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 Crista Jean Silver

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PostSubject: Crista Jean Silver   Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:57 am


Full Name: Crista Jean Silver
Age: 19
Date of birth: 12/21/1994
Birthplace: Somerset, England
Current home: Somerset, England
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual
Wand type: 10" Cherry and Neutral 'Blue' Phoenix Tail Feather.


Hair colour and style: A very dark chestnut colour, normally Crista keeps her hair down so it just kisses her shoulders but if she is studying something, playing a sport or in a duel it will likely be in a ponytail or braid.
Eye colour: Hazel eyes that appear almost silver, much like her name suggests.
Height: 5'7"
Body type: While she is slender, she is by no means toned or muscled; she always hated working out and getting sweaty.
Dress sense: Christa loves to dress in casual Muggle clothing, pants, shirt and boots normally. While at an event or function she would wear a dress or robe, the colours would always be darker in nature or more natural. She likes to think her clothing is update if not then only a year or two behind.
Birthmarks: A crescent moon on her right thigh.
Tattoos: A string of thorns with silver roses along her waist just above her hips.
Scars: Five long thin gashes along her back, robbers blew out a shop and the fragments hit her on the back.
Piercings: Both Earlobes.
Blood Type: A-


- Books, particularity old ones.
- Sweet things, like cherries or sugar quills.
- Her Mothers wedding band, which she wears everyday.
- Watching the sun rise or set, mainly set so she can see the Moon as well.
- Finding something new or meeting someone new.
- Nightshade, she knows it's poisonous but it's so beautiful!

- Annoying People.
- Smokers, she grew up around it and now hates it.
- Hot food, like spiced or just lava.
-Parties or Functions, she'll go but she won't really enjoy it.
-Dogs, she has never been one to trust these creatures.

- Cunning, while she may seem Naive or even a klutz; she is really always listening not afraid to use this information to aid herself or her friends.
- She is a wiz at Runes and Symbols, something that her father taught her to do.
- Light on her feet, she isn't afraid to run or stand her ground when needed, but if she knows running best suits her...
-Crista loves History and everything about it, she hates the Goblin Revolutions though. More prone to Merlin, Morgana, Founders and Ancient types of magic.

- Stubborn, Crista is very pigheaded and normally won't budge from what she feels is right; even when wrong.
-Dancing, she is terrible at dancing and embarrassment really; likely why she hates parties.
-Curiosity....she's had this one come back to bite her several times.

Positive traits:
- Modesty, she hates to boast or even get rewards for things she did.
- Shy, while she likes making new friends or meeting new people; she doesn't trust easy.
- It doesn't matter what it is or who it is, she is always open-minded.

Negative traits:
-Careless, she has been known to not pay attention when it is due and this has caused issues in past.
-Impulsive....goes back to the Curiosity.
-Naughty, she likes to break rules or step around them.


Crista was the only daughter, while loved by her Mother she wasn't so lucky to receive that treatment from her Father; who wanted a male heir. Growing up she was told by her Mother that she was perfect just the way she is and to never change; after she passed on from illness that changed.

Her Father was a cold man, by the time she was entering Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry she already knew how to hold a wand. He never punished her through physical means but through emotional and mental damage he nearly broke her. Her safe haven became Hogwarts, the Library where it was quiet and so few; it didn't help that she was a Slytherin. With the Slytherin House being the main antagonists in the last two Wizard Wars, they received much more...hate than normal.

It was in the Library that she learned to love books of all kinds, from the cook book to the diary, it didn't matter as long as she found it entertaining she could read it.

During one of her trips to Diagon Alley, someone was in the middle of robbing a small Pawn Shop that had opened recently. When the windows were blown out by the mans curse, five of the shards found their way into her back. She didn't realize it until an Auror told her to sit down and called over a Healer.

When she graduated, she had one goal in mind; to become the History of Magic Professor or replace the Runes Professor. It took her a lot of convincing that a Ghost wasn't as suited to someone who was actually alive and willing to teach the History of the Magical world; it was few and far between.

Christa is Bisexual, being open to both male and female sexes; which she has experienced both and is currently single, has been for a few months right now. Her last Boyfriend Mark called her 'Gay' and she broke his nose; now she's looking for a woman, at least for the moment.

Study of Ancient Runes: Outstanding.
Charms: Acceptable.
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Exceeds Expectations.
Astronomy: Exceeds Expectations.
Herbology: Poor.
History of Magic: Outstanding.
Potions: Acceptable.
Transfiguration: Exceeds Expectations.
Arithmancy: Exceeds Expectations.

Study of Ancient Runes: Exceeds Expectations.
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Exceeds Expectations.
Astronomy: Outstanding.
History of Magic: Outstanding.
Transfiguration: Acceptable.
Arithmancy: Exceeds Expectations.


   Name: Ashley Silver (Nee Oakley)
   Age: 33
   Living or Deceased: Deceased.
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: N/A

   Name: Martian Silver
   Age: 51
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Half-Blood
  Occupation: Runic specialist for the Ministry of Magic and for private freelance.

Name: Diana Silver
Age: 42
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Half-Blood- Werewolf.
Occupation: Wizard- Werewolf relations of The United States of America.

Family Background

The Silver Family blood line is old, having reaching ties in North America rather than England; though they can track their blood from the Isles. They were some of the first off the boats living in Jamestown and then later Salem, it is unknown if the Family was one of the causes for the Witch Trails that transpired there.

It is known though that the Silver Family has always had close ties with the ancient arts, wither it was runes or rituals they were the family for it. Throughout their History the family has also produced it's share of Dark Wizards along with Light Wizards though largely staying in the Grey area.

While once Pure in England, the family is now Half-Blood and predominantly middle class. They have been of Half-Blood status since the 1910's, or later.

This Family is also known for Lycan members or Werewolves, they however were never disowned but freely welcomed into the family as if nothing had changed; because of this acceptance, very few people ever accidentally transferred the illness as they were safe to change in a secure environment. The current Werewolf is Diana, who is living in America though keeps in close contact with her brother and niece.

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PostSubject: Re: Crista Jean Silver   Thu Dec 04, 2014 5:43 am

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PostSubject: Re: Crista Jean Silver   Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:35 pm


The Patronus Charm is very complex and some full grown Wizards can never preform the task with such difficult wand work. While Crista can do the Patronus Charm she normally never produces more than a small shield or wisp of the bright light. She managed the preform a corporal form only twice, and that was through shear emotion and not memory.

The form her Patronus has chosen to take was the Raven; which is a strong symbol for creation and destruction. Wisdom through intelligence, observation and challenge. The Raven is tied very strongly to the spiritual world, living in a state of otherworldly awareness. When the Raven chooses a Wizard for use, it normally means that Wizard is introspective and savors their time alone.

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PostSubject: Re: Crista Jean Silver   Sat Dec 06, 2014 4:21 am

Family Members.


Name: Martian Charles Silver.
Age: 51
Date of Birth: 5/26/1963
Birthplace: London, England.
Current Home: Somerset, England.
Blood Status: Half-Blood.
House: Ravenclaw.
Wand: Cedar, Dragon Heartstring.

Normally he is a very distant and private person, though this wasn't the case when his wife was alive; her death seemed to take his very spirit out of him or at least left a very deep wound. He is gifted with the ability to read Runes of all nature very easily through years of schooling and tireless study. Though he never truly fought in the Wizard Wars with Voldemort, he did lose some rather close friends and loved ones.

Though he might be rough on his Daughter; Crista. It is his way of showing her that he cares about her enough that he's trying to make sure she has the ground below to stand upon. He might not say it often but he does love what little of his wife remains.


Name: Ashley Mary Silver nee Oakley.
Age at Death: 33
Date of Birth: 10/2/1967
Birthplace: Belfast, Ireland.
Home: Somerset, England.
Blood Status: Half-Blood.
House: Slytherin.
Wand: Walnut, Pixie Wings.

When she was alive, she was the life of the party. She was friendly, outgoing, and all around a wonderful woman to talk with. She was placed in Slytherin for a reason however, she knew how to manipulate people to suit her goals but she only used this for her enemies and never her friends. She ended up dying of a blood infection, a strain of which potions couldn't help. It was a relatively painful and slow death but she suffered through it teaching her daughter about life and the world for as long as she could hold on. She passed on in her sleep.

She wanted to work as a Wand Craftsmen, creating and selling wands to the individual not create them and wait for a good enough fit like Ollivander. Though this dream was almost a reality, she ended up becoming with child and then becoming sick later. If you look in the study of their home, you'll still find her wand diagrams and core samples lining the walls.


Name: Diana Rachel Silver.
Age: 42
Date of Birth: 3/18/1972
Birthplace: London, England.
Current Home: North Dakota, USA.
Blood Status: Half-Blood and Werewolf.
House: Hufflepuff.
Wand: Pine, Grimm Hair.

Diana is a hard worker, she doesn't normally take 'No' for an answer either. She was bite by what some would claim to be Greyback when she was on holiday from Hogwarts as a teen, she claims that the beast was trying to rape her as well. That was until a Muggle got in the way and the beast tore him apart. She never really recovered that from that attack and still has nightmares; though she has accepted her inner beast with grace.

During the war she moved out of country to America. When she was placed with the task of trying to create peace between the Werewolf clans of America after Hogwarts. She agreed, now making her way through the Wolf ranks she's easily becoming one of the single most dangerous Werewolves in American. While under the clan chiefs still, her relentless actions are slowly wearing them down.

Then of course, she got pregnant. She thanks whatever God that is out there for her little Devils. Though they might give her a headache and drive her up the walls some nights, her one wish is that they weren't born into the curse that she'd been given as a young teen.


Name's: Crystal Emma and Harper John Silver.
Age: 13
Date of Birth: 8/22/2001
Birthplace: North Dakota, USA.
Current Home: North Dakota, USA.
Blood Status: Half-Blood, Born Werewolves.
School: Salem Institute.
Wand's: Dogwood, Werewolf hair (Both wands have the others hair in it.)

Crystal and Harper are in a sense two peas in one pod, they do everything together. When you find one of the Cubs, you best be looking out for the other as well; they'll normally be hiding in the shadows trying to sneak something when your not looking. Their best known as tricksters or the Coyote siblings. When they shift they do so together, they've found they don't hurt each other but play with the other. Much like their mother, when they want something...they'll hunt it down if they have too.

Father: It is unknown who the father of the Twin's are, Diana suspects that she had been...knocked up....during a full moon by another werewolf, as she woke up the moon ago with scratches along her back and legs; which have yet to heal properly. She hasn't even really thought about trying the father, she's happy with her devils without him.
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PostSubject: Re: Crista Jean Silver   Sun Dec 20, 2015 8:12 am

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Crista Jean Silver
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