clement, Lissette the Third of her name, for her son and heir, Pierre.

The betrothal was lavish and celebrated throughout France, parties and gatherings hosted from the finest establishments acros the country to taverns and hovels in rundown villages for the two thirteen year olds who would wed in a few years.  The country rejoiced for the future of House Clement was once again secured through the bonds of marriage and Abraxas’ own social standing was heightened permanently within not just France but accross Europe. Despite unrest in the larger world, investors were pouring in to aid the publishing giant who was soon about to become an honorary Clement.

And then tragedy struck. In 1945, the news of Pierre Clement’s death shattered all of the plans Abraxas had for his future. It was through no fault of his own that victory had been snatched from his jaws, he had plenty of daughters but the Clements had only one son. And he was no more. Abraxas allowed Alexandria to wait only the minimal mourning period before quickly announcing her engagement to Rufus Lestrange. After all, an eighteen year old unwed daughter would bring nothing but shame to the family and his family had suffered enough at the hands of vile fate.

Sadly, Abraxas had not counted on the stupid child falling in love with the martyred Clement. So when the child chose to escape to Rome and seek sanctuary as a Silent Sister, he had no choice but to replace her with his second daughter, Cordelia whom he was training to take over his business in due time. Cordelia proved more loyal to the family cause than her wretched sister and her marriage bought Abraxas some much needed time to think and regroup. Celeste was too young to replace her sister but Abraxas hoped that in due time, she would do what Cordelia was training for before her impromptu marriage.

And then, in 1947, hope announced itself into the heart of France as Lady Lissette Clement fell with child once more. The entire country prayed for a boy and the prayers were answered at the birth of Thomas Clement. While Abraxas was objectively happy at the securing of his country’s royal line, he couldn’t help but think how his own circumstances would not change. Celeste was older than Thomas and therefore unacceptable to the house and he had no other daughters.

Resigning himself to the fate of a mediocre noble, the man had all but given hope of joining his name with the Clements once more when Lynnette came squaking and kicking into the world two years later. Lady Juliette Malfoy could not survive the late birth of her fourth daughter but Abraxas had little time to mourn her. Instead he waited the fifteen days required for grieving and then requested an audience with Lord and Lady Clement, presenting his two weeks old daughter to them for the toddler who played by his father’s throne.

Of course, things were not easy. The stars did not align, the match was deemed unsuitable by the priests and Lady Lissette herself had doubts that the girl might bring misfortune for having ended her own mother’s life upon birth. But Abraxas was insistent, even offering to leave the child to ward at the palace for Lady Clement to shape into her own image. In the end, his liege lords only gave him a chance. He was told to go back and mold his daughter into a lady worthy of the Clement name and then she would be considered for Thomas.

Taking those odds, Abraxas Malfoy spent the next fifteen years doing just that. From before Lynnette could walk and talk, she was told she was special, she was meant for things far greater than her peers and that she had to put in the effort to achieve them. Alongside a steady diet of knowledge, etiquette training and physical fitness she was given lessons in womanhood best reserved for girls older than her. From exposure to foreign affairs to mingling with the crowd to seem relatable as was the Clement way, Lynnette was raised for one purpose and one purpose only. And to ensure she never forgot that purpose, she was named after one of the most prominent Clements – Lady Lynnette.

And finally, at the tender age of fifteen, it happened. The opportunity fate had so cruelly stolen from Abraxas twenty years ago had come around again and Lynnette Malfoy was betrothed to Thomas Clement. Their engagement lasted two years, just long enough for propriety’s sake before it was formalized in the bonds of marriage. Satisfied that his life’s work was complete, Abraxas retired, handing his business over to Celeste and her husband in favor of a quiet lodge in Lyon. His work was done, now it was Lynnette’s turn.

Lady Lynnette Clement stepped foot in the palace’s inner chambers for the first time as a newly wedded bride. On her wedding night, her stomach was overflowing with excitement as well as nerves. It was already hard to remember her training but it all slipped from her mind as she entered her bedchamber to gaze upon not her new husband but his mother sat atop their marriage bed. Over the next few hours, Lady Lissette explained to the new bride what her duties were and how she would be expected to fulfill every last one of them. By the time her mother in law left, Lynnette was so exhausted, she fell asleep. Thomas found her a few moments later, unconscious on their bed and smiled at her exhausted, innocent, beauty. There would be time later, he told himself as he slid in beside her and closed his own eyes.

This habit of indulging his wife only grew over the years Thomas and Lynnette were married, and those early years were some of the happiest of her life. Despite her mother in law’s constant naggings and outright criticisms, Lynnette remained the center of her husband’s existence and when their son was born four years later, her world was complete. But all was not well in the palace. There were those who sought to darken her life and malign her happiness by spreading lies that her son was sickly. And chief among these hateful pretenders was her mother in law, The Lady Lissette who refused to give her up station to her daughter in law because she doubted Lynnette’s abilities.

Lynnette on her part couldn’t care less for the official station that every other noblewoman in France would have desired. She had Thomas and more importantly, she had Dominic. Dominic who was beautiful and perfect and radiated light from his person. So what if he had a little trouble breathing sometimes? So what if he could not crawl as fast as other children? So what if the maesters kept uttering foul prophecies with their filthy mouths about his longevity?

But a woman even in the main house held no power without a title, and Lynnette found that out the night her mother in law invited her to her withdrawing room, insisting in no subtle tones that a second son was absolutely necessary. That it was Lynnette’s duty to secure the lineage at all costs.

The Lady Lynnette knew how to read between the lines. They were trying to take Dominic’s birthrights away from him because he was hers. They wanted a child just like them, harsh, cold, dark haired and dark hearted. Her baby boy was an angel with his golden halo and blue eyes. Of course he would be unacceptable to them. But they didn’t know that Thomas would never do anything to upset her. So Lynnette had left confident that she had won. If they wanted a second child, they would have to find it elsewhere. Lynnette would never give birth again for fear of dividing her time between her precious child and whatever was to come in future.

That night, her confidence in her husband was broken as for the first time, he was forceful. His mother had gotten to him too and though husbands had all the right in the world, Thomas was different. Or at least he had been. It continued until, finally, Lady Lynnette was with child once more. Eight and a half months later, Louis Clement came into the world, the picture of health and with the Clement lifeblood running thick in his tiny veins. Overnight, Lynnette’s son was being replaced by this creature they had forced her to birth into this world.

After that, things were never the same between her husband and her, the shame with which Thomas had inflicted those acts on her ate him alive and far from comforting him, Lynnette took every opportunity she could get to subtly remind the man what he had done, prematurely breaking him from the inside until he was no more capable of taking over his father’s title than he was of looking his wife in the eye again. Oh there was an empty ceremony,  the changing of names on paper, but it was always Lissette Clement who pulled the strings. Lissette had tried to take her Dominic away from her, now Lynnette had repaid the favor.

Dominic grew on medicine and prayers as all of France was encouraged to suggest remedies, potions, healers, magic men, religious rituals and sacrifices to the gods, anything to improve the growing prince’s health. Lynnette now had only one purpose in life, keeping her son alive. There were plenty of other people around the palace to keep the spare and his whore company, her priority was her son. As long as Dominic drew breath, he could lay claims to his rightful title. And as Dominic grew, even he understood that. He understood he didn’t have to be the best at sports or wandwork or diplomacy, he understood he didn’t have to even be particularly good at anything. All he had to do was keep breathing, and he found a way to do just that.

Her darling boy was always intelligent, as he grew he come to understand the threat his titles and holdings were under from his little brother who got Lady Lissette’s full attention. The wayward, troublesome creature seemed more worth investing in than the actual heir, something neither Dominic nor his mother would stand. So her beautiful, brilliant boy made a plan. A plan so perfect, it emulated what Lynnette had done to her mother in law years ago. Back then, she had stolen one heir, now Dominic cast aside another. No one would stop her son’s rise to power now. It was the gods’ will that he bring the name of House Clement forward.

But Dominic was not simply brilliant, he was also forgiving. When he approached his mother with the suggestion to take on the soiled Sheridan girl,  Lady Lynnette was horrified. There would be much better girls for her son, girls who did not lack in purity and chastity. Girls who would understand what they had in Dominic Clement. But the heir was insistent and in the end, Lynnette would give him the world and the stars if he asked. So against her wished, she consented to a betrothal between Dominic and Vanessa.

Only for that bitch to have the nerve to turn Dominic’s generosity down. If Lynnette had suspected the girl wasn’t worth her son before, now she knew for sure. But her son, kind as always, insisted on going to see her, insisted on travelling alone, insisted on giving her another chance. Dominic was too good for this world and everyone knew it. He returned from his trip to Woodstock rejuvenated, assuring the palace that Lady Sheridan would soon be joining him in Versailles. But as the months went by and it did not come to pass, his health started waning once more, all because of that girl.

Lynnette had fought hard her entire adult life to keep her son alive, and she would continue to do it for years to come. But a battle with fate was useless, as her father had once told her. You simply had to cut your losses and hope for a better outcome or another opportunity. With Dominic’s death, there was no better outcome. The day Dominic stopped breathing was the day Lynnette lost every last drop of love, kindness and compassion in her heart. Her son, her shining, radiant, beautiful, kind, intelligent, lovely son, was taken from this world and in his place stood the harsh reminder of the spare and his whore back once again.

Lynnette’s grief could have spanned oceans and still would not have done justice to how she felt as she lost a part of her life. Many times the woman considered ending her own futile existence for what was there to live for? Her son was gone, she had no wish to see him replaced. Her husband, estranged many years ago would not notice her if her cold form grew colder still. And Lynnette knew very well her mother in law would be all too happy if she ceased to draw breath. Perhaps this, above all, was what kept Lynnette from transferring her thoughts into actions. As long as she lived, she would be a thorn at Lissette Clement’s side. She would outlive that old bitch if it was the last thing she did.

It was only after she emerged from her grief, now forged in the fired of vengeance and with her heart turned to stone that she saw the opportunity her father had spoken of all those years ago. Vanessa Sheridan believed she could mend the gaps in the Clement family, that she could make everything alright again with a few dinners and years of civility. Well Lynnette could play that game. This girl had stolen her son, and Lynnette would not rest until she had stolen a child of hers. Vanessa Clement would know the same pain her mother in law had upon losing Dominic, Vanessa would feel that pain a thousandfold worse.

And Lady Lynnette would keep herself alive to watch that moment of glorious victory.

   Name: Juliette Clement
   Age: -
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: The Former Lady Malfoy

   Name: Abraxas Malfoy
   Age: -
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: – Publishing Giant and News Moghul in France

Siblings: Sister
   Name: Alexandria Malfoy
   Age: -
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Formerly a sister of the Catholic Church

Siblings: Sister
   Name: Cordelia Malfoy
   Age: -
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Married to Rufus Lestrange

Siblings: Sister
   Name: Celeste Jeanne Malfoy
   Age: 78
   Living or Deceased: Alive
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Former CEO and Owner of her father’s publishing empire, widow to Ignatius Malfoy

   Name: Thomas Clement
   Age: 75
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: The Former Lord Clement

Beloved Son:
   Name: Dominic Clement
   Age: -
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Previous heir to the Clement Fortune

   Name: Louis Charles Philippe Clement
   Age: 50
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: The Current Lord Clement

Daughter in Law:
   Name: Vanessa Jhalak Clement
   Age: 50
   Living or Deceased: Living – much to her Ladyship’s chagrin
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: The Current Lady Clement

   Name: Jacques Clement
   Age: 19
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Current Heir to the Clement Fortune

   Name: Elenore Lissette Clement
   Age: 16
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Sixth Year Hufflepuff

The Clement family history – of the French denomination – can be traced back to the arrival of Louis Clement in 1655. Louis Clement was an English nobleman who had decided to branch from his family in England to widen the horizon’s to Europe. The Clements at this stage of their being were not well known Lords of England, whilst wealthy, they were not hugely influential in the world at this time. Louis Clement, however, wasted no time on his arrival in France to broker relationships with the largest houses in France; the Noirs, the Malfoys, the Peverells, the Lestranges, the Sounieres, the Selwyns and the Burkes.

Louis Clement married early in his arrival in France to Claudia Noir, with this marriage Louis was not only given a tidy dowry, but also the opportunity to grow his power in the country with the aid of the Noirs. In September of 1663, the Clements were gifted with their first, and only child, Thomas.

Thomas Clement was, in his early years, not a remarkable story. He was the son of a Lord – Louis Clement had worked his way in to a lower seat of the council – and had everything he could ever wish for from his parents. The boy was brought up spoiled, and self-assured, never looking twice at anyone because he believed everyone to be below him. This, however, changed when Thomas was sent to Downton Academy of Magic.

At the school – known for only admitting the wealthy children of society – Thomas met Lissette Loisel, a street rat who (in Thomas’ mind) had no right to be there. To say their relationship was turbulent would have been an understatement at best. In the late 1670’s and early 1680’s, though, things began to change in the Clement household. A ward by the name of Lissette was taken aboard, events that would change the world started to creep in to motion. The name Clement would start to be used in households big and small, the people would start to see the merits of aiding the Clements, and how the other Lords and Ladies would never act in such a manner. As the world grew colder towards the elitists of the world, the Clements grew in strength day by day, because they had one thing no one else did.

A child who understood the world, and knew how to play it to their advantage.

The Clements were, unknown to most, the reason for the French Revolution. The collapse of the Monarchy, and the Lords and Ladies of the country was funded, steered, and ultimately successful because of the Clements – or, rather, thanks to Lady Lissette Clement, the first of her name. Whilst her husband was the figure head of the whole revolution and the subsequent rebuilding of France afterwards, there could never be any doubt about who had pulled the strings throughout it all.

By the time the revolution had been finished, and stability had been restored in the country, the Clements were now the most powerful family in France. The monarchy and control by the Lords that had once existed had been crushed, but the new system still held an elitist family at the forefront of the world. The masses, though, adored the Lord and Lady Clement, so the irony of the situation was lost over many years of history.

Nine generations of Clements have followed the first post-revolution Lord and Lady Clement, and each generation has not been without it’s own accomplishments. From Popes to war heroes, complicated marriages of widowed wives to brothers new, fratricide and the incapability of bearing sons. There has never been a moment in which the Clements have not kept the hearts of the masses with their goals.

More recently, the Clements – Loras (the second of his name) and Lissette Clement – have shown the true resilience of the Clements during the World Wars. The Second World War saw the two of them learning to play with the balance of power. The Clements played no active role in the War, knowing that picking a side would be both detrimental to the country’s view of the family, and also the future of the house. Instead, Loras and Lissette did exactly as was expected of a Clement. For the French people, they showed the unfaltering resistance to the Nazi invasion, ensuring the safety of as many of their people as possible – without opening the gates to the Palace.

To the world at large, France was seen to be aiding the Allied forces in the effort to subdue the Nazi regime. However, the Clements were, in reality, funding both the Nazi movement – to ensure their own safety, should Hitler’s forces win – and the defence of the country to ensure the people still believed in them. No matter what outcome would have been seen, Loras and Lissette had ensured the safety of their name.

Or, so they had believed, on the 24th May 1940 the eldest son of the Clement house, Pierre (the second of his name) lost his life in the Siege of Calais. Hoping to aid the retreat from Arras Pierre had, in his youthful haste, not taken in to account the fact the Germans were on route to take the port, and would not leave empty handed. Pierre was caught in the fray when the German soldiers broke through the fortified city, and his surrender was not accepted by the bloodthirsty German officer. The sound of the revolver firing had echoed through the square twice before Pierre Clement’s body had hit the floor.

Since the World War, however, the Clements have aided in building France back up to its former glory.


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Lynnette Clement
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