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 Chauncey Rousseau

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PostSubject: Chauncey Rousseau   Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:20 am

Full Name: Chauncey Lafayette Rousseau
Age: 14
Date of birth: April 30, 2009
Birthplace: Strasbourg, France
Current home: Narbonne, France (or Hogwarts)
Blood Status: Halfblood
Sexual Alignment: Pansexual
Wand type: 9 inches, Hornbeam, Dragon Heartstring

Hair colour and style: Black and Unkempt
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5.8 (current height will grow to 6.0)
Body type: Slim and Tall
Dress sense: Casual, varies.
Birthmarks: One is on his forearm and the other are on his back.  
Tattoos: Nope
Scars: Minor Scars.
Piercings: Nope

  - Shakespeare Poetry - He had been a fan of Shakespeare since he was ten years old. It started when his parents took him to a theatre performance. He found his way of writing and storytelling to be soothing. And to this day, he finds that the stories made Chauncey enjoy the English language so much more.
  - Muggle Music - The music helps fuels his creativity and one could even say this helps him cope with certain aspects of life. Most of his summers are spent with him attending concerts with his friends in the muggle world.
  - Potions - Making his own concoctions is one of his favorite hobbies. Chauncey believes that Potions could be used for anything. The love stems from his father being a Potion Master whom Chauncey spends a great deal of time with.
  - Supernatural Creatures - The whole idea of the supernatural world aside from witches and wizards are intriguing. He finds all their abilities and history interesting. He finds anyone who doesn't classify as normal interesting.
  - Being By Himself - Peace and quiet, are his two favorite things. He believes that he is much saner being by himself. Not really being a fan of people, to begin with, Chauncey finds that the solitude is something that makes him happy.
  - Stephen King Books - Horror is one of Chauncey favorite genres, and books written by Stephen King are the only true horror books in his mind. The whole idea of serial killers and weird creatures interest him.

  - Pureblood Society - He finds anyone who believes they are better than others, to be extremely annoying. With all their history, Chauncey believes that it's something that needs to be gone and finds anyone who hates creatures and muggles, to be cruel people.
  - Huge Crowds - After a bad experience where he nearly lost his parents, caused him to despise huge crowds. He is very claustrophobic because it's terrifying and when that incident Chauncey scared him to death.
  - Wizarding and Muggle Sports - Sports are stupid and useless. The only thing that sports can get someone in Chauncey's mind, is money for a short-time.
  - Pumpkin Pastries - Don't get him started on pumpkin pastries, they make him sick. Even though Chauncey is a huge fan of pumpkin pie. He believes they are a poison because, at the age of seven, his brother gave him an old pastry, which resulted in food poisoning.
  - Healthy Food - In today's society, Chauncey finds that healthy food takes the fun out of eating and can only pass for salads, fruits, and vegetables. Even though his mother is a fitness guru who lives on healthy food. After spending years eating healthy food it has sort of made him dislike it.
  - Stupid Questions - Never ask Chauncey a stupid question, in his mind unless you are going to be logical with questions. Don't bother, he doesn't waste time breaking things down unless you are his friend.
  - Stereotypes and Cliques - They are OVERRATED, in his mind. Having been bullied most of his life Chauncey has grown to consider them cults. He is not someone who sticks to the status quo due to him believing in being his own person.
  - Rap Music - A type of music that doesn't make sense to him. Despite his older brother being huge of fan of rap, Chauncey finds it to have zero meaning. Music is in Chauncey mind is supposed to make sense.

  - Potions - He is no Potion Master, but Chauncey is pretty good at potions. His father had taught him from a young age, but he didn't start brewing Potions until he had been in his first year at Hogwarts. Over the years, he has grown quite good at the subject and hopes to pursue a career in Potioneering.
  - Listening Skills - Despite his no stupid question policy, Chauncey tries to listen. Even though you can count that you will get a snarky comment back. But if you ask him a thoughtful question, you could expect a good answer.
  - Reverse Psychology - Being bullied and also the middle child, Chauncey has learned a little bit about reverse psychology. He may not the most skilled person at it, but the guy could hold his own.
  - His Charm - Even though he is antisocial, Chauncey has a charming look. The guy believes that he is good at convincing people. Once you look past his anti-social attitude, Chauncey can convince you.
  - Singing Songs - One of his least favorite strengths, but he is good. Being a huge fan of muggle music had sparked his singing skill. Spending most of his time singing all sorts of songs that range from old rock to pop music. But unless you want him to be a sarcastic arse than you don't ask him about this.
  - Good Liar - Reverse Psychology and Lying go hand in hand when it comes to Chauncey aspect of life. He lies to get himself out of problems and being the middle-child had contributed to this strength.

  - Lacks Open-Mindedness - Despite his belief in breaking tradition, he is not really someone who can open up. Some consider him a hypocrite, but due to some bad experiences that he had experienced as a child. It's hard for him to be open.
  - Ultimate Pushover - Even though he likes to make others believe that he is this tough guy who doesn't take the crap. Chauncey is a pushover and is often the victim of most people using him for their personal endeavors.
  - Physical Activity - The idea of running and all those activities. Chauncey gets tired easily and doesn't stick with it long. Even though his mother loves to workout.
  - His Abrasive Personality - You could pour everything out to him, but you can guarantee that unless you are Chauncey's friend. Then you could say that he won't have remorse which tends to get the best of him.

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
  - Ambitious - He thrives to be successful, despite being the antisocial loser you find that sits at the back during class. Chauncey has big dreams and would do anything to achieve those goals, even if it's playing dirty.
  - Intelligent - One of the most intelligent out of his siblings and is the type of guy who could easily rank top of his year. Even though he knows that is far from possible with what goes in the world.
  - Perceptive - You may think that someone who remains at the back, is someone who doesn't know much. But you are wrong, Chauncey is quite good at reading people. If you are one of his enemies than he will find ways to bring you down.
  - Kind - Even though some could consider him a sociopathic in personality, but Chauncey is a kind person, once you get to know him. His friends are people that the guy cares deeply about and would do anything for them.
  - Balanced - He knows what he wants and has known for ages. Being the nerd who is very skilled at time-management. Chauncey operates on trying to find ways to advance himself and set up for his future endeavors.

Negative traits:
  - Cunning - Yes he is cunning and is quite good at conning people. But he would never consider himself an expert. Chauncey operates on deceiving people who have done him wrong and would do anything to make sure his dreams come true.
  - Insecure - A huge part of him being deceitful to this day because deep inside Chauncey wants to be like others. But years of being bullied and all that has caused him to not trust people and go through life with deceit
  - Reserved - He will never admit to you his past. Even though therapists that his parents had sent him to would like him to talk. But he likes to consider himself a mystery and does not really mind being the antisocial geek.
  - Pessimistic - For as long as he could remember, Chauncey never had a good outlook on life after his primary school days. You can never find him in a good-mood unless he has a gotten a good grade.
  - Sarcastic - This one of his favorite things about himself, even though his parents and friends would say otherwise. Everything that goes on, you could expect him to have some sort snarky or clever thing to say.
  - Antisocial - Not being very good at dealing with people. So, Chauncey likes to operate behind the scenes. He rarely hangs out with people, due to him not wanting to be treated like complete and utter crap. Even though some like to think Chauncey is violent because he prefers to be in the back. It's only because he does not like people in the slightest.  

Chauncey's life had started like any other baby:  nothing spectacular. The only special thing about his birth was that his parents were on vacation which was cut short because his mother had wanted to return to their home in Narbonne. He had been the middle child out of his siblings and, until his sister was born, the most spoiled. But, for most of his life, Chauncey felt like he was overshadowed by his brother who was six years older.

His early years had been pretty simple because his mother had taken a break for a couple of years to focus on her family. Something that his brother Elliot would envy about his younger siblings because he believed they got more attention than he did. But it had been quite the opposite in the eyes of both Lily and Chauncey. Although for Chauncey, he had learned how to walk and talk by the tender age of two. Even though his brother didn't do those things until he was about three years of age.

Those years were good because Chauncey and his mother grew a close bond. As for his father Frederic, most of his time was spent in his office. So until Chauncey had been about six, he didn't know much about his father's work. But after his younger sister had been born the boy found himself being alone

For the next two years, Chauncey had spent a great deal of time by himself. That would be filled with him exploring his parents' villa. But soon after this, Chauncey would begin his primary school years, at the age of four. Which would begin the story of him being bullied due to him being too tall and had been a loner. The years of school had been hell for the boy who just wanted to fit in, but no matter how hard he tried. Nothing ever worked, and at the end of the day, Chauncey spent was playing by himself.

This bullying would end up following him into his wizarding school years. At the age of the six, though his father had decided to spend his first bit of quality time with his son. And one could say he would be the first person to know about the bullying. As for Chauncey's older brother, who was already at Hogwarts at this time. Which his parents tried to pull off as him being sent to some boarding school, but his father decided that he would try to make his little boy feel better by telling him about the wizarding world.

So began the story of Chauncey's close relationship with his father, and unlike the rest of his siblings, Chauncey knew the most about his father's secrets. When Chauncey was about eight years old, he began to show signs of magic. And his older brother decided that he would get proof of his brother's magic ability by giving him an old pumpkin pastry.  Thus, began his day-long battle with food poisoning, which would be spent as a whole day of being picked on due to him having food poisoning.

A year after that the boy's fear of being in huge crowds surfaced. Because while traveling in London for a potion convention. Chauncey had managed to get lost in the crowd and it took him several hours to find his parents. And after picking the guts up to speak to a police officer who had gladly helped him. The little boy had been scared to death because he thought that he would never see his family again. And once he was found, the boy never wanted to go into huge crowds ever since.

Even though most students who lived in France, had attended Beauxbatons. For Chauncey, his father had already decided that from a young age, he would have his children attend his former school and so his father had granted a request that would let his children attend even though he was willing to give them an option. So he decided that he would make their address of his uncle who lived in England. And most of their mail would be sent there due to him not wanting his kids to be forced to do something they didn't want him too.

At the age of eleven, he had received his Hogwarts letter. Which had made him happy, because he would be able to attend the place he fantasized about. Upon attending Hogwarts the bullying started again. But by the time, Chauncey had grown a skill in trying to get through things by himself. And during the summer before he would return to his second year, Chauncey had asked for his parents to teach him some reverse psychology.

And so would begin the current Chauncey, who found the joy of being alone something that could be used a lot to his advantage. During this time, Chauncey had begun his love for Potions and his years of spending time with his father, looking at all of his ingredients and the tips that his father would teach him. One could say that Chauncey was slowly turning into a child after his father's own heart.

Towards the middle of Chauncey's third year, his father had begun to tell him secrets. And from this, he learned that his father had gotten most of his money from the black market and that his mother never knew. By the end of his third year, Chauncey knew that he had a half-brother. That his father had spent much time away from home spending time with him.

By this time, Chauncey had his own problems to worry about. Being a boy who was just getting through his first year of puberty. And on top of this, the boy was trying to keep his grades up, because he had no time to slack. So these problems his father had, could not affect the thirteen-year-old's life. Although that changed when the boy wanted to meet his half-brother, his father told him about.

The task for Chauncey's fourth year would be trying to meet his brother. During the summer, he had asked his father questions about him. And there had been only a little that he learned that his brother was named Julian. But his mother soon gained knowledge and told him that he would need to spend more time focusing on his actual siblings. Not some mistake that his father had been made, before meeting his mother. So Chauncey had to watch his younger sister for his fourth year, but he knew that he would still look for his half-brother in secret and was not going to let anything stop him.


   Name: Eloise Claude Rousseau (nee Montgomery)
   Age: 45
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggleborn
   Occupation: Fitness Guru and Beauxbatons Alumni


   Name: Frederic Jeramiah Rousseau
   Age: 47
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Potioneer, Black Market Dealer, and Former Slytherin

Older Brother:

   Name: Elliot Frederic Rousseau
   Age: 20
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: University Student and Former Gryffindor

Younger Sister:

   Name: Lily Anne Rousseau
   Age: 11
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Hogwarts Student

Paternal Half-Brother:

   Name: Julian William Reid
   Age: 26
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood or Halfblood
   Occupation: Unknown

The Rousseau family that has been around for years, but never held fame status. Most could even say most of the money had come from them, doing things themselves. A family that had never held any sort of prejudice views. But that doesn't mean that there had never been types who had held those views. A family that has attended either Hogwarts of Beauxbatons, and having houses that had varied. And the views have also varied, but with the changing of time, the views have changed.

As of today, the family still remains the same minus the criminal story that Frederic holds from being a potioneer who brews for the black-market. They are not very famous, but they still hold a quite of bit of money. And have spent centuries in the southern part of France, and as of today, it's a family that is half-blood. But there are still members who have the pureblood status, but they aren't famous.

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He is complete pirat
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PostSubject: Re: Chauncey Rousseau   Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:18 am

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PostSubject: Re: Chauncey Rousseau   Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:42 am

Hi Cers,

Welcome to Hogwarts & Beyond, it is great to have you here, and we hope you enjoy your stay with us!

The Admins have looked over your profile, and we have come up with the following small points for editing/further explanation. Once you have made these adjustments, please let the Admins know, and we will give it one more review before accepting!

The points we have made are as follows:

1. Birthday noted would only make Chauncey 13 at present. Please check this detail and amend as necessary.

2. Noted as six foot at age 14 – is this currently, or the height Chauncey will reach upon being fully grown.

3. Please specify the birthmarks that Chauncey has.

4. In the likes/dislikes/strengths/etc, you have confused Chauncey with being the middle child, and the youngest child. Please can you go through and adjust as necessary so that there is no confusion.

5. Why do the Rousseau children go to Hogwarts? They’re from France, so they would naturally go to Beauxbatons. Please can you write a paragraph explaining the reasoning behind the move.

6. There are a few typing errors/missing words in your history section. Please can you read through and correct any sentences that currently cause confusion/don't make sense.

If you need any of the above explaining, please don't hesitate to contact Azalea or myself, and we will be happy to assist.

Many thanks,

~ HaB Admins
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Chauncey Rousseau
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