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 Bridge Over Troubled Water (Victoria)

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Grayson Hughes


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PostSubject: Bridge Over Troubled Water (Victoria)   Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:48 pm

Grayson spent most of the day worried about Victoria, but dutifully stuck out the rest of his shift until the library closed at 8:00pm. He thought back to her original voicemail. She hadn't been able to get the words out, but he was able to piece it together: her contract had been terminated. She'd been fired.

Grayson knew how much her job meant to her. He also couldn't imagine Victoria doing anything worthy of being fired for--she put her heart and soul into her work; it didn't make sense. Something was off, and he needed to hear the full story--that is, if she was willing to tell it. His main priority of course was to comfort her, and if that simply meant keeping her mind off it, then so be it.

As soon as the clock struck 8:00 he was moving. He ducked into his office to grab a few things, made sure the last students had left, and closed up the library, locking the doors on his way out. He quickly made his way down the stairs towards the ground floor, then out across the Hogwarts grounds and beyond. Once he was off of Hogwarts property, he disappeared, appearing with a snap on High Street in Hogsmeade.

He took a right and entered Honeydukes, thankfully still open but nearly empty at this time of night. Picking out a sizeable box of chocolates, he counted out a few sickles and handed them to the cashier, then left the shop.

Out on the street again, he scrolled through his messages until he found her address. He plugged it into Google Maps, thankful 1) that Hogsmeade had an internet connection 2) that he had a smartphone and 3) that he lived surrounded by muggles, and had picked up a few things. One couldn't apparate anywhere without a clear picture in their head of where they wanted to go. Google Street View was a handy trick.

A moment later, he was standing outside her building. It was 8:36pm. He searched for her flat number, found it, and knocked on the door, a box of chocolates under one arm, and a small tin of Kenyan tea in his pocket.


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Victoria Newbury

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PostSubject: Re: Bridge Over Troubled Water (Victoria)   Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:35 pm

Since the letter had come through that morning, Victoria had spent the day in two states of being. The first state consisted of awfully pained tears streaking down the witch's face and down in to her pillow that she was hugging for dear life in the attempt of keeping herself together. Letting the pillow go, the young witch knew, would lead to almost certain breaking of her person. The second, which followed the first state promptly, was to fall in to a slumber that was induced by the exhaustion of crying so hard.

This had been why Victoria had missed the call from Grayson, instead picking up his message only a short while later, and replying to him via text in respect of what she needed.

Jake had always said that chocolate helped, and he was not wrong. From period pain, to sadness at a heart wrenching film, to aiding in the stress of a case, chocolate had been the perfect solution for the young witch. Grayson, the darling that he was, had agreed to get her some, and denoted when he'd be round to see her.

That had given Victoria a time limit.

So, until six o'clock that evening, the cycle had continued on. Sleep, crying, sleep, crying. Victoria was heartbroken, of course she was. Her job had been her world, and it had been cruelly taken away from her. But as the witch woke from another fitful sleep, she pushed herself up from the sofa she'd taken refuge on, and towards the shower. It took just over an hour to make herself look human again, though there was nothing that could be done for the redness of her eyes, she looked presentable in to too big shirt and jeans she'd pulled on.

From there, Victoria went about tidying her already immaculate flat. The witch had never liked mess, and there was little to do, but she had to be sure before Grayson arrived.

Shortly after 8:30 -- just as Victoria finished cleaning the kitchen counters for the fourth time (the joy of small homes), the knock at the door came. Victoria hurriedly tidied everything away, before heading to the door and checking through the peephole (on tip toes, of course). A small smile touched her lips upon seeing Grayson, and the witch opened the door, wide.

"Grayson, thank you for coming..." The witch said, motioning him inside. "How was work today? I know exams are just around the corner. It was my favourite time of year back at school. I'm weird, I know. Can I get you tea? Or, coffee, I don't know. I think I have a bottle of wine, if you'd like that instead. Or..." Victoria asked, clearly not wanting to talk about herself, or register there was a problem, but focusing instead on her friend for as long as possible.

Even though the witch knew this was not healthy at all.

Victoria's Flat (just imagine everything much more feminine!)


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Bridge Over Troubled Water (Victoria)
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