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 Kuch bhi kar jaaonga main deewana...

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Azalea Murray

Posts : 216
Birthday : 1993-08-13
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PostSubject: Kuch bhi kar jaaonga main deewana...   Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:27 pm

2nd September

There was so much pain, so much that Azalea could barely open her eyes in the face of such a tactical assault on her body from within. How any hours had it been, the witch did not know. She had caught the word “midnight” amidst the excruciating bouts of agony but if it was the first day or second, tomorrow or yesterday, next year or last week, the brunette could never know.

There were hands held around her small palm. Sometimes a huge warm one that made her feel sleepy, other times a wrinkled, strong grip that reminded Azalea of home and freshly turned soil, and then there were the long fingers all curled around her own that would always smell like photo developing chemical, possible the most calming scent in the world.

But the pain persisted through the hours and the hands coming to grip her own, sometimes in reassurances, sometimes in panic, sometimes in frustration from being able to do nothing more. There were voices but they were too far to make out right now because the only thing Azala could feel was her own blood pounding through rh body, red hot and burning, a pain in her lower half that should have torn her apart already but wasn’t. Why wasn’t it already doing it’s job? Why was she being kept alive to feel it.

In the end, she was too exhausted to scream or writhe or twist or turn or beg for relief. She was too tired to do anything but lay back and suffer, waiting for the sweet release brought by losing all consciousness.

3rd September

The witch woke up with a start, something was wrong, very very wrong.

Blindly, she grappled in the dark, reaching for her swollen middle and feeing it rise up and down with era breathing. The pain had been beyind bearabke but this numbness, it was so much worse. “Where’s the baby?” the srangled cry left her lips as she tried to investigate further, nudgng the outgrowth for some kind of sign.

She felt the child kick underneath her ministrations, but felt nothing.
“Honey, it’s okay, they’ve just given you some numbing potion to get rid for the pain, it’s fine.” Clara’s vice was meant to calm it sounded on the verge of cracking. Who had turnd off the lights? Why couldn’t the young mother see anything? Where was Clara?

“Sweetheart, the baby was hurting you, it was helping no one so the healers just suggested-“ But the rest of the explanation of lost on Azalea as she fell back into bed, one hand still protectively over the child still nestled inside her.

He was safe. He wasn’t going anywhere…

4th September

“It’s been two days doctor, either get that thing out of her or-“

“We’re doing the best we can Mr. Newbury but she isn’t dilating as rapidly as we expected. And a C section proves more risk than we’re willing to take.”

“At last let me stay with her.”

“Half an hour, and only if her situation allows.”

There was a hand in hers again, a gentle thumb rubbing her knuckles and for a moment, a brief moment, everything felt alright. Then exhaustion crashed over her again and she closed eh eyes. It wasn’t the lights that were on and off, she simply didn’t have the energy to lift her eyelids most of the time. The baby still remained safe inside her, safe and warm and confortable and hers.

She would get to keep this one. She would sing to him every night. She would hold him close and tell him stories. She would play with him and laugh with him and cry with him.

She would introduce him to his sister.

Another bout of phantom pain in her abdominal area, one that made her prone form wince. The rush of pain killers entering her system were once again, welcome as the hand stayed its post, making sure she could go to sleep.

5th September

“No one can be in there with her, we’re warning you the operation theater cannot be contaminated.”

“You can bring in three extra healers but we can’t scrub up?” Kit Harrington yelled at the Healer in Charge leading the delivery team.

“Mr. Harrington, with all due respect, my job is to ensure your daughter’s safety first and foremost.”

“Kit, it’s okay, let them go in.”

“NO! I hav to be in ther with her.”

“Kit, it’s okay, come with with.”

No, don’t go, don’t go with Clara, Azalea wanted to call out but she was so tired. So, so tired that nothing felt real anymore. Was she really being moved into the operating table or was this just a dream, a temporarily escape from the pain and suffering she had been subjected to over the last five days? Lifting her head off the bed was an impossible feat, forming words even more so. She could hear, from a distance, he sound of wheels rolling on tiles floors, the beep beep beep of machinery attached to her, the uncomfortable sense of overseer magic running like a shield over every inch of her, a magical diagnostic tool that always left her feeling somewhat invaded.

“Sir, how long will it take?” A more resigned voice this time, a more respectful one, one who understood procedure and was barely restraining itself.

“We really can’t say, could be an hour, could be several, depending on how her body reacts.”

6th September

His cry was music to her ears.

He was finally here.

So focused was Azalea on the healthy set of lungs her son possessed that she barely noticed them separate him from her. The witch wanted to ask to hold him, to touch him, to smell him but she couldn’t. The tears flowed from her closed eyes, trailing fresh tracks down her hollowed cheeks and polling on to the pillow.

The witch was so exhausted, and singularly focused, that she did not notice the soft pops as one by one, every member of the delivery team vanished save one.


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Joshua Murray

Posts : 135
Birthday : 1996-11-25
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PostSubject: Re: Kuch bhi kar jaaonga main deewana...   Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:22 pm

2nd September

It had been twenty four hours since his Azalea had been brought to the hospital by her family. The labour had started, but the Healers were trying to explain how it was going very slowly. That the mother was not in a good state, that the baby was causing her a lot of pain. Josh had stood with his jaw set as he heard the news, his eyes dark as he looked out over the car park of the facility, not gracing the Healer's presence with attention upon the man.

The Head of the Murray household was going over the information in his head, taking note of the seriousness of his Azalea's condition. A natural birth would be better, Josh was sure of that much. He wanted his Azalea to give birth to their son, his heir, naturally. She was a Murray after all. But the Healer's words were denoting that the possibility of a natural birth, and the survival of the mother was not one that would likely be successful in both parts.

There was, then, a decision to be made.

Josh's mind reeled over the possibilities of the whole thing, trying to work out what to suggest. As a Murray, the witch would do better to do so naturally.

"We will wait. Today, at least." Josh spoke, the Healer bulked, trying to explain the risk of doing so, but Josh had made his decision. It would not change. "Reduce the contact with those who brought her in, too. I need them away from her." Josh added, not elaborating on why. The why was not something anyone else needed to know in that moment.

3rd September

"Mr Murray, we really need to progress the birth..."

"Not yet."

"But, if we keep prolonging the procedure-"

"Not yet."

"Delaying may me-"

"Not yet." Joshua snarled at the Healer who paled whiter than he'd been when he'd entered the room as the Welshman with the note of no progress having been made.

"We're cutting down the time she had with her family. But they're not very understanding."

Josh nodded, before waving his hand away to dismiss the man. There was nothing else to discuss.

4th September

"Mr Murray, we really do have to act with some urgency now. If the baby is kept within the womb for much longer, it may permanently affect both the child and the mother. I know you wanted a natural birth, but time is against us. If we wait any longer-"


"Mr Murray-"

Josh's cold blue gaze befell the man and he was rendered silent in that moment. A small nod left him. "Tomorrow, then."

"I will be there. None of the family." Josh added, and horror touched the Healer's features.

"They won'-"

"Just me." Joshua cut the man off, tired of the way in which the man constantly tried to have the last say. We're he not the most sought after Healer in this field, Josh would have replaced him by now, but he was needed. To ensure his son and his Azalea were brought in to the world safely, he was a necessity.

No words left the Healer from there, and he simply removed himself from the room without looking back.

5th September

The operating theatre had been cleaned not only by the Muggles in the establishment, but also by a small team of house elves in the moments after the Muggles had left. Josh was sure of the cleanliness of the theatre as he pulled on the scrubs he was made to wear. His Azalea laid in the middle of the room, a horde of Healers around her, their son would be brought in to the world today.

Josh had remained at the back of the room, able to see everything that was happening, but not in his Azalea's view. He could not, yet, show himself to the witch. He needed both her and the baby to be safe before he could do such a thing.

The Healer's kept working meticulously, the procedure all but background noise as Josh's eyes focused on the swell of his Azalea's stomach in that moment. He was conscious of the eyes flicking his way from Healer Perkin who's hands were very, very still despite the pressure he was under that day. The hours passed by without noticed, how long they'd been in the room, Josh would not know, his concern was only for the two lives in the room that were the focus of everyone's attention.

His son was about to be brought in to the world.

And his Azalea would be the proudest of mothers.

The three of them would be back in Wales in no time.

6th September

The cry from the child as it came in to the world was strong, denoting a healthy set of lungs in the child. Josh's eyes flickered between his Azalea's face and the child, uncertain on which to focus on in that moment. The Healers were still working tirelessly to finish the procedure, one breaking from the formation with the child in his arms, moving to a separate table to carefully wash the blood from the child's skin, and then wrap them in a blanket, always very careful with the small frame of the child, supporting their head, ensuring no harm would come to them.

The soft beeps of the machine remained even, clear, no panic touched the room.

Still the child cried as the Healer lifted him up, and brought him across to Josh.

"It's a boy, congratulations, Mr Murray!" The Healer denoted softly, possibly with a smile upon their lips behind the small mask they were wearing, but Josh didn't care for the Healer. His arms took the child easily, and the Head of the Murray house pulled the blanket away from his son's chin to see him better.

The smirk that touched the man's lips looked much too triumphant in that manner. Not the usual proud dad look, not the teary eyed look, no. Triumph that he and his Azalea had finally created their own family. His Azalea had given him the best thing in the world.

As the child continued to cry, Josh looked up to his Azalea, the Healers were just finishing their work, their wands closing the final part of the wound with the precision expected of the team working on the Lady Murray's birth.

With each part concluding, soft pops emanated from the room, leaving only three people in the room.

Moving forth with their child, Josh moved to the side of the bed, one hand reaching forth to take his most precious flower's before he hesitated. The tears that streaked her cheeks were not something Josh was ready for. The Healers should have resolved this. His hand reached up and gently brushed the tears away with the pad of thumb, ridding her features of the tear marks that had dared to try to mar her beauty in that moment.

"You've done it, A-Azalea," Josh whispered softly, leaning down to press the lightest of kisses to her lips. "Our son is so strong..." He confided, gently moving her arms so that she could cradle their son. He placed the child down in her arms with great care, making sure he still had some of the child's weight incase Azalea wasn't strong enough.

Had it been prudent, this would have almost been a photo-worthy moment for the Murray family. The three of them embraced, Josh's eyes showing his elation at getting his heir, their child nestled in both their arms.

"You can hold him for a short while, then you must rest." Josh explained softly, looking down fondly at his son once more.

Yes, this moment... this moment was perfect.


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Azalea Murray

Posts : 216
Birthday : 1993-08-13
Join date : 2018-01-11

PostSubject: Re: Kuch bhi kar jaaonga main deewana...   Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:16 pm

The fog was exhaustion was all consuming. Azalea couldn't see, she could not sense, she could not feel.

The tantalizing void of unconsciousness beckoned, and it would have been so easy to slip into it. But the witch struggled against it, even if there was nothing left in her to struggle with. Nothing save the realization that she had done it. She had delivered her baby boy into this world.

He was safe, and healthy. She knew it with the same conviction that she knew she would love him til the day she died.

And after.

"You've done it, A-Azalea, our son is so strong..."

She couldn't feel the soft touch of his lips to hers but she could understand the sentiment - even if barely - behind it. As Jake confirmed his dedication to the baby, calling him "our son", the witch's exhausted face relaxed slightly. Had she the energy, Azalea would have smiled. As it was, her haggard features simply grew less strained, a quiet peace downing on the new mother.

"J..." The word would not part from her lips, her throat too hoarse from the screams and sobs, her mind too confused tol form whatever the end of that sentence was. But he understood. Of course he did for a moment later, there was a tiny weight against her body.

"You can hold him for a short while, then you must rest."

Even if he hadn't said it, oblivion was coning for her with her son nestled carefully against her. And this time, the witch welcomed it. She could embrace the void now knowing that their son was safe.

That Jake would always look after him.


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Joshua Murray

Posts : 135
Birthday : 1996-11-25
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PostSubject: Re: Kuch bhi kar jaaonga main deewana...   Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:45 pm

The softening of his Azalea's cheeks when he placed the soft kiss upon her lips was, Josh knew, the beginning of a smile. His Azalea was much too tired, though, and Josh understood without anything being spoken what had been meant by that small movement.

The action followed only by how his Azalea spoke out to him softly in that moment. Ready to ask, he was sure, for the child in his arms to be rested between them. Josh had already been working on such matters, and upon seeing their child in his Azalea's arms, led safely between the two of their efforts to ensure the comfort of the small child, Josh knew in that moment that this... this showed that his Azalea had always wanted this.

Their own little family.

This moment would forever be ingrained upon the memory of Joshua Murray, as he sat watching the witch. Her eyes didn't open to see the child, the strain of the birth quite obviously too much, but the way she held the child showed that, in time, his Azalea would be the best mother in the world. Not that Josh had ever doubted such matters for even a moment.

How long passed before his Azalea's arms relaxed, clearly asleep as Josh lifted the child from her embrace and back in to his own arms once more. He had stayed longer than he had intended, greedy to see the witch with their son for just a moment longer... Leaning across, Josh placed a kiss upon his most precious flower's head, a kiss that was held for longer than was necessary, but nobody would ever have known.

Standing from the bed, Josh drew his wand from his pocket, shifting their son in to his left arm. Raising the wand, the man cast softly beneath his breath, waving his wand carefully to ensure nothing in the room would denote his presence of being here. He hesitated at the side of the bed, not wishing to be apart from his Azalea any longer than he'd already been forced...

"I'll be back soon for you, A-Azalea..." Josh whispered, though she would not hear.

The faintest of cracks sounded in the room, and two of the three Murray's were gone.

But, at least this time, Josh knew that his Azalea felt the same.

For, even exhausted, she had called for him.

Only him.


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PostSubject: Re: Kuch bhi kar jaaonga main deewana...   

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Kuch bhi kar jaaonga main deewana...
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