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 Should focus more on the real things (open)

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Amanda Larson
Ravenclaw Third Year
Ravenclaw Third Year

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PostSubject: Should focus more on the real things (open)   Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:21 am

Climbing up to Astronomy tower took a lot effort but Amanda eventually made it. The girl just wanted to go there. Not to look at the stars but more likely be alone. She didn't care it was getting late already. She couldn't sleep anyway; she wasn't tired yet.

So the girl sat down near the window area and looked down. Everything seemed so small up from here. She saw people walking here and there. Some were rushing awhile others not. She used to take walks before sleeping, but today she didn't feel like one. She just wanted some quiet and alone time today. There was this book she wanted to finish.

Ravenclaw opened her book and began to read it. She was too focused on her book, so she didn't even hear that someone else had come here. Then again it was a public place, so she won't chase the person away when she/he decides to speak with her. She glanced up from her book for a second and this is when she noticed the person in the room. "Oh, hey," she said something.

Amanda had no clue why this person was here. Then again this wasn't her business. She soon looked back at her book and continued to read it. She had just last ten pages left to read. Then she was done with it.

The book was about one girl who could see the future and how she survived all the events what happened, just because she saw ahead. She never really told how she knew things before they arrived. It was her own a little secret. Some events the girl in the book couldn't changes, but most she managed.


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Mariah Berkeley-Benton
Hufflepuff Fourth Year
Hufflepuff Fourth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Should focus more on the real things (open)   Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:10 pm

Mariah had finally started to settle into the new environment. She'd been to a few classes, knew the pass code to the Hufflepuff common room, and could now find her way to the Great Hall for breakfast without getting lost. Mostly, she followed her classmates to wherever they were going, trusting them to know how to get around. This time, however, she was determined to find her way on her own.

While she liked her housemates well enough, and the girls in her dorm had been quite welcoming, she had never really liked sharing a room with a bunch of other people. It felt like she lacked privacy, and it was hard to think - and especially hard to write - when other people posed a distraction.

So after a few days of nearly constant company, she finally decided to seek out some alone time. Ever since she had first seen the castle upon her arrival before the sorting ceremony, she had wanted to explore the tall towers. She imagined the view would be excellent, and she just knew if she could find a way to the very top - if there were an observation deck, or a balcony - the fresh air up there would help to clear her head.

So she asked one of her dormmates what the highest point in the castle was, and the other girl had informed her of the astronomy tower. She had tried to pay attention to the directions the girl had supplied, but by the time she set out after dinner to find it, they had already slipped her mind. Still, Mariah figured if she kept going upward, she was bound to find it eventually.

After climbing what seemed to be a hundred sets of stairs, Mariah was fairly certain she'd never find her way back to her dorm without help. She had no choice but to keep going up until she found the astronomy tower. She wandered down a long corridor until she came to one last winding staircase. She slowly climbed to the top.

She emerged in a spacious room with many windows overlooking the castle grounds. A door led outside to a curved balcony with a low parapet. Perfect.

Then she realized there was someone else in the room. A girl, maybe a little younger than her, was sitting by one of the windows and reading a book. Mariah decided not to disturb her. This girl had probably come here looking for privacy, much like Mariah.

She quietly crept toward another window across the room from the other girl and gazed out at grounds. In the distance, she could make out a forest, although the light was nearly gone from the sky. This tower was very high up indeed, and it offered a spectacular view of the stars that were just beginning to appear.

A voice broke through her reverie. Mariah jumped a little and turned to look at the other girl in the room.

"Hey," she replied with a soft smile. The girl returned to her book, so Mariah returned to the window, entranced by the sky which seemed to be darkening and brightening simultaneously as the sun went down and the stars came out. After a few minutes, she reached inside the bag she had brought and pulled out a small journal and a mechanical pencil. She jotted down a few of the words that had popped into her head. This was definitely the most relaxed she had felt since her arrival, and she wanted to capture this moment.
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Amanda Larson
Ravenclaw Third Year
Ravenclaw Third Year

Posts : 8
Birthday : 2012-04-09
Join date : 2019-01-06

PostSubject: Re: Should focus more on the real things (open)   Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:45 pm

Amanda didn't pay much attention what the other person in the room did. She was currently very focusing to her book. She really wanted to know her book ended. She did mostly love happy endings but at times some cases happy ending was best one. But this book seemed to have  good end.

After a few minutes later she was done with it. She looked towards the girl who did write there something down but from here she couldn't see whaf it was. She didn't wanna disturb the girl so she put book down next to her and bega  to look out of the window. It was very beautiful night.

When she looked at the girl and smiled. "Hey. I don't think we met before. I'm Amanda." She figured he should speak up there nw. "Oh you call me Amy," she added out of blue really.

She had no clue if the other person even wanted to talk with or he wanted to be alone too now. She soon looked back out of the window.


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PostSubject: Re: Should focus more on the real things (open)   

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Should focus more on the real things (open)
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