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 CoMC Professor Application

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PostSubject: CoMC Professor Application   Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:47 pm

Full Name: Odysseas Zeus Venizelos
Position: Care of Magical Creatues Professor
Qualifications & Previous Education: Durmstrang Graduate, Experince with animals
Activity: I truly believe that you see my face every day Razz

Roleplay Example:

Hogwarts. A school Odysseas hadn't had the chance to visit. Not even once in his life. Therefore, it was natural for the man to be intrigued. Before he had decided to apply for a job here, Odysseas had thought about his decision one too many times, and each time he ended up with the same result. He wanted to go there, even though working as a Profession had never been his dream. Nonetheless, it was a good opportunity, and a smart man would seize every opportunity and make the most out of it.

A letter was sent to the Headmistress during the summer, and after a few weeks of waiting, Odysseas received a reply, informing him that the school board had been glad to receive his letter, and even more glad to accept him as one of the Staff. And this was how Odysseas found himself out on the school Grounds that morning, awaiting for his students to arrive. If anyone asked him whether he was nervous, the man would have denied it. But anyone who knew him well would be able to see that Odysseas was --slightly-- on edge. It was, after all, the first time he would teach.

Students began to arrive, and Odysseas hid his smile behind a cough. No one had to know that he was actually eager about this lesson. More and more students started appearing, some greeting him with a 'Good Morning', others with a simple nod, but it seemed that no one was rude enough to ignore him. Or maybe he emmited such power that the children were unable to ignore him. Sometimes, the best way to earn respect, was to cause fear. Because no one disrespected someone they were afraid of.

Looking up towards the school, Odysseas noted that no other students seemed to be coming down, which meant that his lesson could start. And now it begins, he thought.
"Good morning! My name is Odysseas Venizelos and I will be teaching Care of Magical Creatures for this year." A smile touched the man's features as he took in the faces of the students. Some surprised, others... not so much. "I truly have no idea how this lesson was taught the previous years, but I assure you, this will be a one of a time experience. At least, I will try to make it one."

Clearing his throat, Odysseas looked around the class, thinking of how he should approach the subject. Should he show them the creature he had brought with him, or should he make an introduction first?

"Can someone tell me what the subject I will be teaching you offers you?" The wizard asked, curious to see what reactions his question would get. A few girls, mabe Second or Third Years, looked quite confused, but thankfully, a Slytherin male raised his hand. A nod from Odysseas gave the boy permission to speak. "We will learn things about various creatures, like how to feed, maintain, breed, and properly treat them."

"Your name?"

"Bolton, Sir."

"Ten Points to Slytherin for a very accurate answer, Mister Bolton." Odysseas announced proudly. It seemed like some people truly cared about this subject.

"Now, I know that some of you would have preferred to see a Unicorn today. Or, maybe even a Hippogriff..." The wizard trailed off, smirking as he saw the hope in the children's eyes. They truly wanted one of the two, it seemed. "Sadly, for you, I have brought neither of the above." Whines echoed amongst the students, and Odysseas raised his hand to quiet them down. He wouldn't tolerate chaos during his lessons.

"However, that does not mean I haven't brought something for you..." Odysseas spoke, a sly smile on his lips. Oh, what he had planned for today might not be a Unicorn, but it was definitely worth it! Using two of his fingers to whistle loudly, Odysseas turned away from the confused faces, and towards the Grounds, waiting for his little friend to appear. He was positive none of his students would expect what he had brought them today.

Not a moment later, a puppy came running towards them. Upon reaching Odysseas, the hound jumped into the wizard's arms, wanting to be petted. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my good friend Rhea." The Professor scratched the dog's head, then carefully placed it down, before turning back to the class.

"Is that a Jack Russell Terrier, Sir?" A girl asked. Odysseas expected such a question, and it was justified, since the creature indeed, looked like a Jack Russell Terrier. That didn't mean it was, though. "No, it's not. Does anyone, by any chance, know what Rhea is?" Odysseas asked, waiting to see whether someone would know. A moment passed, two, and no hand was raised, signaling that none of his students had an idea what his little friend was.

"Rhea is a Crup. It strongly resembles a Jack Russell Terrier, except that a Crup has a forked tail. Crups are wizard-bred dogs. Which means anyone of you could own one. Crup owners are required by British wizarding law to remove the forked tail of the animal when it was six to eight weeks old, using a painless Severing Charm, in case they were noticed by Muggles. A licence from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures also has to be obtained, and the owner has to pass a test to show that they were able to control the animal in Muggle-inhabited areas."

"But sir, Rhea still has her tail."

A smirk touched the man's lips, as he turned to the Ravenclaw male that had made the observation. "Indeed. Because I am not British. I do, however, have a licence, and I have also passed the required test. Though, I make sure Rhea doesn't come in contact with Muggles."

"Now, I promise to allow you to play with her, for a few minutes, once the lesson is done. Until then, we have a lot more to discuss. Welcome to 'How to take care of a Crup 101'."
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PostSubject: Re: CoMC Professor Application   Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:52 pm

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CoMC Professor Application
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