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 Muggle Studies Professor Application

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PostSubject: Muggle Studies Professor Application   Thu May 14, 2015 6:34 am

Full Name: Ryan Levi Ackerman

Position: Muggle Studies

Previous Education: Brazilian Wizarding School (It is technically cannon as it was mentioned, but the name is still unknown).

Halfblood heritage
Attended Muggle school from ages 5 to 11
Has Muggle friends, from various cultures
Extensive knowledge about Muggle history and many world cultures
Extensive knowledge about Muggle technology

Activity: Newly active but I'll manage.

Roleplay Example: 
"...and I just don't get why they like the device so much. I mean, what's so interesting about that piece of-?" The boy shut up, realizing he was not supposed to end that last sentence unless he wanted trouble. Ryan smirked. "Okay, good point, Wade." He was leaning in front of his desk, his arms crossed against his chest as he listened to the boy's  argument. "However, Aria's point is also very convincing." He had given them a debate topic, which they been assigned teams to work with and a leader to deliver their final thoughts, and so far Aria was convincing him the most. "She brings the point that the cell phone is practically just a mini computer. Who wouldn't want one of those things all the time if it can fit in the palm of their hand?" Ryan pressed the question, because regardless of how good Wade's argument had been he was still lacking the acknowledgement of the opposing side, and the best way to prove them wrong.

"Think about it, man." Ryan left the desk and walked over to the middle of the room, where Aria and Wade faced each other, the rest of their teams sitting behind them in the chairs.[/color=teal] "You knew their argument would be that the whole world is at their hands, so you gotta give me something different, a reason for me to believe that's a terrible idea."[/color] Patting the boy on the shoulder, Ryan walked back towards his desk. "Come on. Let's take a break and review a little for the test."He said as he took a pile of papers from his desk and passed them out to the students. "Since this chapter was about technology, can someone give me the most commonly used examples of it?"A few hands rose up in the air, and Ryan picked the redhaired girl, America. "The internet."She said proudly, to which Ryan grinned.

"Yes! The internet!"
He loved the internet, lots of good stuff there. "Anything else? Think of more tangible stuff rather than abstract."He pressed, and as the hands rose up again he picked on Lucy. "Airplanes." The blonde replied cheerfully. Ryan grinned again, proud of how much they remembered. "Of course! Come on, keep them coming, don't wait for me."Before he was even finished with that sentence, the kids were shouting out things like lightbulbs, lawn mowers, cellphones, etc. "Great!"Ryan said as the students calmed down. "Now, the test is going to ask you for that, and as you can see on your review, I've given you space to write down five examples." He walked over to some of the desks, looking over the students shoulders as they wrote down answers to some of the questions.
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PostSubject: Re: Muggle Studies Professor Application   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:08 pm

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Muggle Studies Professor Application
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