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 Here We Go Again (Hogwarts Students & Staff Train to Hogwarts -- Sep 2024)

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PostSubject: Re: Here We Go Again (Hogwarts Students & Staff Train to Hogwarts -- Sep 2024)   Tue May 15, 2018 2:32 am

Here she stood: Platform 9 & 3/4. Finally. The day had come. She took a deep breath as she looked upon the Hogwarts Express. Tonight she would be sleeping in Hogwarts. "I don't want to hear you are causing trouble with your new wand, alright, little miss?" She heard her father say from behind her. Jade held it in front of her eyes, looking at it closely, just like she had done when they bought the wand only a few hours ago from Ollivanders. She still could hardly believe it: her own wand. "You know me! I don't cause any unnecessary trouble." she answered him as she turned around. He held the cage which contained Jade's black cat. Her luggage was already inside the train. "I guess I'll be going then." She walked up to him and gave him one last hug, before taking the cage. She already said good bye to her mother before she and her father went through the wall that leads to the concealed platform. Her mother couldn't follow them, because she was an Auror and had to make sure none of the Muggles would see anything unusual at the station. "Well, see you, dad." She waved back at her father as she boarded the train.

The first thing Jade did after the train had started moving, was to change into the school's uniform. Wearing it felt great to her. It was like her life would really start now. All she wanted now was a quiet compartment for herself. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't find any. So, she just looked for one with only one quiet looking person inside. She quickly found a compartment that suited her. There was only one girl inside, reading a book. She must have been about Jade's age. Jade then opened the door, and without saying a word she sat down. Ignoring the surprised look of the girl was easy. So was pretending she wasn't there at all. After a few silent moments, the girl, of course, had to open her mouth. "Excuse me? You could have at least--" "Yes, I could have asked. I didn't. Now, be quiet and let me enjoy this train ride." The girl quickly went back to reading, probably baffled. Jade had hoped she might leave after this but the girl didn't, which was also fine. Only a minor nuisance. And so, Jade spent the whole train ride either looking outside the window or reading one of her books.
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Dimitri Moreau
Ravenclaw Sixth Year
Ravenclaw Sixth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Here We Go Again (Hogwarts Students & Staff Train to Hogwarts -- Sep 2024)   Wed May 16, 2018 10:54 pm

Dimitri's lips pulled upwards in to a small smile as Nerisei explained how she had come through so much in the past year. Becoming a prefect was an apt reward for the witch after overcoming so much, and her O.W.L. results had shown how competent a witch she was. The older Ravenclaw knew this, of course, but he couldn't help but feel like Nerisei's accomplishment was only making him look worse after his failure in the previous year.

Dimitri pulled his lower lip between his teeth, the sweetness of Nerisei's chapstick sticking there for a moment, but then leaving a moment later from the small kiss she'd placed upon his lips. "I'm proud of you, Nerisei, so, so proud of you." He told her softly, because even if he was vastly, vastly jealous of the witch sat before him, he couldn't deny that he was also proud of the achievement she'd made too. A tough place for him to be in in that moment, but he knew, with time, he would get over the mixture of feelings he had in that moment.

"Dimitri? Is something bothering you?"

The wizard shook his head at the question, taking her hand in his own and giving it a small squeeze. "I'm fine, just... a lot happened over the summer. It's not important, though." Dimitri explained, pushing the thoughts away because it was not fair on Nerisei to fall pray to his feelings.

Reaching up, Dimitri placed a kiss to Nerisei's forehead, showing that his answer was not going to be moved from in that moment.

And, for the rest of the train journey, neither one of them spoke about the possibility of something bothering him. They ate when the trolley came round -- Dimitri insisted on celebrating her promotion to prefect with a whole host of sweets, and the two of them shared stories of their summer together. They took pictures together on the way, and shared soft kisses infrequently, but neither one of them looked to the problem building in Dimitri's head, because he refused to open up on the topic.

No, Dimitri would play it off as nothing for the rest of the train journey, not wishing to dampen Nerisei's mood for the new year.



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Lilith Westlocke
Gryffindor Second Year
Gryffindor Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: Here We Go Again (Hogwarts Students & Staff Train to Hogwarts -- Sep 2024)   Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:30 pm

The Hogwarts Express did its trademark tut-tut and Lilith knew she arrived just on time. She pushed through the crowds of chatting friends and confused first years while pulling her heavy trunk behind her.

She hoped on a train and went on to find an empty compartment. Hopefully, the train wasn't too packed this year so Lilith could have the luxury of sitting alone. Her prayers were answered as she plopped down on the cushioned seat after shutting the compartment's door behind her and closing the blinds. That should keep the rift-raft out.

Lilith allowed herself to relax into her seat. Her legs ached from running. Her mother agreed to take her, but Lilith had other plans. Early this morning she hopped onto the Night Bus, which took her to King's Cross Station. She planned it accordingly, but still almost didn't make it. It must just be her family's luck.

A loud meow startled Lilith and she remembered the cat cage sitting upon her trunk. She opened it and a fluffy black-haired cat with green eyes walked out and surveyed the room before mewing at her angrily.

"Oh calm down, you rat," Lilith picked up the cat to soothe it. "You were only in there for a few hours. You're lucky I'm letting you out at all."

The cat meowed distastefully.


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PostSubject: Re: Here We Go Again (Hogwarts Students & Staff Train to Hogwarts -- Sep 2024)   

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Here We Go Again (Hogwarts Students & Staff Train to Hogwarts -- Sep 2024)
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