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 Now let me hold your hand (Victoria)

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Mimosa Harrington
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Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: Now let me hold your hand (Victoria)    Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:47 pm

The bathrooms were the same as they'd always been, cool tiles and brightly lit mirrors, the smell of freshener thick in the air and sanitizing dispensers at each sink alongside the fancy paper towels Merida had always looked upon with distaste. Catching sight of himself in one of the mirrors, Jackson was surprised he still looked halfway put together. How he hand't managed to transform into The Hulk and rip his tux to pieces was beyond him. The only clue to his anger resided in his flashing dark eyes.

Moving to the sink, Jackson scooped some water into his palms, washing his face out slowly and deliberately, focusing on a task to clean his mind.

The reality now stood starkly ahead. Wyatt Jameson and Judith Bloomberg had played them for suckers. Judith would know all about how he was struggling, the information was not exactly private to a veteran of the game like her father. In goes her future husband to offer them the money they so desperately required in exchange for... In exchange for making him look like a complete cuck. Ten million was nothing to the likes of Jameson and his son to be wife, it was a bargain in fact, to watch Jackson and his team kowtow in reverence. They probably wanted him to DJ their wedding too.

But - and it was extremely difficult to remember so at this point - the campaign wasn't just about him. It was about the close to thirty people, full time and temporary basis, that his offices employed. All of them deserved a salary and workplace insurance. They deserved soemthing resembling decent healthcare and the chance to go forwards with their plans. They did not deserve being thrown under the bus just because Judith was a bitch.

And the damage was done, he had taken the money without being any the wiser and they would have their private little laughs tonight. Jackson might as well take the money from this humiliating ordeal. Of course, he'd have to make sure Congressman Jameson never came in front of him again. From now on, all dealings with the old bastard would take place through Victoria - the only one Jackson could trust to represent the campaign's interests as he would.

His mind made up, he stalked out of the bathroom, now marginally less tense than when he had walked in. Sure enough, the asshole was siting in his place, on his table, beside Victoria but he took the hint and left, laving Jackson to retake his seat once more.

"Douchebag," Jackson muttered in reply to the princess's bright smile. How did she manage to stay so annoyingly chirpy all the time? "Fan fucking tastic," he added, taking in his flute of sprite enthusiastically. "We might have to work with him but can you make sure I never see his slimy face again place?" he added darkly, still speaking under his breath and hoping the witch wouldn't have to lean in too much to hear. Luckily everyone around them was busy networking and mingling, no one cared what the young new congressman had to say to his appropriately professional lawyer.

The event continued, after dinner there was a halfhearted attempt at a dance performance but by the time it was halfway through, guests were already leaving. It took more patience than it should have for Jackson to not just drag Victoria to the car but they both waited until their donor had left before making their own goodbyes. Once again, it was the witch who fielded most of the farewells and good wishes while Jackson merely stood and nodded, giving an occasion, forced smile when someone held up a camera.

Finally, when they reached his parked SUV, Jackson handed her the keys. "Can you drive?"


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Victoria Newbury

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PostSubject: Re: Now let me hold your hand (Victoria)    Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:04 pm

Victoria's nerves settled as Jackson resumed his seat beside her, knowing that with Jackson back she was, undeniably, safe. Of that much Victoria had always trusted in the male beside her, and though the area just above her knee felt like it was on fire in that moment, her heartbeat was slowing back down to something resembling normal in that moment.

The question of keeping Jackson and Mr Jameson apart came a moment later, and whilst Jackson threw a dark glance across the room, Victoria allowed the brief moment of giving in to the inevitable to touch her features before they settled in to something neutral once more. "Of course, I'll ensure you're busy whenever a meeting with him might be necessary. And," Victoria continued, her voice very soft so nobody around them could hear. "I'll see to the meetings myself." She promised, because there was no need to pull anyone else in to this.

The evening did not end quick enough, truthfully. Where Victoria usually didn't mind the social events that came with the job, this evening had been much, much different. The goodbyes had only been so easy for Victoria because it allowed her to keep her mind off of what had happened that evening. It allowed her to just forget, for a moment. Jackson was not making it difficult for her to submerge in to the formalities, either, and with the press and other guests finally being dealt with, they headed to the SUV, Victoria holding on to Jackson to aid her walking in the menacingly high heels she'd sported for the evening so as not to look so small beside Jackson.

The keys came in to her hands, somehow, in the next moment, and the question of whether she could drive the moment after. Feeling a little silly that, at twenty seven she could not drive, Victoria could feel her cheeks grow a little warm. "I've never... I didn't have a reason to learn in London. Nobody really drives there." Victoria explained, not wishing to add she had no interest in learning to drive either. Knowing the reason Jackson did not wish to drive, Victoria opened her clutch and pulled out a small almost used lipstick.

She couldn't apparate, either.

"Hold on," Victoria insisted, twisting the lid of the lipstick and watching the Portkey open just enough to suck them in to it before depositing them at the back of Jackson's house. "I'll arrange for the car to get back in the morning." The witch insisted, holding on to Jackson for a few moments longer whilst the nausea of the travel to fade away. "I hate magical transport." The witch explained, moving off up the porch to the house without another word.

Avoiding Jackson was the best way of not crumbling, not explaining what had happened back at the fundraiser.

Right now, Victoria needed the solitude of the guest bedroom.

Solitude to decipher their next move.


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Now let me hold your hand (Victoria)
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