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 Care of Magical Creatures - Lesson One (All Years)

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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures - Lesson One (All Years)   Mon May 28, 2018 3:29 pm

When Odysseas posed the question about the Crups, he hadn't expected his class to know much. Of course, some student would have heard a thing or two about them, but Crups, even though they weren't that rare to find, were not the most common pet to have nowadays. To his surprise, though, not just one, but multiple students had something to say about the little creatures standing next to him.

Firstly, there was the Slytherin girl, who's name Odysseas did not know. The wizard was still fairly new to the castle and the whole concept of teaching, it was far too early for him to keep track of all the names. Her answer was good, yet there were so many things she could have added to it. Nonetheless, Odysseas believed that a few points should be awarded. "Well done, Miss. Five points to Slytherin!"

Then, another answer followed, coming from none other than the Clement heiress herself. Elenore Clement had been kind enough to give him a tour of the Castle, but even if that hadn't been the case, Odysseas would already have known her name, due to the fact that she was, or better, he once were part of the elites, just like her. But her family had taken over his country, diminishing the power his family once had. But they had not taken everything.

Her answer was far more informative, covering most of the aspects Odysseas wanted to hear, therefore, deserving a fair amount of points from his behalf. "A very well structured answer, Miss Clement. Ten points to Hufflepuff." Odysseas said, his eyes scanning the class once, before moving on. Though, before the man was able to speak another word, the voice of a young one interrupted him.

The wizard turned to the young girl, frowning slightly. That was definitely not what Odysseas was asking about, proving that the child hadn't truly grasped the concept of his question. "I suppose they could." The man answered, not awarding any points, since he didn't see it fit.

"Now, most of you, I am sure, would like to be allowed to pet Elina, but sadly, this is not the case for today." As a few groans erupted, Odysseas waved his hand, dismissing them. He would not tolerate this behavior in his class. "Quiet, please. The reason why I am not allowing you to come any closer is fairly simple. Like every other creature, a female would not take it well, if a stranger suddenly approached... her children."

Moving aside, Odysseas allowed the students to see behind a bush, where two little puppies were cuddled up, sleeping. "This is my surprise for your first lesson." Odysseas said with a big smile, allowing his students to take a good look at the pups, from a safe distance of course.
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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures - Lesson One (All Years)   Mon May 28, 2018 6:00 pm

Elena was happy she got five more points for her house, it just meant a step in the right direction if you asked her. Slytherin would get points and hopefully Slytherin won when it came to the house cup. Even if they didn't win, she would still be proud of herself for at least helping out her fellow Slytherins, its what she was good at. Helping those around her, more importantly her house trying to win when it came down to it. When the professor stepped out of the way to show the puppies, Elena awed. They were so cute and she so wanted to pet one but she wasn't going to get attacked just trying to be friendly. She admired them from afar and they were so precious. All creatures were, more importantly when you gain their trust, then you have a friend for the rest of their life and yours.
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Elenore Clement

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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures - Lesson One (All Years)   Tue May 29, 2018 8:07 pm

Elenore couldn't help but smile when she was awarded ten points for her answer -- an answer that had gained more points than that of the Slytherin witch who had spoken before her. Of course, the smile was not triumphant, such a smile would be saved for a private moment because that was simply not done.

The smile almost grew to be triumphant, though, as Mimosa's answer -- terrible as was to be expected -- brought forth no points. Not even for the effort of giving an answer. No, Elenore Clement had to will away the feeling of triumph in her body as Mimosa failed to gain even one point for Slytherin. Perhaps the professor wasn't going to be such a bad replacement, if he didn't take kindly to the 'cuteness' everyone else saw in the younger witch?

Whatever his reasons, though, it had put Elenore in a better mood that day.

Until, of course, they were told that they were not allowed to pet the Crup. Where many in the class would groan with the displeasure of not being able to pet the Crups, Elenore looked curiously to the professor in that moment, wondering why he would bring a Crup if they could not pet it. That was... well, in a class full of girls, possibly a very big mistake seeing as they were all dying to do so.

But the explanation as to why was both satisfactory, and touching. As Elenore moved forth just enough to see the pups and not disturb the mother, she could feel her heart softening at the sight of the animals. A firm resolve built inside the witch for when she was home at the Palace once more, she would ask her Papa for a Crup, and... she wouldn't allow no to be his answer.

"They're so small..." Elenore mentioned, her eyes lifting to the professor with the silent question of 'is that normal?' Books could only give you estimates of 'normal' but she was sure that a man in such a teaching position would be able to tell them with more accuracy than a book ever could. "How old are they?"


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Mimosa Harrington
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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures - Lesson One (All Years)   Thu May 31, 2018 3:20 am

Pleased with her answer, Mimosa stepped back, ready to take on whatever the lesson bought. And when the professor spoke, confirming that they could be taught tricks, the young Slytherin began to imagine the kind of tricks she would teach the crup. It would be the bestest Crup in the world, just like she was the bestest witch in the world.

But what truly made the girl beam while everyone else was groaning about not being allowed closer was the look on Elenore's face. The Hufflepuff may not be talking to Mimosa... But she was smiling. Elenore was smiling at her, proud of her answer and that was all that mattered. A bubble of happiness bounced up and down inside the child, something she hadn't felt from Elenore in a long time.

Mimosa almost wasn't interested in the puppies... almost. But she leaned closer to look anyway. they were tiny and cute... and they looked sleepy. mimosa didn't blame them, she would sleep in class too if she could, though maybe not this class.

As people around her asked questions, Mimosa simply looked on, a half baked plan hatching in her mind. Surely the new professor wasn't serious about the mother minding other people near her babies. Mothers loved showing off their babies, Mimosa knew. Maybe he was new to teaching, she figured. He probably didn't know that mother's liked giving their babies to other people to hold.

Yes... her plan would have to wait a bit but it was definitely possible. And... It would make Elenore smile at her again.


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Sasha Denver
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Hogwarts Head Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures - Lesson One (All Years)   Thu May 31, 2018 9:36 am

Sasha had decided to stay quiet the rest of the lesson too there. Mostly because she didn't have anything else to add t what other said or asked really. She was someone who didn't know much about Crups really. She has never had one herself before.

She did look at the mother and then puppies. The puppies were cute for sure and this was something that made the girl a smile a bit. Then again she kind of does like puppies and kittens. She has herself one kitten now.

Anyways she did understand that it wasn't a good idea to approach to puppies awhile mother was around. It could end badly for you. Seems like Crups mother isn't a very understandable person. Then again every creature is different. It's something that Sasha has learned ver years.

That smile what she did fade away soon enough too. She wasn't really somene who wished to b always very happy right now.


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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures - Lesson One (All Years)   Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:58 pm

As soon as the puppies were revealed to the Students, Odysseas knew that he had lost the fight. Girls, no matter their age, would remain girls, which meant that the moment their eyes landed on something as little and precious as a pair of crup puppies, the game was over.

Elina, being a good mum, moved closer to her babies and laid down next to them, allowing them to feed. Odysseas' attention was brought away from the little Crups and back to the Clement girl, who was asking him about the small creatures. The man gave her a small smile, appreciating the interest she was showing to his lesson, and the creature he had brought here today. It seemed like he had, at least, one student that enjoyed his teaching so far. "They are a couple weeks old, so it is quite natural for them to be small. However, Elina is kind of smaller than most of the Crups you will see, so her children would, naturally, take after their mother."

Once Odysseas was done answering, he turned back to the class and cleared his throat, quite loudly, making sure than he had the attention of every student. "Since it is our first lesson, I won't have you write an essay about the Crups. After all, we did share a lot of information today, didn't we? However, that will not be the case next time, so please, do prepare yourselves for some research. Miss Clement, I would like to have a word with you in my office after class. The rest of you, are free to go."

With that, the Professor turned away from his students, crouching next to the little creature and petting it on the head. His first lesson was officially over.



Elenore Clement = 10 points for attendance + 10 points for answer = 20 points.
Sasha Denver = 10 points for attendance.

Dominique Greene = 10 points for attendance.
Elena Bliss = 10 points for attendance + 5 points for answer + 15 points.
Mimosa Harrington = 10 points for attendance.


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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures - Lesson One (All Years)   

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Care of Magical Creatures - Lesson One (All Years)
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