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 Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry (Nerisei)

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PostSubject: Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry (Nerisei)   Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:59 pm

The lecture from Anne had been... vastly uncomfortable. The blonde had the attitude that terrified Dimitri, to be honest. She was so comfortable in herself, her sexuality, and her known power over men that that kind of confidence made you feel... less of a man. Which was probably why Dimitri had inadvertently told the witch as to what had happened with Nerisei. Kind of, anyway.

The final offer of getting Nerisei down from their dorm had been one Dimitri had dismissed, before hurrying after Anne to ask her if she could get everyone else out. It had taken Dimitri a moment to realise what it sounded like, and quickly the Moreau heir had pointed out that he wasn't going up there for that reason, but because he didn't wish to force Nerisei out of her room if she was comfortable there.

After Anne had agreed, the two had left for the castle to a lot of wolf-whistles and crude comments that Dimitri had apologised to the blonde witch for as they moved off.

Half an hour later -- and a number of glares from the few girls Dimitri had uprooted from their dormitory, Anne came back down to denote Nerisei was now alone. That he should not mess this up, and that she would be texting Nerisei in an hour to make sure she was okay. Dimitri had thanked the witch softly before moving up the stairs to Nerisei's dorm. At the door, the boy had hesitated for a moment, raising his hand to the door and knocking very, very gently. A few moments passed, nothing came from the other side, so the boy pushed the door open.

"Neri...?" The Moreau heir called out softly, his eyes taking a few moments to find the witch on her bed, her back to the door, curled up in a ball. Dimitri swallowed softly as he moved inside the room, and shut the door behind him. Another moment, and the boy had not moved further in to the room, trying to work out where to start. He stopped, though, and took a moment longer before he moved to sit on the other side of the bed, at the bottom so that he wasn't invading her space.

"You know... I messed up last night..." He told her softly, not knowing where to go from that point because he didn't do talking about feelings. But... what he'd said was an admittance that he'd done something wrong... that was a good place to start, now, wasn't it?

He would wait, only for a little while, to see if Nerisei would reply.

If she didn't, he would have to try again.
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Nerisei Gerber
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Ravenclaw Prefect

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PostSubject: Re: Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry (Nerisei)   Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:19 am

Almost twenty four hours had passed, since the incident in the Prefects' Bathroom, and Nerisei was still looking like a zombie. After she had come back last night, she was nothing but a crying, drunk mess, who happened to be lucky enough to have a friend like Anne, to hold her in her arms whilst she let it all out, then carefully get her to bed, to sleep it off. Anne had asked what had happened, but the brunette witch did not want to talk about it. Every time Dimitri ran away, Nerisei kept trying to find a good enough explanation as to why, but this time, she had run out of ideas. And patience.

Dimitri had hurt her a great deal, once again, and no matter how hard she had tried to persuade herself that he didn't mean to, his actions proved otherwise. It wasn't the first time the wizard had spoken words that made her feel... less of a woman. It wasn't the first time that he had run away from her, or hurt her by being distant and cold, because he was 'trying to protect her'. The same mantra that he kept repeating, but he had to be so blind, if he couldn't see that he was not protecting her at all. He was simply breaking her soul, piece by piece.

That morning, Anne had stayed with her, trying to get her to come down to breakfast, but Nerisei was not responsive. She laid in bed, staring at the window in the opposite wall, and sighing. After some time, Anne had given up, and instead left the room, and headed to the Kitchens, Nerisei believed, because in a matter of minutes, an elf had brought her food in the dorm. The witch did not touch any of it though. Instead, she remained curled into a ball, staring off into space, unwilling to say or do anything.

The Dorm was particularly busy that day, with the girls running around, giggling, talking... but nothing would shake Nerisei out of her reverie. She was so lost, that she did not even see Anne come in, and usher the girls out of the dorm. Only when utter silence touched the young woman's ear, did she understand that everyone had somehow left. Under any other circumstances, Nerisei would have frowned, trying to figure out what exactly had caused them to flee like that, but the poor witch was too broken to think.

She had almost missed the soft knocking on the door, believing it could have been from another room, but as the sound of the wooden door opening touched her ears, along with her name, Neri froze. Dimitri was in the dorm, which explained why all of the girls had emptied the dorm in seconds, but what the hell did he want? He came to apologise? The witch wanted to huff at his nerve, but instead remained still, not turning to look at him.

The soft sound of footsteps touched her ears a few moments later, until she felt his weight on the bed. He had sat by her feet, as if trying to approach her cautiously. What was he afraid of? That she would hex him? Because, if that was the case.... he was right.

"You know... I messed up last night..."

A sarcastic chuckle left the witch's lips, but still did not dare to look at him. She did not want to see his face. She did not want to hear his cheap excuses again, and she certainly didn't want him to be here.

"Get out."


Nerisei Iona Gerber ~ Ravenclaw Seeker ~ Sixth Year ~ Single ~ Diary ~ Plot Page
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PostSubject: Re: Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry (Nerisei)   Sat Jun 23, 2018 2:05 pm

The laugh -- even if sarcastic -- was a good start in Dimitri's mind. Perhaps she knew it was his stupidity that had pushed a rift between them last night? Perhaps she knew that he had not meant for this problem to grow as it had, and she was laughing because, once again, Dimitri had been so, so stupid.

But the next words, the next words showed Dimitri that the witch was not ready to talk to him. Didn't want to talk to him, even. The Moreau heir sat quietly for a moment in the aftermath of Nerisei's insistence that he get out, trying to decide what to say.

Talking about his feelings had never been Dimitri's strong point, in fact, he couldn't stand talking about things that made him uncomfortable, sad, annoyed... The Pureblood male was used to dealing with things himself, in his own time, or else just playing the problem away on a piano. However, Anne's intervention had left Dimitri with little and less choice in the end, he had to see Nerisei, or else she would think the most ridiculous of things. Not that she probably wasn't already.

But her insistence he leave...

That, to Dimitri, was clear. Black and white. Even if he was trying to explain to her what had happened, even if he was trying to fix it in this moment, she did not want him here. The silence grew as it had last night, and Dimitri's heart thundered in his chest as he worked over the problem in his head. No, he would not force anything upon Nerisei, he'd always said that much.

"Okay," The Moreau heir replied, getting up from her bed and moving towards the door, and it was only when he was there that the boy paused, looking back at Nerisei who still had her back to him. "I'm sorry, Nerisei. I didn't mean to hurt you." The boy managed, pausing for a moment before he let himself back out of the dormitory. There should have been more, he knew that, but Nerisei's wishes were more important to him in that moment. Leaving... that would give her the time to work things out, and then... then they could talk.
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PostSubject: Re: Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry (Nerisei)   

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Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry (Nerisei)
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