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 Ariadne O'Rieley

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PostSubject: Ariadne O'Rieley    Tue Jun 09, 2015 7:31 am


Full Name: Ariadne “Ari” Evelyn O’Rieley
Age: 21
Date of birth: March 26th
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Current home: England
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Straight
Wand type: 9 ¾ inches, raccoon hair, oak.

Hair colour and style: Ari has naturally wavy fiery red hair. It is normally kept down.

Eye colour: Ari has sky blue eyes.

Height: 5’1

Body type: Ari is skinny

Dress sense:
Since she is muggleborn she dresses in muggle clothes. Only wearing wizarding robes when she goes to work.


Tattoos: Being a rebellious teen, Ari decided to get a tattoo of a heart on her left wrist. It’s about the size of a dime



Singing (she sings like a banshee tho)
Going to Art museum’s


Robots throwing mangoes-referring to a dream she had when she was little. It scarred her for life.


Street smarts
Can hold breathe under water for a long period of time




Cory and Bridget met in law school at Oxford. Since they both dreamed of becoming successful lawyers one day, they decided to take their relationship slow, and remain friends until graduation. After graduation, Cory proposed to Bridget the traditional way, by getting on one knee, and presenting her with a ring. She said yes, and a year later, their first and only child, Ariadne was born. They had not named Ariadne until the third day after she was born.

Cory was obsessed with Greek Mythology, and got lost in his little girls eyes. Ariadne in Greek Mythology, is in charge of a giant labyrinth. She is supposed to make hero’s get lost in the labyrinth and have them killed, but she ends up helping one defeat a minotaur. Cory finds this story fascinating, and one of his favorites. Ariadne is also Dionysus, the god of wines wife. And Cory’s favorite Greek God. Bridget was appauled at the name, but knew her husband’s fasination with Greek Mythology, so let him name their little girl on one condition; that she never be called Ariadne. From that day forward, she would be known as simply Ari.

Bridget is really close with her sister, Evelyn, but doesn’t always agree with her life choices. Evelyn is very artsy, loves to sing and paint, and basically dreams of becoming a version of Picasso, and Mozart mixed. Bridget made her Ari’s godmother. Ari is closer to her cool Aunt Evelyn than her own actual parents. Her parents are gone all the time due to traveling for work, and Aunt Evelyn is the one who raises her and she’s extremely spoiled. Ari is used to getting what she wants, when she wants it at that very moment.  

During her school years, Ari was very unpleasant and always demanded attention. She got into fights all the time, but that somehow didn’t stop her from making friends. Or rather, forcing her best friend Matthew, and now long term boyfriend to be her best friend. No matter how hard he tried to stay away, she would keep coming. Ari had this little fact on life that she could get whatever she wanted, including friends. During school, she loved studying Astronomy and Divination. But mostly Astronomy. She found her passion and aspired to be an Astronomy professor when she got out of Hogwarts.

The summer she spent before she got her teaching job, she spent with her boyfriend, Matthew and his family. Matthew knows of her passion for the stars and took her star searching a lot, and even got a star named after her. That summer, her parents both died in a car accident. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it, and still hasn’t fully come to terms with it as they weren’t a big part of her life growing up. She's beginning to shut everyone out, and hasn't spoken to either Aunt Evelyn, or Matthew since she applied for the professor job.


Mother: Bridget O’Rieley /  66 / Deceased / muggleborn
Father: Cory O’Rieley / 67 / Deceased: / muggleborn
Siblings: Name: / Age: / Living or Deceased: / Blood type or Species:

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PostSubject: Re: Ariadne O'Rieley    Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:35 pm

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Ariadne O'Rieley
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