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 Do You Need a...Hug? (Nerisei)

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Clara Goldstein
Hogwarts Head Girl
Hogwarts Head Girl

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PostSubject: Do You Need a...Hug? (Nerisei)   Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:28 am

The scene in the library was hard to miss. At first, the angry whispers had barely managed to penetrate Clara's concentration as she skimmed her Ancient Runes textbook from her usual position in the corner, but the voices soon grew louder and more difficult to ignore. She looked up with mild annoyance, and that somewhat morbid curiosity that compels people to stare at car accidents. It was a little hard to see from her position, but she could definitely make out the figures of two of her housemates in a heated argument. She managed to catch a few words which made her eyebrows raise. Her eyes drifted toward the librarian, wondering whether she should get him to step in, but even as the thought crossed her mind, the sound of a sharp slap turned her attention back to her fellow Ravenclaws. A moment later, both of them were storming out of the library, and Clara followed their retreating backs with her eyes, feeling as if she should be doing something.

She had no idea what exactly she was supposed to do, but she was Head Girl, and it was part of her job to make sure things ran smoothly and students didn't fight each other. She'd never actually had to mediate before, but she was pretty sure she shouldn't just ignore the scene that had unfolded right in front of her. Plus, both parties had been in her house, which meant it was doubly her responsibility to keep them in line. Normally, she could delegate that job to the Ravenclaw prefects, except...well, Nerisei Gerber was a prefect, so in short, Clara really ought to get up and do something Head Girl-esque before things escalated further.

She sighed, snapped her book shut, and hurriedly placed it in her bag, slinging the strap over her shoulder as she finally stood up and half-jogged towards the large double-doors, following after her housemates. "I'll sort it out," she muttered somewhat reluctantly as she passed the librarian, and he nodded at her before hesitantly returning to his desk.

Clara pushed through the doors and out of the library, glancing both ways down the hall, wondering where the two had gone. She guessed they probably hadn't gone to the same place, since they were obviously angry at each other. She'd have to pick one to follow.

It was an easy decision. She at least somewhat knew Nerisei, after sharing a dorm with her for the last five years, and the prefect seemed like a reasonable girl. Dimitri on the other hand...well, she didn't even know enough about him to deduce where he might have gone. So Nerisei it was.

Clara ran through a list of places in her head, and finally settled on trying the Ravenclaw girls' dorm first. It would make sense if she were trying to get away from Dimitri, since boys couldn't get into the girls' dormitories. Having no better leads, the Head Girl sighed once again and jogged up the stairs.

She was embarrassingly out of breath by the time she reached the Ravenclaw tower and quickly pounded the knocker, hoping for an easy question.

"What always runs, but never walks, has a mouth but never--"

"A river." Classic. The door swung open silently, and Clara ignored the eyes of everyone in the common room as she made a beeline for the stairs to the girls' dorms. She took a moment to catch her breath before she quietly opened the door.


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PostSubject: Re: Do You Need a...Hug? (Nerisei)   Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:55 pm

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Do You Need a...Hug? (Nerisei)
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