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 Fizzling (Squid Boy)

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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Second Year
Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Fizzling (Squid Boy)   Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:35 am

After the day Mimosa had had, she found sleep almost impossible to succumb to. She had done the usual return to dormitory, shower, comb her hair, change into pajamas and get into bed but her stomach still felt odd after her day with Mercy. It wasn't a bad odd though, more as if she was waiting for something exciting to happen, like the feeling she got in the days leading up to her birthday or Christmas thinking about all the presents she was going to get.

And Emily over on the next bed was not making it easy either. the witch had been going on about her date with Charles for over an hour now. Mimosa had tried blocking ehr by pulling down the curtains of ehr four poster, pressing a pillow to her face to block ou the sound and even thinking about all the ways in which Emily sucked.

Apparently Charles had taken Emily to a place where girls and boys held hands... And Emily had revealed one had even kissed the other. It all sounded stupid to Mimosa, she held hands with lots of people and kissed them, what was the big deal? Sadly Constance and Catherine did not agree and kept pressing Emily for more details than could possibly exist beyond a small outing to Hogsmeade and holding hands on the way back - which Emily had repeated at least a hundred times.

"Do you reckon he's your boyfriend now?' Constance asked in a mock whisper and Mimosa groaned. This was it, she was getting out.

Removing the pillow form her face, the girl sat up in bed, taking only a moment to locate the Jacket she usually slept with as the only reminder of Gaspard. It was well past ten so clearly no one in the boy's dormitory would have anything better to do than entertain her while she was bored. With that sound logic in mind, she pulled on the blue jacket and hopped out of bed, locating her sneakers and dashing out without a word to the others. They could talk about stupid Charles all they wanted now.

Unthinkingly, Mimosa first headed to the common room where she spied Ji Hyun and Alex still studying. Good, with those two out of the way and James off sick (too much candy), Squid Boy would be alone in his dorm, and he would be super glad to see her. Cutting quietly through the room, she made her way up the stairs leading to the boy's dormitory and softly padded her way to to the second year's room.

The child of course did not think to knock, why would she, it was only Squid Boy. But when she pushed the door open, he wasn't in. A moment later, the sound of a running water greeted her and the child concluded he was getting ready for bed. With a gleeful giggle, Mimosa jumped onto his bed, knocking over the books on his bedside table and sending a pile of neatly folded clothes tumbling down onto the carpet.


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Nikolai Kessler
Slytherin Second Year
Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: Fizzling (Squid Boy)   Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:43 am

Valentine's Day was the most insufferable day of the year. So many couples hanging around in every nook and cranny of the castle -- which, FYI, when you liked to try to get away from people by using all the passageways in the castle, meant you ended up running people doing more things than you could ever explain -- made Nikolai feel very, very uptight. Everyone seemed to leave the Common Rooms in the morning, and not come back until late at night. As much as Nikolai might want to stay back in the Common Room once everyone had gone, there was an eeiry feeling that swept through the room upon a mass exodus.

He'd holed up in the Library for most of the day. The Librarian seemed to like to keep control on the room full of books for the most part, which meant no canoodling had been present in between the bookshelves as he perused some of the more serious topics that surrounded his father's condition. There was still so much to learn about Tomb Sickness, of zombies, of the dead, Inferi. Okay, the latter had given him nightmares last week, but he didn't have to admit that to anyone, did he?

Dinner had been less busy than usual, with Nikolai catching sight of his father only briefly before he headed back to the Slytherin Common Room. Ji Hyun and Alex had been studying when he'd left them in the Common Room, and James was no where to be seen, the Kessler boy liked this as he moved up to their shared room, collecting his towel before heading in to the shower. The hot water foamed lightly on his skin, leaving it reddened from the heat that often became a luxury if all the other boys had gotten there first. Taking his time to soak, Nikolai decided against reading one of the more graphic tomes of the conditions of his father, instead settling on going over his study of Runes. After all, you couldn't fail your father's class if you wanted a quiet summer, could you?

As the Slytherin moved from the shower, wrapping his towel around his waist, he didn't notice the lump sat upon his bed as he stepped in to the cooler air of the dormitory. For a moment Nikolai was unaware as he swept his hair out of his eyes. The hazel eyes that fell upon the lump upon his bed only a moment later. "MIMOSA!" Nikolai exclaimed, jumping back behind the door of the shower in no less than two seconds. "Get out, will you! I'm- Get out!" He insisted, only his head visible around the door frame because Merlin he did not want the witch here. "You can't just come in to my dormitory without asking! I could have - oh Merlin, just get out!"

Mimosa Harrington was going to be the death of him, Nikolai was sure, and he was not looking forward to this painfully slow demise.

Tomb sickness would be kinder.


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Fizzling (Squid Boy)
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