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 Bocephus “Bo” Miller

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Bo Miller

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PostSubject: Bocephus “Bo” Miller   Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:48 pm


Full Name:  Bocephus T. Miller
Age:  30
Date of birth: 11/11/94
Birthplace:  Paris, Kentucky
Current home: London, England
Blood Status:  Half blood
Sexual Alignment:  Bi-Sexual
Wand type: 11 inches, Tulip Tree Branch, Kelpie Mane Hair 

Hair colour and style: Medium length brown hair, often tangled and messy due to wearing hats.  Beard that ranges from long to medium, same problems with tangles.
Eye colour:  hazel with a gold ring around the pupil 
Height: 5”9
Body type: Athletic, all though it is hidden under a generous portion of bourbon and red meat indulgence
Dress sense: Constantly on safari, known to dress down even in formal events and meetings, consistently wears wide brim hats. 
Birthmarks: n/a
Tattoos: n/a
Scars: Scars covering body, especially hands and knuckles, several Knicks across his face. Nothing that stands out, but if looked at closely very quickly becomes apparent
Piercings: n/a

Likes: (3 minimum)
   -   Hunting is one of Bo’s favorite pass times.  Specifically big game magical beasts.  Thrill of the hunt, the conquest, the cigar and wall mounted head afterwards are a few of his favorite things
-        Bo is a big fan of music; however, the kind they play around here does not quite make him tap his feet.  Still it is better than nothing.
-        The outdoors go hand in hand with the first two.  Finding himself in the city has not been an easy transition, and if it were not for magical transit he likely wouldn’t have survived.  Still, one does what one must, even if it isn’t their favorite.
Dislikes: (3 minimum)
   -     Paperwork, staying indoors, offices, politics, being politically correct, basically any and all things that would be career limiting in his current field.  Man needs a secretary like a Bee needs pollen
-        What he would call sissy men.  Weak men, which can be a plethora of things, including trying to dominate weaker people, or just not possessing their man card will do it.
-        Getting dressed up, and formal outings.  These have always been a struggle, and continue to be when needed.  While he might be good at his job, the meetings with directors tend to be better if he is left off the roster.
Strengths: (3 minimum)
   -      Handling pressure come naturally, it’s the slow times that are harder to handle.
-        Tough as hell.  Putting him with danger, injury, or failure are all things he was taught to overcome from a young age.  His work on the farm, and his “hobby” have left their marks again and again, with the scars to prove it.  A little blood never hurt no one, rub some dirt in it.
-        Bo is a damn good marksmen, be it wand or rifle.  This extends to more than just a shot, but instead he has a knack for seeing what needs to be done and hitting the mark.
Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
   -     Bo can fall danger of taking things to far to prove a point, or his own mettle.  Seeing a challenge, he can’t stop himself from taking it on.  While this might be a good thing at times, there are clearly things he should have passed on that he couldn’t help but try.
-        A good cigar and a full class of bourbon.  The nights that ensue after catch up to him harder and harder as he gets older.  Difficult to let such things go, saying just one more…..has never been a strong point.
-        Difficult time navigating the magical world and its full customs.  Having grown up on a different continent, without the same level of formal education, this can show at times.  Making it hard to relate to others that grew up bombarded by magical culture.
Positive traits: (3 minimum)
   -       Bo is a loyal individual, willing to help his friends, or a cause that he has placed his name      behind.  Prospects of wealth and influence are not high on his priorities to begin with, let alone bargaining chips to move his hand. 
-         Bravery is something that comes naturally, albeit he would never say that is what it is.  He would call it stubbornness.  All though it can be a fault, there is no denying that Bo is brave, and is not afraid to stick his neck out.
-        Southern gentleman, maybe not to everyone, but when deserved and the time is right Bo can be a right gentleman.  Yes Ma’am that’s right…….I don’t mind t’all to hold that door for ya’ll.
Negative traits: (3 minimum)
   -     Bo can be seen as rash, not carrying much for danger, or the trouble it may cause.  Jumping full fledge into a conflict if it is deemed necessary, or looks to be more fun than the alternative.
-        Uncultured, is a word anyone of pure blood stiffness would describe him.  His background is at a different pole than most.  It is hard to take the country out of the boy.   This has led to his own form of prejudice however.  He may not be a snob, but if they could put differences aside, he could judge with the best of the pure bloods.
-        Stubborn as a mule seemed to fit, and he had taken care of several to be compared to.  Once his mind is made up, that’s that and only acts of God need make a change request.

Growing up in rural Kentucky Bo was the only son of two farmers.  Taught magic as best as could be taught by his father, another home schooled wizard, Bo found he had an aptitude for it.  Using spells and magics more from creativity than academia, he soon passed his father in sheer ability.  This of course was a proud thing for his father and mother who encouraged these skills while working on their humble farm. 
Growing up, there was not much of interest…not just in the area around him, but his life in general.  He would say he had a normal childhood, a normal muggle education, and by the time he was old enough he enlisted in the muggle army as a way to make ends meat, and see more of the world.  Both of his parents proud they saw him off, and while the letters always continued to come and go, he would not see much of them before their eventual passing.
While in the army, Bo found himself serving as an MP, and then moving to a special unit specific to narcotic distribution.  Most of these affairs where muggle based, and little magic was used.  Occasionally there would be a time or two a wizard was used, but nothing spectacular. 
He would stay in the Army from the time he was 17, until he was 27 when he was honorably discharged after taking what was classified as a bullet to the abdomen, but in actuality had been a very lucky placement for a curse.  Having stumbled on something more than he had bargained.  By accident, his unit had moved on wizards, who were not as willing to play nice.  Several of his friends were killed in the ensuing incident.  Capturing the remaining wizards Bo quickly found himself visited by ministry wizards who had been tracking the group for some time.
This visit would be met with resistance, as he thought he was more likely to be arrested than to be commended, let alone a job offer that came after.   The events caused him to have to move to London, further away than his cowboy boots had ever landed.  St. Mungo’s was able to fix his injuries, and the next part of his life began.

    Name:  Betty Miller
    Age:  49
    Living or Deceased: Deceased
    Blood type or Species: Muggle
    Occupation: Farmer
    Name: Hank Miller
    Age:  68
    Living or Deceased: Deceased
    Blood type or Species: Half-Blood
    Occupation: Farmer
Siblings:   N/A
    Living or Deceased:
    Blood type or Species:
    Name:  N/A
    Living or Deceased:
    Blood type or Species:
Children:   N/A
    Living or Deceased:
    Blood type or Species:
    Name: Hector
    Age: 4
    Living or Deceased: Living 
    Blood type or Species: Blue Tick Hound 

            Hank Miller was a poor half-blood wizard who had resided near the Appalachian mountains for most of his life.  Having never went to any formal schooling for magic, he was instead taught by his grandmother.  This tactic of magical education he passed down to his own child.  Born to Farmers, and keeping with this tradition, he lived most of his life cut off from most wizard folk.  He found this ok, and while he would use magic, it was not at the forefront of his life, just as his grandmother had taught him.
            Having met his wife and moving some distance away, he continued his tradition of farming, and occasionally charming his bride with small magic tricks.  Not much of a great wizard, they made their income with the land, harvesting crops and keeping several cattle and other livestock on their farm.  When their son came around he was loved, he was fed, all be it in a poorer setting than most.  Hank taught his son what magic he knew, and built him a wand in the same way his grandmother had done for him.  Rugged, rough, but functional it was his gift when he started to show magical powers. 
            Both Hank and Betty where killed by a magical beast that was never caught nor identified.  Hank had been an avid hunter as a way to supplement the table and it was thought perhaps on one of these outings he had attracted something with his magic.  Never proven however, both of Bo’s parents were killed while he was out of the country.  A recent tragedy.

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PostSubject: Re: Bocephus “Bo” Miller   Sat Dec 15, 2018 2:40 pm

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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Re: Bocephus “Bo” Miller   Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:38 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Bocephus “Bo” Miller   

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Bocephus “Bo” Miller
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