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 Charms Application

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PostSubject: Charms Application   Wed Apr 22, 2015 1:20 am

Full Name: Codey Neal Ellingston
Position: Charms
Qualifications & Previous Education: He has received top grades in charms, DADA, and CoMC for both OWLs and NEWTs. Codey has also worked as a dragon trainer for a few years, mastering many charms. Since realizing that students were unprepared for University, he switched his focus onto educating the younger years.
Activity: Yes, until I'm off for my 3 month thing from August till October, but you already know thisssss. Razz

Roleplay Example: [348 words] Looking around the classroom with a satisfied smirk, Codey perched himself on the top of his desk. The area had been cleared completely, leaving no tables and no chairs. It was important that they have enough space to move around in, and this was to be a practical lesson. He had never seen the benefits of theory - especially when reading books could help one with nothing when in the real world - except when coupled with actual practise.

Hoping that his students had actually bothered to read their text books, he waited for them to arrive. Codey was not one to stand for slacking in all its forms, and that included being 'too lazy' or busy to do such a simple task as reading a few paragraphs. Of course, he was not beyond reasoning, and understood that sometimes things happened that was out of one's control.

As the first few arrived, he nodded a greeting to them. Once everyone had arrived, he stood up, giving his hand a lazy wave an revealing a stack of books nearby. They were children books and were not more than an inch thick, weighing almost nothing. "Good morning, class," he started, closing the door to the class as he spoke with another short wave of his hand. "Today, we will be learning the levitation charm. Can anyone tell me what the incantation is? Someone else, please show us the correct movement. And for the rest of you, what are some benefits and uses of this spell?"

Once everyone had given their answers, save per some of his shier students - he did not press them, knowing that once they grew out of their shell they would participate in their own timing - Codey looked towards the stack of books and they began distributing themselves out, one per student. "Your goal for this class is to find a quiet spot, take a seat, and practise the spell. Once you've gotten the hang of it, please do try moving the book as you walk. I will be going around to assist any of you who need help."
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PostSubject: Re: Charms Application   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:07 pm

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Charms Application
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