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 Scarlett Jorde (WIP)

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Scarlett Jorde


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PostSubject: Scarlett Jorde (WIP)   Thu May 03, 2018 1:04 am

Full Name: Scarlett Rae Jorde
Age: 30
Date of birth: July 22, 1994
Birthplace: America
Current home: Mexico
Blood Status: Pureblood
Sexual Alignment: Straight
Wand type: 12, cherry oak, dragon heartstring

Hair colour and style: Dark brown, straight or curly, whenever she is in the mood for either
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5,6
Body type: Slim but has some muscle to kick some ass (aka Jake Razz)
Dress sense: whatever she feels like, mostly dark to go with her soul
Birthmarks: none
Tattoos: small tattoos on her hip of her kids name
Scars: none
Piercings: ears and nose

Likes: (3 minimum)
  - if you would have asked her this when she was in Salem she would have said herself, but now she not only likes herself but her kids was well.
  - Snakes because they're venom and so is she
  - fire because just like her she is dangerous and loves to watch people burn for what they've done
  - Her one friend Azalea, no matter how cruel she was in Salem and now, Aza has always been there for her and she could never repay her for that.
  - her power, she was born with the ability to take away the five senses (sight, hear, touch, smell, taste) just like her mother. She uses her powers against those she doesn't like (mostly everyone)

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
  - Jake Newbury because he is an ass and deserves to burn Wink
  - Rats, the animal and the people. She hates people who rat on others because why tell a secret when you're going to get burned? The animal rats, they're just nasty and need to die.
  - People, she has never been a fan of others because she hates playing nice. She has one night stands and purposely never sees them again.
  - Men and females because they're all no good, just like other females who are a disgrace to the gender.

Strengths: (3 minimum)
  - her children, mess with them and you will never be seen again. And that's a huge promise from Scarlett
  - her looks, well she doesn't have kids for nothing people. Guys do find her attractive every now and then.
  - her power because.... well it does come in handy
  - she will never admit it but she did like school, but hated everyone in it.

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
  -her family. She would never know what to do if she ever lost her kids. They're all she has left and she will go through hell to make sure they're safe.
  - People, she just hates everyone, she is naturally bitter and proud of it.
  - Herself, she may be cold hearted but her weakness has always been family and that is something she will never like about herself.

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
  - cold hearted
  - natural bitch
  - a god damn good mother

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
  - a nerd when she wants to be
  - loving when it comes to her children, which is why she does it in private
  - clumsy, if someone sees her trip she will play that shit off like nothing happened

Scarlett will never admit this but she was never really loved as a child. Her mother was the apple of her father's eye and so was Scarlett, when she was in her mother's womb. When she was born her mother died and her father got stuck raising her all on his own. He always resented Scarlett because of the fact she technically killed her mother, but he hated her even more when she got her mother's ability to take away the five senses. When she went to Salem he was excited she was gone even though she was coming back that summer. Scarlett was always cold hearted because her father led by example.

When she got to Salem she never made friends and never wanted to. When she got older she met Azalea Harrington and no matter how much she wanted to hate her, Azalea found a way to be her first real friend. Family actually. It got to the point where she was protective of Azalea even from the Salem school heartbreaker Jake Newbury. Scarlett never liked him and she still doesn't now.

When out of school Scarlett got pregnant from a one night stand. She doesn't know who he was but she doesn't care because he gave her, her son. At first Scarlett didn't want him but then she gave birth and couldn't imagine herself without him. Her father had a reason to disown her, but that didn't stop Scarlett from getting revenge and taking all the money her family owned along with the houses and making her father homeless. She never felt more powerful then she was when she finally got her revenge.

A few years later while owning a shop and being a single mother, she slept with Artemis Capulet and ended up being pregnant. When she told him he wanted to be there for her but she of course never wanted him to be there for her. So when she got closer to her due date she left only to have Azalea follow her and beg her to give Artemis the child. So she demanded all his money for the baby. When she gave birth and heard that cry of her baby, she only got to hold her daughter for a minute before Azalea took her and went to Europe to give the baby to Artemis. She reared up but after five minutes of Azalea leaving she screamed because she felt labor once more. She had given birth to twins and when she held her other daughter she smirked because not only did Azalea leave her with nothing but cash and took her daughter, she never knew about the other child she gave birth to that day. When she was nice and healed she took her kids to Mexico and laid low for the day she would come back for her other child. And no one would know what hit them.

   Name: Rae Jorde
   Age: 38
   Living or Deceased: deceased
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: dead

   Name: Gary Jorde
   Age: N/A
   Living or Deceased: Don't know
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: homeless

   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

   Name: Adam Ross Jorde
   Age: 13
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Doesn't know
   Occupation: Student

   Name: Lilac Rhea Capulet
   Age: 9
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Daughter

   Name: Charlie Rain Jorde
   Age: 9
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Daughter

   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

[Please write at least one paragraph on your character's family history. This can include details about how their parents met, their views on the world, their money status, and any other things you find necessary. In situations where characters are orphans, you can write how this came about, be it death of parents or whatever other reasons. Keep in mind that this is to shape your character more, since family has a huge impact on who one is.]
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Scarlett Jorde (WIP)
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