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 DADA: Lesson One -- Years 1 - 4

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Elena Bliss
Slytherin Fourth Year
Slytherin Fourth Year

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PostSubject: Re: DADA: Lesson One -- Years 1 - 4   Thu May 24, 2018 8:48 pm

Elena didn't care, she got points for her house and that was good enough for her. She wanted to win the house cup like a lot of the other Slytherins wanted as well. It was hard now adays because not a lot of Slytherins liked to try, but there were the lucky few who did want points towards their house and that was good for Elena. The blonde grabbed her wand and before she could get ready the pixies were released. She ducked when one came straight for her and hit into the wall behind her. Elena knew these creatures loved their tricks and to mess with someone, but it was still annoying because they liked to play WAY too much.

Elena didn't realize she dropped her wand until she saw a pixie flying with it. Elena groaned and chased after it. It was playing catch with another one when she managed to catch it and pointed her wand at the two pixies who thought it was hysterical to play monkey in the middle.... Or in her case Witch in the middle. She was starting to dislike these creatures. "Immobulus" At that moment the two pixies just froze and were floating. She turned around and seen the others with the other students.


Thanks Eve!!!
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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Second Year
Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: DADA: Lesson One -- Years 1 - 4   Thu May 31, 2018 3:06 am

While the little witch may have been on unsure footing when it came to answering questions abotu the pixies, she was a lot more confident when Jake announced they would actually be dealing with some in person. After all, how naughty could pretty pixies be? And most creatures loved her, she was sure they would be eating out of her hand in no time.

Except perhaps the pixies Jake had found were... defective in some way. When he released them, they flew to every corner of the room instead of heading for her and flying in pretty circles around her head. These little things found... other things more interesting than Mimosa which was just plain silly. The American witch watched as a couple dove for Elena's wand and started playing with it. No that would not do at all.

"Mercy, throw a book at them," the girl instructed, getting ready to do the same. Finally, a good reason to bring books to class. On the count of three, both witches threw their textbooks, knocking over the pixies playing with Elena's wand, each girl targeting one. The result, both pixies were knocked to the side and the witch's wand was released, landing safely back in her hands. Elena made quick work of concussed creatures, freezing them in place.

However, this act of teamwork and take down had finally caght the attention of the rest o the pixies.

"Uh uh," Mimosa murmured as half a dozen light blue creatures turned to her and Mercy, their eyes narrowed at the young witches who had taken their comrades out. "This would be a really good time for you to say you know a spell that can stop them," Mimosa encouraged, looking at her best friend with scared blue eyes.

The horde of pixies moved as one, hurtling towards the girls, vengeance written all over their electric blue faces.

This was now war.


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Mercy Williams
Gryffindor Third Year
Gryffindor Third Year

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PostSubject: Re: DADA: Lesson One -- Years 1 - 4   Thu May 31, 2018 4:19 am

When the pixies were released, Mercy thought she was ready. They were just supposed to be a little mischievous and annoying, they couldn't be that hard to take out, right? She'd never seen a Cornish pixie before, but she knew pixies were supposed to be pretty small, which meant she should be able to overpower them easily.

She'd underestimated how many of them there were. As Jake opened the cage and the pixies swarmed out, Mercy gripped her wand tightly, her eyes darting around as she tried to keep track of all of them. It was impossible.

She heard Mimosa speak up from beside her, and quickly complied with the younger girl's order, snatching her textbook from her bag and flinging it with perfect accuracy at one of the iridescent blue pests, clobbering it over the head and knocking it to the ground.

"Score!" she cheered. Then her eyes widened as a hoard of pixies seemed to pause, then turn in their direction. She glanced at Mimosa.

"Uhh..." She thought quickly. One look at her best friend's frightened face steeled her resolve, the urge to protect Mimosa driving her into action.

"Petrificus totalus!" she shouted with a slash of her wand, and the nearest pixie froze and dropped from the air with a small thud. Good, but not good enough. There were too many of them to target them individually. As the angry swarm flew towards them, Mercy decided thinking wasn't getting her anywhere, so she stopped and trusted instincts.

Grabbing Mimosa's hand, she ducked and ran, pulling them both into the shelter of a corner. Now they didn't have to worry about being surrounded, and could focus just on what was in front of them. She racked her brain for any spells that they'd learned last year that might help, and finally settled on one, just as the first wave reached them.

"Depulso!" she cried, flinging her wand out in a wide, sweeping motion, and stepping reflexively in front of Mimosa. A blast of energy surged outward, and the first wave of pixies tumbled backwards through the air.


Mercy Williams || 13 || Gryffindor || Werewolf
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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Second Year
Slytherin Second Year

Posts : 908
Birthday : 2013-08-13
Join date : 2017-07-22

PostSubject: Re: DADA: Lesson One -- Years 1 - 4   Thu May 31, 2018 5:01 am

The young witch knew Mercy would come through. And as the Gryffindor Chaser froze a pixie in place, Mimosa wanted to cheer but knew there was no time. Dashing with the older witch into a corner, she let Mercy stand in front of her. Mercy was good with the fighting part, Mimosa in turn had to think.

As Mercy sent what looked like a really powerful spell at the little critters, Mimosa tried to formulate a plan. They were in a coner so at least they were protected from one side. But now the pixies had a personal vendetta against them. Mercy's spell was powerful enough to push them back but not hurt them in any way so at best, she could only keep them off for a few minutes.


"Mercy, keep them busy, I have an idea." With that, the young Slytherin began her creeping, moving slowly from behind Mercy and making sure her back remained pressed tot eh wall at all times. It was only a short distance away but.... she had to be careful something didn't come up behind her and tug her hair. A glance at Mercy showed hat more of the annoying creatures had joined in, trying to ambush her find and Mimosa gritted her teeth.

No one got near her Mercy!

The witch slid a few more inches along the wall until she reached what she needed. The silvery cage Jake had opened and then put down on the floor. Reaching out, the witch picked up the large enclosure, almost comically large in her small arms but still manageable, and then ran across the room to the other side, directly opposite to Mercy. The pixies were now being pushed towards where she stood.

With the open cage.

"Mercy, aim them in here," she yelled out, holding the cage high over her head. The pixies wouldn't willingly come near a cage, they knew that much so Mimosa was protected for the time being. Now if Mercy started pushing them into the steel prison... the girls could actually help clean up.

Above her head, Mimosa heard a loud thunk, signifying Mercy had done her job and at least one stupid pixie was in the cage. The magic in it would ensure the captured pest did not escape.


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Jake Newbury
Head of Gryffindor
Head of Gryffindor

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PostSubject: Re: DADA: Lesson One -- Years 1 - 4   Sun Jun 03, 2018 3:23 pm

Jake watched the progress of the class with an amused smile, each time a pixie came towards him, he repelled the creature away and back towards the students. Mercy and Mimosa were the most amusing, though, and the Head of Gryffindor watched them both with a fond smile. Their teamwork was inspiring, and Jake definitely was glad to see such things from the girls.

Twenty minutes later, Mercy and Mimosa had herded all of the pixies back in to the cage, and Jake couldn't help but be impressed. The teamwork, together with their spellwork had brought the pixies back to order.

"Well done everyone!" Jake told them, levitating the cage from Mimosa's grip back to his desk. A quick count showed all the creatures to be back in the cage, and none were unaccounted for -- thank Merlin.

"You will notice today's lesson was not necessarily about your magical capabilities, but instead working on ensuring your own, and others' safety. You've all done really well -- Elena, well done with the use of the Freezing Charm -- and successfully caught the pixies back in their cage. I hope you've learned something today, but I will direct you towards your textbooks for homework. You don't have to hand anything in, and if you don't complete the work, you'll only be affecting your own learning. Look over the Freezing Charm, and look over Cornish Pixies. Make notes, posters, whatever helps you to learn. You may face them in your end of year exams.

"But, for now, you're dismissed, and I'll see you next week for our next lesson!"

With that, Jake motioned the children from the room with a smile.

Class now closed.

House Points:
Mercy Williams = 10 points for attendance + 10 points for participation = 20 points.
Elena Bliss = 10 points for attendance + 2 points for answer + 5 for participation = 17 points.
Jade Blackwood = 10 points for attendance
Mimosa Harrington = 10 points for attendance + 5 points for answer + 15 points for participation = 30 points.

Gryffindor: 20
Hufflepuff: 0
Raveclaw: 0
Slytherin: 57


~ Auror ~ Profile ~ DADA Professor ~
~ Physically Fit ~ 32 ~ Father ~ 6' ~ American Accent ~

Thanks to the amazing Jess for my signature! <3
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PostSubject: Re: DADA: Lesson One -- Years 1 - 4   

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DADA: Lesson One -- Years 1 - 4
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