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 Versailles Palace - June 1st 2025 (The Clements)

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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Third Year
Slytherin Third Year
Mimosa Harrington

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PostSubject: Re: Versailles Palace - June 1st 2025 (The Clements)   Fri Nov 02, 2018 12:20 pm

At the news that Elenore had achieved the title of Student of the Year for her House, Vanessa beamed proudly at her daughter. "How wonderful, it looks like both the palace girls have had an exceptional year in academics," she praised, denoting how proud she was of both Elenore and little Mimosa who had achieved that title for the second year in a row despite her... despite her inclination towards playfulness. However when Elenroe made no comments on friends, her mother took i to mean the young Clement still missed her friend Tess Marie.

"If you like, you may visit Italy over the summer," she suggested kindly, trying to let her daughter know that she could ask for things despite the happenings of the palace. A week or two at the Valentino's estate would probably do her good, and rumor had it Tess Marie was with already expecting her second child mere weeks after the birth of her first. "I would imagine Tess Marie would be glad to see you, she's adjusting to motherhood... at her own pace."

When talk turned to university, the Lady Clement raised a perfectly threaded eyebrow as her daughter assured her there was no mistake on he part of he palace staff. But as the word "Juliard" danced on Elenore's lips, all the color drained from her mother's face, leaving her cold tot eh very core.

"J-Julliard's?" she asked, but either Elenore did not notice or chose to ignore the interruption, instead highlighting her plans for accommodation and education in New York for the next three years. As Elenore spoke, apparently unaware of the way her mother had gone perfectly still, Vanessa finally realized the difference between her two children.

Jacques had sought her out to ask her permission to do soemthing he could've easily done on his own. And Elenore... Elenore was informing her mother of her decision, one she had made well in advance without consulting with anyone in her family.

Shock and sadness flashed in her grey eyes, albeit briefly, only to be replaced by the cold look that seemed to portray itself whenever Elenore was involved. By the time her daughter had finished speaking, her audience was no longer the warm, loving mother who had intended to reacquaint herself with the younger witch after a tragedy. No Elenore was now facing Lady Vanessa Jhalak Clement, the Lady of this house and keeper of the Clement bloodline.

"In that case, you were wise to speak to me before you did to your father," Vanessa spoke, her voice soft and even, but the edge in it unmistakable."That way, you now have more time to apply elsewhere because your Papa and i forbid you from going to America." The last word was expelled like a curse. "You may not have thought to ask us but surely you did not forget that we still have the last say on all our children's decisions." In all her previous altercations withe hr daughter, Vanesa had genuinely placed blame on bad timings, misunderstandings and rampant, unchecked emotions.

But this was not a spur of he moment decision, her daughter had planned this for months. If she was already accepted, she had been keeping he secret for over two months now, well before her NEWTs.

She had mean to disobey, and this was a disobedience of the highest order.

"I suggest you seek out your brother," the older witch added, rising gracefully to her feet to indicate the end of this conversation. "He will help you apply to more acceptable institutions. With a good word from him, any decent university will let you in at the last moment." Jacques would also perhaps explain to her why America was off limits. That country did nothing but destroy lives and the Lady Clement was not about to have her daughter's life ruined.

"You may leave," she added, just in case the message was not clear. The witch would hear no arguments on this.


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Elenore Clement
Elenore Clement

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PostSubject: Re: Versailles Palace - June 1st 2025 (The Clements)   Fri Nov 02, 2018 3:00 pm

The offer of going to Italy was not one Elenore wanted. Tess Marie had started her own little family now, she was busy with her children, and rarely made time for correspondence. The witch with whom she'd been so close to growing up had become all but a stranger since she'd chosen to marry in to the Valentino family, and Elenore didn't feel comfortable heading to Italy without an invite from Tess Marie. Imposing her presence was simply not how Elenore wished to keep her friends close.

"That way, you now have more time to apply elsewhere because your Papa and i forbid you from going to America."

Elenore's blood ran cold in that moment, causing a chill to threaten her calm posture in that moment. She refused it that moment, pushing forth a look of determination. "I will not apply elsewhere, Maman. Julliard School is the be-"

But Elenore was cut off by her Maman who was denoting she should find Jacques, and ask him to help her find somewhere else to go to university. The youngest Clement would not do such a thing, she had her place in the best music school in the world, and she was not going to let go of it just because it was in America. What was the big deal, anyway? Maman had American friends. Maman and Papa had taken on an American as a ward. There was nothing harmful in allowing her to attend a school in America. Maman was just being selfish. Denying her the opportunity of the best education.

If Jacques had asked, there would not have been a problem, Elenore knew that.

But almost as soon as the idea struck to point that out, Elenore had been dismissed by her Maman.

Rising to her feet, Elenore kept her features neutral as she dipped her head in respect for the older woman. "Maman." The witch acknowledged shortly, before gliding from the room with careful steps. Only once the witch was out of the door and far enough from her Maman's withdrawing room did the witch break in to a run, her features contorted with the pain of being forbidden from doing what she wanted. Her Maman was purposefully trying to ruin her life, her opportunities. She was selfish, because she'd never had the opportunity of the Julliard School, the Lady Clement was taking it out on her daughter.

Tears were streaking down the youngest Clement's features by the time she'd reached her Grandmere's withdrawing room, and quite out of character the young witch allowed herself in to the room without knocking, and hurried to where her Grandmere sat, crumpling at the older witch's feet to rest her head on the matriarch's lap as more tears flowed.

"Maman f-forbids me to go to A-America." Elenore explained without prompting, keeping her head down as the tears continued to rack her slender frame. "She refuses t-to let me g-go to Julliards. She d-doesn't want the best for m-me, Grandmere. She w-won't let me be h-happy." The child continued, not caring for the beauty of a lady's tears when her Maman had tore her apart with her decline.

"I won't go an-anywhere else. I w-will fail everything if they make me. Grandmere, I-I won't l-let them take this away." The witch insisted, succumbing to deeper sobs as she tried to calm herself down without success.

It was clear to the young witch in that moment that her Maman and Papa hated her.

They had never wished her to be happy.

But they would not make her go elsewhere.

Of that much Elenore was sure.


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Versailles Palace - June 1st 2025 (The Clements)
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