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 Ancient Runes Professor Application

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PostSubject: Ancient Runes Professor Application   Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:11 pm

Full Name: Daniel Jameson
Position: Ancient Runes Professor
Qualifications & Previous Education: Studied four years at university in a double major of Dragon Training and Cursebreaking. Worked in the cursebreaking field for a time.
Activity: Every day.

Roleplay Example:
It had been a number of years since Daniel had looked through Runes completely, though it still felt like it was only yesterday. Runes had come to him much more naturally than Dragon Training ever did, but it wasn't overly difficult for the Jameson heir. But after going through his paperwork at the school and finding the position empty with no one to fill it, Daniel had stepped up to the challenge.

Naomi had asked him if he thought it wise to take on the work, and Daniel had smiled, telling her that he would be fine, and she didn't need to worry. He would, he reminded her gently, still be home each evening to see her and Theo.

Smiling to himself at the memory, Daniel had finished putting everything in place, the wood for the carvings the children would be trying to do that day. Whether this was going to go down well with the students, he wasn't sure, but he was quite sure a practical experience would be better than trying to teach them from the book.

Turning to the board, Daniel carefully wrote his name - despite everyone probably knowing it - and the lesson title. Introduction to Runes.

Letting out a slightly nervous breath, Daniel turned to face the empty classroom, assuring himself once more that he could do this. That he could do well at this, and he just needed the first few moments to prove that to himself, and he would be fine.
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PostSubject: Re: Ancient Runes Professor Application   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:06 pm

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Ancient Runes Professor Application
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