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 Nora Demitriana Stoner

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PostSubject: Nora Demitriana Stoner   Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:30 pm


Full Name: Nora Demitriana Stoner
Age: 15
Date of birth: March 26th
Birthplace: Paris, France
Current home: England
Blood Status: Half-blood
Sexual Alignment: heterosexual
Wand type: Dragon heartstring, oak, 7 3/5 inches.

Hair colour and style: Various up/down-do’s blond and layered, loves braids.
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5’5
Body type: Paper thin, tall, long legs and arms.
Dress sense: likes to dress in muggle clothing, and keep up with the latest fashion.



Weird facts
Fairy tales


being put on the spot
speaking in front of people
Being the center of attention


Problem solving


Abandonment issues
Hates to fail
Trust issues


Theresa Netherland was born to Scott and Elizabeth Netherland. Theresa was a party animal, and liked to stay up until the wee hours of the night, and come home really late scaring the shit out of her parents most weekends. One night at the bar, she met Scott Fitzgerald. Who happened to be the owner of the bar? Being the flirt that she was, Theresa somehow managed to get into bed with him and have the time of her life. Well, nine months later, out popped little Nora. Being 17 years of age, Theresa was not ready to be a mother. She had so much growing up to to take care of her own child, while still being a child herself. So she thought it was in her best interest, and her unborn child’s to give her up for adoption. She found a nice couple, Ramona, and Natalia Stoner. They named the child Nora. They set up a closed adoption, and Nora would never know who her birth mother was, and Theresa would never know her daughter.

Scott Fitzgerald lived the life. He was a pure-blooded wizard living in the muggle side of London, and loved his job. He had bought the bar when his grandfather died, and he got the inheritance money. Scott, like Theresa, enjoyed one night stands with the women who frequently came to the bar to drink the night away. Which was where he met Theresa. Theresa to him was so much like the others who came to the bar. She got drunk after two shots of tequila and half a glass of red wine. She reluctantly agreed to meet him upstairs for some “alone time”. After that night, Theresa never visited the bar again, and Scott felt lonely, because well, he actually liked talking to her. (He doesn’t know about Nora)

Ramona and Natalia Stoner are muggle citizens. Ramona was from New York, looking for a change after losing her last job, and divorcing her husband after realizing her sexual orientation, and Natalia, a Russian publicist who works as a liaison for a Russian publishing company.  Ramona and Natalia met when they moved into the same apartment building right next to each other. They had no idea of their sexual orientations, but hit it off quiet well. It was when Ramona mentioned getting divorced because she was a lesbian when they knew that they were the same. They grew close, and eventually started dating. They decided not to get married because of the reactions they were afraid they would receive. But they each wanted a child. Three years into the relationship, they met with an adoption agency, and instantly fell in love with a baby girl, whom they agreed to meet Nora.

Nora grew up a happy child. She didn’t realize that she was different from the rest of her kids, until they put her in a muggle day-care, and the kids were making fun of her for having two mums and not a mum and a dad. Nora was sent home crying multiple times because of this, and called mean names. Her hair was pulled often, and one time during arts and crafts, a mean boy had actually gave her waist length hair, a nasty and uneven bob. It was then that Ramona and Natalia decided to home school Nora at the very young age of just 3 years old. But keeping her at home, they noticed some different things about her. Not knowing her background, they were sure it was from that. Nora could flicker lights on and off when she wanted something, and make things explode when she was angry. Which made it difficult to take her out in public. At age 11, Nora received her Hogwarts letter and it was then that Ramona and Natalia knew that their adopted daughter was very special.

Because of being sheltered as a child, Nora tried to close herself off from society when she was forced into this new world. She began to get curious of her birth parents because she knew that she didn’t receive her powers from her mums. So she spent the first three years of her Hogwarts life doing research to find out who her birth parents were since her mums wouldn’t tell her anything about her parents. She distanced herself from her mums, and


Mother: Ramona Stoner/ Age:34 / Living / Muggle
Mother: Natalia / Age:34 / Living / Muggle
Birth Mother: Theresa Netherland/age: 32/Living/Muggle
Birth Father: Scott Fitzgerald/Age: 33/Living/Muggle
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PostSubject: Re: Nora Demitriana Stoner   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:29 pm

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Nora Demitriana Stoner
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