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 Tu Kisi Aur Ki Ho Na Jana (Closed)

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Joshua Murray

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PostSubject: Tu Kisi Aur Ki Ho Na Jana (Closed)   Sun Jun 24, 2018 1:30 pm

1 September 2024

Leaving his Azalea with the family who had given up on her, presumed her dead, stopped looking for her was never something Joshua Murray had wanted to do. Only he had kept looking for her, only he had found her, only he had cared for the witch like no other person in the world had. He had ensured that she was safe once more, and he had had to let her go back to a family that did not deserve her. The Murray heir had not liked it at all, not one single bit, but even Josh could not discount what the Healers had told him. That familiarity, to something, could aid her recovery. The flowers had not done it, showing her Salem had not done it, even if there were snippets of life in the witch, it had not been enough.

Josh had, therefore, been left with no choice.

Watching his Azalea walk away from him, back to the family that had not known what they'd given up had incensed Joshua, his hands curled firmly in his lap as he watched her pale, slender fingers reach up to alert the occupiers of the monstrous house to her presence. It was in that moment that Joshua had told the man to move on, they could not be seen, not now. The car had moved off, they had driven out of town, and Joshua Murray had released his distress of the situation via the helpless driver who'd been hired in this country.

From there, Joshua had headed back to the Murray Manor. The exploits of America had waned on his being, and the distance would hardened the resolve of leaving his most precious flower outside his own protection. There might have been distance between the Lord and Lady Murray, but there was never a point in which the woman was not being watched. Joshua's instructions had been left quite clearly, if and when Azalea left the house, he was to be notified. Another member of his staff had been positioned within the hospital, keeping an eye on the moment in which his Azalea would bring their son in to the world.

Josh knew, without explicit confirmation, that they were having a son, he didn't know what it was, but he knew. It was one of the very few things in life that Josh could not explain. It was a knowing without logic, and nondescript given in the world that his Azalea would give him the son he needed. The heir to the Murray household.

The arrival of the Master Murray back home had put the staff back to work, Josh's mood short fused more than ever it had been known to be in the past. The wizard had sent paperwork on mass to Darby International to ensure everything was in place for the arrival of his son and this time nothing had gone amiss in the process.

For the first few days of Josh's arrival home, Darr had been acting up frequently. Howling well in to the night up to the stars. The staff had kept apologising to the master for the noise, insisting Darr had acted in much the same manner each night of the Lady Murray's absence. That the wolf did not take well to being alone. The third night, the howling had lasted less than half an hour, the head of the Murray household growing tired of the helpless sound had taught the wolf that it was not an acceptable feat.

The yelps had resonated across the estate, but after the third, Darr had remained quiet.

From there, time had gone by slowly.

Nothing to report.

No changes, Lord Murray.

The Lady Murray is now overdue, but she has not emerged yet, Lord Murray.

Each day no news came, and each day the Lord Murray grew less patient. Acutely aware of the dangerous nature of the situation that was evolving. The larger their son grew inside his Azalea, the more dangerous it would become for her to give birth to him. The Healers could try to feed him the rubbish of it was going to be okay, but Josh knew they were trying to keep him calm. A calmness that would not be allowed until both his son and his most precious flower were safely through the ordeal of child birth.


The Lord Murray sat in The Room quietly, his eyes the only part of him that had moved in the last couple of hours as he looked over the photos before him. From the first photo he'd captured of his most precious flower on the banks of the Great Lake at Hogwarts in her bikini, smiling at someone off camera who was no longer of importance in this world. Her lips curved so beautifully as she had played without realising he'd been watching her the whole time...

Then there were the photos from the Debutante Ball years ago, his Azalea the most beautiful witch of all the rest, stunning in her dress even now. Josh could remember that dress vividly even without seeing the picture. He remembered their first dance together, how right it had felt, his Azalea held close to him in that moment as they spun, his hand on her waist, her hand draped over his shoulder, their hands together...

The first lock of hair he'd received from the witch showing a token of her love for him in the act of leaving it for him...

The memories spanned almost fifteen years, carefully selected, keeping everything chronologically around the room. Newspaper clippings, photographs, items of clothing, keepsakes... everything that could ever be needed to remember the witch, even if none of the items would ever be a necessity to the Lord Murray.

Josh's eyes had landed on a newspaper article where his Azalea danced beautifully, not knowing she was having her picture taken, or else much too comfortable to even care that it was being taken. The faintest touches of a smile -- which would be missed by all except his Azalea -- were at the corners of Josh's lips when the staff member had burst through the door.

Darr started to whine beside the Lord Murray, soft sounds of distress. They were soft as the beast looked to the Lord Murray, though, fearful of the response they would receive if the Lord Murray did not like them. But the low whine was not of interest to the Lord Murray, no, it was the arrival of the member of staff.

"Lord Murray, Lady Murray has been taken to the hospital. They're saying it's time."

Josh had only hoisted himself from his feet to apparate from the room. Not caring for the rest of what was going to be said. He landed in the hospital room that he knew always to be deserted only a few moments later, striding with purpose to the emergency room. The help of the receptionist was not needed as Josh's eyes landed on the Healer he knew had been picked by the Harrington's. Josh's hand caught the man's before he could step another foot forward.

"Excuse y-"

"If anything happens to either of them," Josh threatened, though it would look only like two men having a quiet word in that moment. "I'll see to it myself that Connie and Zena end up the same."

The man pulled himself from Josh's grip in that moment, fear flecked in his eyes at how the male before him knew the name of his wife and daughter. There came no spoken response, and none was needed. It was clear to Josh in that moment that Healer Grant Perkin knew where he stood in that moment. That any mess would not be tolerated.

With that said, the Healer moved off, and Joshua moved to the waiting room. His presence could not be known to his Azalea or her family. Not yet. Not until both his son and his most precious flower were safe.

He'd promised himself that he wouldn't interfere until they were safe.


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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Re: Tu Kisi Aur Ki Ho Na Jana (Closed)   Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:18 pm

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Tu Kisi Aur Ki Ho Na Jana (Closed)
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