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 New School Year, New Letters! (Dominique)

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Victoria Newbury

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PostSubject: New School Year, New Letters! (Dominique)   Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:13 am

Date: 1 September 2025


Happy New School Year to you!

Isn't it exciting, you're going to be heading in to your third year at Hogwarts! I can't believe it, you're growing up so, so fast! I know you'll already be at Hogwarts by the time you receive this, so how was the Feast? I bet it was delicious, the House Elves are truly a work of magic when it comes to the Feast, I used to enjoy those so, so much!

Do you think Gryffindor might win the House Cup this year? I think with a Student of the Year like yourself they definitely have a big, big chance of winning the cup! And, of course, the Quidditch Cup is on again this year! Your Uncle Jackson asked me to check if you have tried out for the team yet? We both knew you were thinking about going for it last year, but you never said you got a place? I hope you do try out -- if that's what you want -- I know you're going to have an amazing shot at it!

I'm super sorry that I couldn't make your birthday -- though I heard you had the most amazing time in New York going to all the shows! I must make it across there to see some shows at some point, but your Uncle keeps me working so hard that I don't have time for holidays!

In lieu of an apology for not coming down to see you, I've made you the best Welcome Back to School basket ever! You should be able to get through the mountain of sweets and chocolates in the next month, I hope, and then I have sent for you some new Quidditch gloves for the upcoming season. I think they should be the right size, but if they're not big enough, or too big, send them back and I'll get you a pair that do fit!

Also, I thought you would like to see the latest news article in the Wisconsin Journal -- your Uncle and Sasha are going to be getting married next summer! Isn't that exciting? I am so very excited to see your Uncle Jackson get married, he's so very happy with Sasha that it's beautiful to see it every day. And, I bet I know who's going to make the most beautiful of bridesmaids on that day!!

Let me know all about your first week at Hogwarts, I'm looking forward to hearing from you once more.

Lots of love,



P.S. if you don't like any of the sweets or chocolate that I've sent over, Mimosa has a basket too, so you two can trade any of the sweets you don't like. Or give them out to your friends! Sharing is caring, after all!

From the Offices of Jackson Blake
633 West Wisconsin Ave, Suite 1920
Milwaukee, WI 53203

If you are looking to get in touch with your representative, please visit our website or email directly to jblake@blake.senate.gov


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Dominique Greene
Gryffindor Third Year
Gryffindor Third Year

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PostSubject: Re: New School Year, New Letters! (Dominique)   Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:10 pm

Date: 4 September 2025


I am so excited as this year I can finally go to Hogsmeade. I can’t wait to see what my third year holds for me. The feast was really good and I got to catch up with Mercy and Mimosa. And yes I plan on trying out for the quidditch team this year. This time I am not going to get nervous and back out. I am actually looking forward to it. As this is the first time I am using my broom. Well I mean beside working on flying lessons. I just want to be a really good player. And you really should tell my uncle not to work you so hard.

Maybe next time you can come to the Greene Mansion? And I can show you my pictures that I took in New York. And thank you for the quidditch gloves as I am sure that I will need them. Also thank you for the welcome back to school basket. I am hoping the sweets and chocolate last me. All I need to do is to make sure not to eat them all at once. I don’t want to give myself cavities. And yes I did see it in the Wisconsin Journal. Next year seems like it is a long time away. But I am sure that it is going to fly by. And I promise to write to you as much as I can. So you will now what is happening at school. As being a third year can be exciting. I know I have been going down to the greenhouse e to check on my flowers. I usually do it in the morning. I promise that I am eating breakfast.




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New School Year, New Letters! (Dominique)
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