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 Ellie Tess Brennham

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PostSubject: Ellie Tess Brennham   Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:40 am


Full Name: Gabrielle “Ellie” Tess Brennham
Age: 11
Date of birth: May 21, 2004
Birthplace: St. Mungo’s
Current home: Brennham Estate on holidays, Hogwarts when not on vacation
Blood Status: Pureblood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: Pine, unicorn hair, 9 and 3/4 inches.


Hair colour and style: Dark brown and wavy towards the end. She leaves it long most of the time.
Eye colour: Dark brown
Height: Shorter than her brothers, which she hates, at 5"4
Body type: Not overly fit like her brothers but not thin and sticky, either.
Dress sense: ((All depends upon which sort of mood she’s in))
Top(s): Short sleeve shirts, tank tops, denim jackets, leather jackets, collared shirts, colorful cardigans
Bottom(s): Black jeans, black and red plaid jeans, pencil skirts,
Dress(es): Sometimes
Shoe(s): Boots, flats, sandals
Accessories(s): Earrings that are small crystal balls that can see into the future, moodstone earrings, other sort of hipster jewellery because to her it’s “retro” and “cute”

Tattoos: Not yet, but later in life, she will get one of a dragon (for Phil) flying around a book (for Caelan) and a broom crossed over a potions bottle (for her parents), all in a purple heart (for Taela, as it’s her favourite colour). It will be located at her left shoulder bone.
- Healed cuts on her back from when she got caught in some thickets during a scavenger hunt on the Brennham’s estate
- A small scar on her collar bone from when she dislocated it and had to get it mended
- The remains of the stitches she received on her right upper thigh from when she swam too deep and got attacked by mercreatures
Piercings: In her ears, later in life a belly button tattoo and a few more around the shell of her ear


- Sour Patch Kids (American candy from her mother)
- Gummy Candies
- Exotic flowers
- Reading
- Her brothers
- Spending time with her family
- Her mother’s work
- Quidditch
- Flying
- Competition
- Muggle movies

- Being told what to do if she doesn’t agree with it
- Irritating people
- Cowards
- Any other team than her father’s (in Quidditch)
- Being seen as anything but proper by adults she likes; with people her age she doesn’t mind letting loose
- Thunderstorms
- Rude strangers
- Bullies
- Chocolate
- Homework

- Strategizing
- Persuasiveness
- Making fun out of nothing
- Speaking her mind
- Flying
- Taking notes
- Adapting to her surroundings
- Doing things alone and being solitary; she does not need a group to do work well

- Working in a group; the diversity of people can sometimes throw her off especially if they don’t work the way she does
- Being completely open about her feelings
- Work she doesn’t like (she can never bring herself to do this)
- Any chances at adventure (she jumps at these)
- Muggle technology; she can sort of use them but prefers not to, and as such doesn’t know how to use the internet, much to Phil’s utmost horror.

Positive traits:
- Independant
- Street smart
- Quick at picking up cues from other people
- Gauging the air of tension in a group, understanding people very well

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
- Can be too competitive sometimes
- Dislikes losing
- Flighty with her behavior because it’s based off her emotions
- Sort of lazy? Not really, but she choses to diversify where she puts her interests and spends her time


Ellie has been raised in a loving and tender family, although she is quite daring and outspoken, she knows when to hold her tongue more so than Phil does. She’s somewhat of the lone wolf of the family because unlike her eldest brother Caelan, who had Stephan Astrid to play with, and unlike her older brother Phillip, who had Corienna Astrid to also mess around with, she never had a partner around her age. Although they never excluded her, she grew up just a slight more independent than her siblings because she lacked a friend her age to converse with. She got along with other muggle kids, with other pureblood kids, and later in life she’d dote upon her younger sister Taela, however for the first six years she was able to grow her own sense of thinking and style.

She’s very smart, but only applies it where she sees fit, described as someone with “potential” because at the end of the day, and when it comes to crunch time she knows she’ll blow them away with the unleashing of her “potential” and skills.

She also grew up under the tutelage of one of her godmothers and her middle namesake, Tess. Auntie Tess was able to efficiently instill the makings of a perfect pureblood youth in her as well for public demeanor. Although she’d never admit it, sometimes her Aunt liked the jokes and pranks she saw being played. Her Aunt told her it was tolerable under the certain discreet circumstances. Behaving raucously without cause was unforgivable and in another pureblood family wouldn’t be accepted. Although Ellie tends to conform to this, she acts the way she pleases for the most part.

Her mood is a big factor of how she feels; if she starts the day out right, she’ll be as silent as she needs to be and as kind as she needs to be, and even tell a joke or two. On days when she is having a good day, she’s a joy to be around, and amusing with her fearless nature. She’s not afraid to pull of a prank or scam, even a simple joke. However, on days when she isn’t having a good day, or if something happens to spoil it, she can and will raise hell on everybody who irks her even in the slightest. Ellie is very good at snubbing those she doesn’t like and is not afraid to get all up in people’s faces if need be.

Despite her mood changes, the one thing Ellie always is, is simple. She is always daring. For example she has several stitch marks on her right upper thigh from swimming too deep. She stole some ingredients from her mother’s ingredient cabinet in her work place during a vacation that Cassie took the whole Brennham’s on to this Scottish Lake; Ellie ate the Gillyweed and after a few distressing moments of pain she was able to swim to the bottom before getting attacked by the mercreatures. It was sure luck that Caelan saw his nine-year-old triplet sister and told his dad. Devin proceeded to grab some gillyweed and save his daughter, only to lecture her later. Her only fears include flying through a thunderstorm and losing her family.

When she was 8, she went off into the forest at Aunt Brooke’s house (both families often got together for lunches and what not), and came back 2 hours later with a pheonix following behind her. She named it Tweety, and ever since then, it has been her constant companion, besides her owl. Nobody but herself knows what happened on that day, and it is the one secret that even her siblings do not know.


Mother: Name: Cassana Emalia Rose Brennham / Age: 37 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood
FACE CLAIM: Maggie Q as Cassana Brennham
Father: Name: Devin Marcus Brennham / Age: 39/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Pureblood
FACE CLAIM: Michael Fassbender as Devin Brennham
Siblings: Name: Caelan Daryl Brennham / Age: 11 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood
Siblings: Name: Phillip Jack Brennham / Age:11  / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood
Siblings: Name: Taela Brooke Brennham / Age: 6 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood, Metamorphmagus

Spouse: N/A
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Pets: Name: Tweety / Age: Unknown, but she has had him for 3 years/ Living or Deceased: Living/  Species: Phoenix

Family Background

As with most Pureblood relationships, Devin and Cassana were the result of an arrange marriage. Cassana's parents went behind her back to set her up with Devin, whom she knew from university, where they both were studying Potioneering. Unfortunately for Devin, he too had met Cassana before they were placed together by their parents, and it was hate at first sight for the both of them. Devin had grown up not believing in love whatsoever, and as such, falling in love with his wife of one year was a shocker for both parties involved.

Cassana’s feelings varied exponentially. She is a person who is very loving and caring about all she meets, but when it came to Devin she immediately hated him and was hesitant to start a friendship with him. Although their friendship was tarnished once they were engaged, and then married in a rush after her birthday her hatred didn’t just stem from their opposite personalities. It was a mixture of her parents’ manipulation and the heartbreak she was going through after breaking up with her second serious boyfriend and her only serious one besides Devin named Daniel Jameson. Following their engagement that evening she met with her boyfriend and broke it off, feeling sorrowful and full of despair. She spent the next day, her birthday, alone mourning her existence before marrying Devin for the first time.

They were married after realizing their feelings for each other in affirmation of their feelings, and Cassie has been desperately in love with her husband since and extremely happy with Devin and her four children with a successful career too.

Devin, realizing he had fallen in love with his wife, proposed a second time, finding out that she, too, had grown to love him. It was a moment that he would never forget, and it is his one weak spot. She was the one who encouraged him to pursue his true passion in life, and he quit studying to become a Seeker, much to the horror of his parents. He managed to convince them otherwise thanks to the courage his wife gave him. He worked his way from small teams to the International team for England, and has never once looked back.

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PostSubject: Re: Ellie Tess Brennham   Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:55 pm




"For the love I have gained, I've all the happiness the world can give."



"Laugh freely, love recklessly, and live happily."



"I have knowledge; I have power."



"I've naught but love and courage; both I express in words."



"I've controlled my fears and found myself fearless."



"I like pizza and chicken nuggets. My pigeon is cute."

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PostSubject: Re: Ellie Tess Brennham   Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:26 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ellie Tess Brennham   Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:47 am

AUGUST 30-AUGUST 31, 2017


"This is so cool." Phillip trilled as they piled into the car with their Aunt Bella, her namesake and their mother's sister. "I mean how often do we get to see our baby sister be born?"

"We did it eight years ago," Caelan commented as he slid into the front seat. He hadn't much sleep, Ellie noted as she gently ushered Taela into the car, there were circles under his eyes and he yawned at least once every twenty minutes. "With Taela." On cue, there was another yawn as he sunk himself comfortably into the front seat.

"Who took you guys to the hospital when I was born?" Taela asked curiously playing with the strands of her long dark hair. After seeing an image of their mother when she was younger looking quite similar, Taela took on the face and coloring of little Cassana Rose.

"Aunt Brooke," the triplets answered in unison. They all glanced at each other and shared a laugh.

"Oddest children I've ever met," Auntie Bella noted with an awed voice as she started to pull out of the driveway. The gates opened up of the Brennham estate and they started the hour drive towards St. Mungo's.

All their clothes and whatnot were already packed for Hogwarts; their father had requested it considering at any moment their mother was due to go into labor. Although the actual due date was September 4th, their father explained that it was possible to happen early. This talk prompted a much necessary questionnaire from Taela directed at their father. The triplets sat their with mirth in their eyes as their dad answered a bulk of awkward questions ("You already told me where babies come from; they come from mommies with big tummies who have been loved very dearly by daddies. I want to know how that happened" ... "What do you mean they touch? Like a hug? Daddy you're being very discreet and you swore to never be like that to me!" ... "I have the Internet you know!") That last one made them cry with laughter.

Which attracted their mother, and that led to her laughing...

And it led to her laughing so hard her water broke.

Immediately, Devin and Cassana left for the hospital while their Aunt Bella offered to drive them once they were done packing. Taela helped her pack, Caelan and Phil got it down to fifteen minutes, and before long they were loading themselves into the car.


Once they arrived, they were sighted with the image of their mother waving happily for like thirty seconds before wincing and grabbing at her large womb. The sight made Ellie gag. She would never want children, that was for damn sure. She settled into the chair and opened up her Arithmacy text book. Last year it was her worst class (she received an appalling P for Poor, and by the Gods was she ashamed! She had mostly other good grades by her standards at the least, since she was mostly too lazy to put in the work for the grades but rather smart ob her own), and this year with the bet that her and Phil made she had no intention to lose.

She glanced over at her brother and caught him and Taela playing chess, him scratching his head confusedly while Caelan rolled his eyes and gestured toward the appropriate place spot for him. Taela was smarter than her, Ellie thought with a small feeling of jealousy before dismissing it. Taela, although she was the baby of the family, loved reading and especially Norse mythology. Not to anyone's surprise she found the trickster god, Loki, most fascinating.

Hours passed and before long, she was sleeping on Caelan's shoulder as he wrote another lengthy letter. He was writing to a Miss Evelyn Kovak, she carefully catalogued this name away before letting sleep take her eyes over. It was already 3AM August 31st, Halloween, and Ellie was a night-owl, but she spent most of the day leading up to the main event playing Quidditch and working out with Phil. They had a crunches competition and although he won, she won the push-up one. As she fell asleep, she thought about how wonderful life was going to be with the new baby on the way. Even her name was beautiful...


Ellie could still remember the day they found out their mother was pregnant with Taela. Their father had been comatose for some while, they were five years old, and Aunt Brooke was watching them. It was fun to play around with Corienna and Stephen, but they missed their father's warm and gentle presence even if he was quiet most days. Now looking back at it, it was hard to imagine a life without Taela. Taela was a bubbly ray of sunshine, with mischief entangled in her very DNA; social and caring, but also observant and cunning. Ellie admired that her sister had such definable traits.

Now, when their mother announced her pregnancy, it was the morning of their father's discharge from the hospital. Their father was still in his bed, and their mother was sitting next to him looking fresh-faced and cheery. This was the mother they were familiar with. Although their mother could often get worn down by work, she was always quick to see the better side of life. That's how Ellie would always remember their mother; bright-smiles, laughs, and always always always loving. When they misbehaved, it was the harshest feeling to be admonished by their mother because she had this sad, disappointed look on her face each time.

The morning that their mother had news for them, she was smiling so hard they were afraid she would break her cheeks with the joy stretching across her face. Their father was also smiling, not as large, but it was sincere and rare. He had an arm around their mother's waist and was stroking the small patch of skin exposed from her tank-top.

"Momma and dadda have some wonderful news for you, come sit with us." She greeted them. She invited Aunt Brooke, Uncle Joe, Steph and Corie to come inside and surround the bed. Then followed some Quidditch friends of their dad's. Before long, their grandparents were also called in; the hospital room was quite large, but it was now brimming with people who loved them all.

"Devin and I are expecting another baby!" Their mother announced gleefully. Before long the room was alight with congratulations and shrieks of excitement for them. No matter the commotion, Ellie was able to see her parents. They were basking in the love and support of the people around them, their foreheads pressed together, lips curled into a smile, and their eyes closed.


"Guys," Aunt Bella said gently shaking Ellie awake, she quickly rose and saw Phil carrying a sleepy Taela rubbing at her eyes, and Caelan carrying all their travel bags. "It's time, they're letting people go see her."

For some reason, Ellie became very nervous and very aware of their position. They were about to meet their new baby sister for the first time. Certainly they'd spent plenty of time hanging around their mother, rubbing at her elongated stomach with content in their eyes. They were all excited to meet Katherina, the name chosen by the three of them. Caelan suggested Katie, Phil suggested Lorina, and she combined the two to make Katherina. Not to mention it was the name of the tempest beauty from Taming of the Shrew, their mother's second favorite Shakespeare play after a Winter's Tale. Ellie preferred Taming of the Shrew because of the different ways someone could interpret the end.

When they met Taela for the first time, they were by no means knowledgeable of what it meant besides they had a new playmate. They were only five after all. Now that they were older, the triplets were aware that this was probably their last sibling which was beautiful since they hadn't been expecting another one. They were also aware that it meant while they were away, their parents were getting 'busy'. That was a gross implication, but a true one nonetheless. Now as they entered the hospital room, any nervousness, excitement, or shyness left.

They were welcomed with the vision of their mother, sweaty and crying with a laughing smile on her face, with their father's forehead pressed to the temple of hers. He too was smiling. In her arms was the smallest, most precious person alive in that single moment. In their arms, they held Katherina Jaycie Brennham.

The baby Brennham, the last Brennham, the most precious, beautiful life in that sole moment.
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PostSubject: Re: Ellie Tess Brennham   

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Ellie Tess Brennham
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