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 Teaching Application (Astronomy)

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PostSubject: Teaching Application (Astronomy)   Tue Jun 09, 2015 8:10 am

Full Name: Ariadne Evelyn O'Rieley
Position: Astronomy
Qualifications & Previous Education:
Got an outstanding in Astronomy on her OWLs. Went forward and studied Astronomy at university and got a teaching degree.

What makes you qualified for this job?
Your character is going to play a key role in our site, so do you think you're realistically going to be active enough to complete all classes fully? yes.

Roleplay Example:

Ari smiled as she looked at her classroom. Her dream had finally come true. Yes she had asked Matthew to put their life on hold while she completed this long term dream, but the fact that she was right at that very moment standing in her own classroom, and living in her favorite place on earth, made the waiting all worth it. Ari grabbed a piece of chalk and began to write on the board. She wrote, "Constellations and they're back stories" She wrote down a few constellations that she knew the back stories too, most having to deal with greek mythology, and thanks to her father who had taught her a stories when she was growing up, she knew a thing or two about it. Her name for example. It wasn't constellation, but it had to do with greek mythology.

Ari felt a sudden wave of sadness thinking about her father. And it felt weird. That was the first feeling she had felt about him since he passed that summer. She tried shaking it off before the start of the lesson. She was surprised when the first student had walked in. She was wearing Ravenclaw robes of course, and since this was a class for the older students, she had to be at least a 5 year or older. Ari nodded to the girl, and got butterflies. Finally more students started to arrive after a little bit, and she had all the names written on the board as shown:


She would have each student pick one, and they would write an essay on it's meaning and why it became a constellation. She smiled at her idea. She turned to the student who had arrived early and said, "Five points to Ravenclaw!" She wanted to be the type of teacher who people liked. She would award points whenever she could, as she wasn't racist, but she didn't want to abuse her power either. She smiled as the student's face lifted with pride. This was going to be a fun lesson she noticed as she looked at the students who showed up. She looked at her roster and there was a right number of people. She said, "Right. Today, I want you all to take a look at the board. Tell me what all these have in common?" The ravencalw girl who had showed up early raised her hand.

Ari pointed at her. She answered, "Greek Mythology!" Ari nodded and said, "Excellent, ten points to Ravenclaw. That's right. Everyone of these constellations has a story. What I want from you is to pick one. You don't have to pick from the list I listed, but pick a constellation that has to do with Greek Mythology, and write an essay on it. I want it on my desk tomorrow morning. You may begin your research now." Ari smiled. This is going to be fun.

Please give us an example of how you would begin a class. This must be a minimum of 250 words showing how your character is likely to interact with a class, or set up a class. Feel free to use NPCs if you want to create a more dynamic scenario, and please make it specific to the job you're applying for
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PostSubject: Re: Teaching Application (Astronomy)   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:08 pm

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Teaching Application (Astronomy)
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