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 Transfiguration Lesson 2 (Years 1-4)

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Grayson Hughes


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PostSubject: Transfiguration Lesson 2 (Years 1-4)   Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:45 am

Grayson felt like he was getting the hang of his new job. Perhaps he wasn't the best teacher in the world, but he was at least enjoying himself, especially with the younger years. They were much more enthusiastic than his older class, which made it feel more rewarding. He hoped as they got older, they wouldn't lose that spark. He'd come to care for his students over the last few months, and he felt personally invested in each of their futures.

Today was all about mastering theory. Turning a matchstick into a needle was the most basic transfiguration exercise in the book, and it had very little practical use, except that it enabled students to practise the motions without hurting anything. The concept of changing one object into another remained the same no matter what objects were involved, so starting small was the gateway to the entire branch of magic.

As the class got settled, Grayson greeted them briefly before jumping right in. They'd appreciate as much time as they could get. On each desk sat a single matchstick, and most of the students already had their wands out in preparation. He gestured for them to set their wands aside for now.

"Transfiguration," Grayson began, "is a mental challenge. The most important part of casting a transfiguration spell is to focus. You cannot afford to be distracted. Transfiguration is a process, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. With other branches of magic, ceasing to focus simply stops the spell. With transfiguration, stopping too early results in an incomplete transformation, which can be extremely dangerous, especially once you start working with animals. You must continue to concentrate until the entire process is complete. Close your eyes."

He waited for the class to do as he said. "I want you to focus only on your own breathing. Keep every other thought at bay. This is, essentially, meditation. Before you even touch the matchstick in front of you, I want you to think of nothing but the rhythm of your breath for an entire minute. If you can manage that, you're well on your way to achieving the level of focus necessary for this spell. When you've done it, look up at me."

(OoC: I am so sorry for the delay. I meant to have this up earlier, but I'm in the midst of finals at the moment and have been busier than expected with make up work :/)


Grayson Hughes || 35 || Librarian || Traveler

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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Second Year
Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: Transfiguration Lesson 2 (Years 1-4)   Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:59 pm

Seeing as Transfiguration had been extremely fun in the fall term, Mimosa had signed up for it once more in the winter session. Because Christmas was time for fun, and after what seemed like ages, she would be going home. Despite getting multiple invitations from the palace to be at their Christmas ball and new year greeting to the masses, Mimosa had chosen to go back to Carmel. It felt like she hadn't seen her actual home in ages, almost as if Grandpa and Clara were trying to keep her away.

But that was silly, no one would ever do that. And they had been perfectly happy when she'd stubbornly insisted on going to her own room for Christmas. Clara had quickly hung up and said she was off to make preparations and Mimosa knew why. She was the smartest witch ever after all, she knew Clara was getting her hundreds of thousands of presents and decorating the house all up the way Mimosa liked it. Even Hogwarts decorated itself near Christmas because it knew Mimosa liked the season so much.

"Hiya Mister Hughes," the child greeted brightly as she entered the classroom, for once not bothered with the crowd that constantly followed her everywhere. The source of her happiness though was not simply that she would be going home soon, it was also the absence of Squid Boy (who had gone home early to be with his dad) and Ji Hyun (who was out with the cold). Without the boys, everything was just really better in the young witch's opinion. "I'm going back home for the holidays, are you going home too?" she asked in way of greeting before taking her seat near the front. As always, Bushrah settled in beside Mimosa while Seema grudgingly took a seat to the Slytherin's other side.

When the tall wizard began to describe what they would be doing today, Mimosa found herself grinning. Close her eyes? She could totally do that. She did that all the time. She was so going to ace this class. And the next part about cleansing her mind couldn't be that hard either right?

When Professor Hughes had finished, Mimosa hurried to do as he said. The witch closed her eyes, and tried not to think of the matchstick in front of ehr. Though it was kind of hard because all she wanted to so was examine the matchstick more closely. It was a real live matchstick, Mimosa had never seen one before. All the cookers at her home ran on magic or electricity. In fact, the only reason the little witch knew this thing created fire was because she had seen it in one of Gaspard's history books.

And now she was thinking about Gaspard, and how much she missed him. With all that had been going on around ehr lately, she hadn't been able to go see him and it really bothered her. Though what bothered her even more was that he hadn't tried to see her. He couldn't have just forgotten she existed right?


And now she was angry at Gaspard, which wasn't really helping her clear her mind.

But at least she was doing great at the closing eyes portion of the lesson!


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Lilith Westlocke
Gryffindor Second Year
Gryffindor Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: Transfiguration Lesson 2 (Years 1-4)   Thu Jun 21, 2018 3:11 pm

Considering Lilith's inkling towards Transfiguration, it was only a matter of time before she found herself in the Transfiguration room.

Hogwarts has been as busy as her previous year, but Lilith was trying to make this one last. There were only seven years and at this point, the last thing Lilith wanted to do was leave. Maybe she could just flunk all her classes and get out of the whole "graduating" thing.

Despite her thoughts, that didn't mean she could skip out on her Transfiguration class. After almost falling off the staircase and having to jog to the door after waking up a few minutes too late, Lilith arrived at the door to the Transfiguration room and walked in swiftly.

The class was small. Lilith avoided eye contact with the other students and the professor before taking a seat at the back corner of the class. Lilith already knew she was smart, but the last thing she wanted was to be at the center attention of the class. She planned to sit back and just watch the lesson. Hopefully, she'll get out with only a few bruises to show for it.

The professor began to lecture about focus and endings that Lilith was already aware of. She was in her second year, she knew how to turn a dumb matchstick into a needle. Lilith tapped her foot under her desk and played with the edges of her Gryffindor robes.

When asked to close her eyes, Lilith instead, rolled them. Meditation? Really? She thought. There were much better ways to spend their time, but Lilith grudgingly closed her eyes and sat back in her seat with her arms crossed.

"I don't need a lesson on breathing," Lilith grumbled to herself inaudibly. Lilith let a strong breath out of her nose before she started to do the breathing.

Lilith's mind wandered. She wanted to do fun stuff like turn desks into pigs and a pig into a cat. There isn't any real use for a matchstick to a needle. Lilith reminded herself that it was her one of the first classes of the term. In the future, they will surely be learning more.

Then, Lilith thought about Quidditch. It's her second year, she could try out if she really wanted to. If she could really push herself into that kind of situation.

Lilith smirked to herself. She would destroy everyone on that pitch.

Feeling it has been around a minute, Lilith blinked open her eyes and looked up at the professor. She really hoped that they would be doing more than breathing as Lilith does that quite often already.


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PostSubject: Re: Transfiguration Lesson 2 (Years 1-4)   

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Transfiguration Lesson 2 (Years 1-4)
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