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 Global Citizenship - Spring Term (Open to five)

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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Second Year
Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Global Citizenship - Spring Term (Open to five)   Wed Jul 04, 2018 3:40 am

Perhaps Adelaide Goshawk had been premature in thinking there would be no more drop outs from her class. The two names printed on the door this time around clearly denoted who was no longer welcome for the year. The redhead had made it known upon her very first lesson that those who simply attended her classes to sit and not contribute in any other way would find themselves shown the door, and she had remained true to that for the past two years.

Sadly, some of her students had gotten complacent. The wake up call was much needed. A perfect record did not exempt anyone from one mistake, not in the Headmistress's books.

April had crept quietly across Hogwarts, almost overnight with its slanting rays of sunlight streaming through the window and green leaves and shoots sprouting up everywhere. In response, her classroom had been shut off once more, immune to the warmth of the sunny grounds outside and retaining the harsh, businesslike learning atmosphere the witch was so fond of.

As always, once the students walked in, they would find Adelaide at her desk. However this time, one unusual item would catch their eye. A plain silver bowl rested atop her desk, dull light glinting off its ordinary surface. A closer examination would reveal about a dozen tiny half moon shaped packages recognizable to anyone who had ever consumed a fortune cookie.

Needless to say, Adelaide was not in the habit of giving out treats to her students, quite the opposite. Treats made for dull, empty minds. So the small card that rested against the bowl inviting everyone to "Please take one." in her official curly script would be even more of a surprise.

The blackboard only boasted a few words, giving a hint at today's lesson for those intelligent enough to understand it. The script in slightly luminous chalk simply read:



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Elenore Clement
Hufflepuff Seventh Year
Hufflepuff Seventh Year

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PostSubject: Re: Global Citizenship - Spring Term (Open to five)   Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:08 am

The final term filled Elenore with dread with each lasting day. No letters or applications had been sent forth to the various schools dedicated to the arts that offered higher education. Elenore had not reached out to the Headmistress for contacts in the business world, either. No help was asked for from the Palace staff, either.

Elenore Clement refused to be forced from her home by her Maman.

The defiance was clear, encouraged by Grandmere in their correspondence, and Elenore knew that returning home this summer was not going to be easy. But she refused to be pushed in to things she did not want by her Maman. The Palace was her home, and she did not want to leave it.

Entering the class, Elenore smiled warmly at the Headmistress, offering a soft hello as she took in the bowl on the table before the older woman. Following the instructions written, Elenore took one of the items in the bowl and moved to her usual seat, not really knowing what was inside the packet. Should she open KY now? Elenore decided not to, simply waiting for the lesson to start in the usual quiet manner the Clement witch doubt herself.


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Clara Goldstein
Hogwarts Head Girl
Hogwarts Head Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Global Citizenship - Spring Term (Open to five)   Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:20 am

Clara could feel the atmosphere of the school shifting like it did every year as exams approached. It was her second favourite time of the year, following only the beginning of September when they started classes. There was just something calming about the rest of the castle finally settling down to focus on their studies like they were supposed to. It made her feel normal, and somewhat vindicated, as she watched the rest of her classmates suddenly leap to do what she had been quietly doing by herself all year.

She stepped into the Global Citizenship classroom as promptly as usual, nodding to the headmistress as she passed. Her eyes fell upon the silver bowl, the slight change in the classroom setup catching her attention. Fortune cookies? She frowned slightly, but took one, following the directions on the sign. She wasn't a huge fan of fortune cookies, but she rather doubted the headmistress was passing them out as a snack. It seemed entirely out of character, unless she had gravely misjudged the older witch. Clara figured it would become clear soon enough, and sat down, placing the fortune cookie neatly on the desk in front of her, still in its plastic packet.

She turned her eyes to the board next, and the words there triggered a flood of vocabulary which passed through her brain for a split second - monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, bureaucracy - as she quickly flipped through all the information she already knew. She believed she had a passable knowledge of the main types of governments, so she let herself relax a little before the class began.


Clara Goldstein || 14 || Ravenclaw || Scientist

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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Second Year
Slytherin Second Year

Posts : 834
Birthday : 2013-08-13
Join date : 2017-07-22

PostSubject: Re: Global Citizenship - Spring Term (Open to five)   Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:25 pm

Slowly, the class filled up as it always did, her students coming in quietly and taking their seats. It gave Adelaide some satisfaction to know that after so many semesters, they had finally got down e routine. A routine that would only help them in life once they honed it well enough. Many of ehr students would be graduating this year, and it was more important to them to have a routine down than the ones who were staying, who had another year of being coddled in this school.

When everyone was seated and all the fortune cookies gone from her desk, the Headmistress finally began. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to governance." As always, when Adelaide spoke she commanded attention. No distractions were tolerated in her lecture and that was how it would always be.

"As a somewhat organised and intelligent species, we decided long ago that we needed governing. Nether it was an idea imposed by the powerful few to subjugate the many or if it arose form the masses in its need to get organized is up for debate but today, nothing gets done without good governance." As she spoke, the chalkboard beside ehr got to work, erasing the words and forming a globe across its dark surface, a globe that looked very much like the planet they currently inhabited with certain areas glowing in different colors. The globe turned on its axis on the board, highlight certain regions before moving on again.

Before we get into the more interesting forms of government, I expect everyone to have already read up on this from your textbook. So please, when the globe stops at a country you feel comfortable describing, raise your hand and do so. You will inform the class what system of government this country follows and what are the current major conflicts plaguing its nation."

As she spoke, the globe spun, pausing at brief intervals at Portugal, Greece, France, The Americas, Pakistan, China and the UAE. one by one, hands began to rise as students picked a country to speak about.


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PostSubject: Re: Global Citizenship - Spring Term (Open to five)   

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Global Citizenship - Spring Term (Open to five)
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