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August 2025

It's the final month of summer!
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 Getting Lost in Music (Open)

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Elenore Clement
Hufflepuff Seventh Year
Hufflepuff Seventh Year

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PostSubject: Getting Lost in Music (Open)   Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:34 pm

May 2025

The letter to her Grandmere was not writing itself as it usually did. Elenore Clement felt lost as May came in to being, her final exams were in full swing, and she didn't feel... in control like she had with her O.W.L.S. That wasn't to say Elenore was not performing well in her exams, she was, she just didn't feel like she was doing well when she left the Great Hall after each exam. Grandpere... Grandpere's health was not progressing as they would have expected, in fact... with each letter that came from the Palace, each reply to her question of her Grandpere, came back with the notion that he was not doing well.

It had left the youngest Clement curled in the fetal position more times than she would admit, the silent tears coursing down her cheeks as she worried more and more of her Grandpere's health. She needed to get home to the Palace, to be with Grandmere, to help make Grandpere better. The confines of the walls of the Hogwarts castle were stifling the child immensely, but she could do nothing to break free.

The letter from the Palace that day had not been from her Grandmere, though, the handwriting upon the envelope had made Elenore stop abruptly as she had moved to open it, staring down at the handwriting that was not perfected in to a neat calligraphy. A handwriting that spoke of a man who had once been a child who had not wanted to conform. Her Papa's handwriting was full of imperfections, ones that would never have been allowed in her studies. A hand that was so out of place it had made Elenore stop, placing the enveloped back on the table because she did not want to open it in the middle of the breakfast table.

Her heart had thudded deeply in her chest as she'd finished her breakfast before slowly rising from her seat at the table. She had walked carefully through the hall, making sure no single move had looked out of place before she'd climbed the stairs up to the music room. At no point did the Clement heiress break in to a run on her way up to the fourth floor, only emerging from the composure of the lady she was as she shut the door and leaned back against it, eyeing the envelope once more with mild trepidation.

Miss E L Clement

Opening the envelope carefully, Elenore took out the letter, unfolding it with care as she took in the familiar, yet estranged hand, hurrying quickly to the top of the page and greedily reading the words from her father.

15 May 2025

Our dearest Elenore,

It seems like an age since I have written to you myself, a fact I realised upon in the most recent trip taken by your Maman and I. The realisation, despite being so clear, made me realise a letter from your Papa was long overdue. I trust you will forgive me for not being the one who writes, but you know your Maman and I speak for us both when we write to you.

The Palace is readying for your return, we have missed you terribly these last five months, as we always do. Please do write back with anything you would like to be ready for your return, and I will ensure it is done for you.

Your exams will be well underway by now, we trust that they are going well, and have every confidence in your ability to get outstanding marks just as your brother did, too. Remember that we will always be proud of you, no matter the result, though. You're a Clement and no piece of paper will ever define your worth, ma columbe.

Maman is looking forward to your return, both yours and mine, too! The Palace will finally have its life back with the three of your returning to the Palace. Your Maman asks that I enquire of your choice of university -- we had thought you would have chosen a school by now, perhaps you have forgotten to write to us to let us know. It will be a tremendous opportunity for you, Jacques loves university, and we are sure you will too.

Oh! It is your brother's twenty first name day this summer, not that you will have forgotten. The seamstresses will require your choice of gown for the event, but don't worry until your exams are over. Just have ideas ready upon your return to the Palace.

With all our love,

Maman and Papa

Elenore had let out a shaky breath as she finished, her eyes blanking over the words from her father as she moved on auto-pilot to the grand piano, the letter laying discarded upon the top of the instrument as he shaking hands met the ivory keys, finding her place in but a moment before she pushed them down. The piece was an old one, much too easy for her skill level, but Elenore didn't care. The song was painful, that was about all she could remember of it, and as she played, the emotions built up were freed.

With each passing day her Maman worked to push her away, and this time, she had done it under the guise of a loving extension from her father's hand. The youngest Clement did not wish to think about a college, or her parents, or Jacques, or... it hit Elenore in that moment that her father had spoken of three of them.

Mimosa was coming to the Palace.

Elenore's fingers hit the keys slightly harder than necessary with that realisation, making her stop mid flow to start over again. A habit, ingrained so deeply by the Lady Clement. Mistakes were not allowable. You started again.

Until you made it perfect.

Something Elenore could never, ever be for her Maman.


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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Re: Getting Lost in Music (Open)   Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:51 am

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Getting Lost in Music (Open)
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