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 Ramona Everly

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PostSubject: Ramona Everly   Sat Jun 20, 2015 5:20 pm


Full Name: Ramona Grace Everly
Age: 17
Date of birth: march 26
Birthplace: Yorkshire, England
Current home: Yorkshire
Blood Status: Pureblood
Sexual Alignment: Straight
Wand type: Ebony, werewolf fur, 7 3/4 inches


Hair colour and style:

Ramona has thick curly black hair and it is usually styled with short layers. She likes to wear headbands that go around her forehead.

Eye colour:
Almond shaped black eyes
Height: 5'5
Body type:

She likes to keep her body healthy, and since she is a vegan, it is important for her to keep a good healthy diet so she can get all the nutrients she needs to stay fit and healthy. She's thin, and has huge dimples when she smiles. She has an oval face, and crystal white teeth.

Dress sense:

Ramona likes to dress in clothes that fit loosely to her body. She's a Pureblood, but she hates wearing Wizarding robes as she thinks they are unflattering. She loves cardigans and loose fitting sweaters that promote vegans or animal rights which is something she is passionate about. She is hardly ever seen without a cardigan.



World peace
Cardigans/roomie sweaters

Being taken advantage of
Hippocrates (which is ironic because she is one)
People who don't see her view
Being lied too


Proving herself right
The ability to stick up for herself/other people


Her bluntness
Her innocent view on life


Nicolas Everly and Mary White met in England where both grew up. They lived down the street from one another, and there parents worked together in the ministry. They attended parties and became close friends. By the time they were both eleven, both Mary and Nick had received their Hogwarts letters. They were relived to be sorted into Slytherin when they arrived at Hogwarts. They remained close friends throughout their years, and by their fifth year, since it was expected that they start dating, Nick had asked Mary out. Neither of them having a previous relationship, as it was destined that they be together.

They lasted through both sixth and seventh years, Mary wanted to travel the world, and Nick wanted to become an AUROR. They went their different ways, and broke up. Mary returned home for her fathers 50th birthday, and her mother surprised her by throwing a giant party, inviting the Everlys. Nick showed up, and made a big scene on how he still loved Mary and hadn't been with anybody worth staying with since her. Mary agreed to stay at home and begin her healing school to be with nick. She successfully made it through, and Nick was a full time AUROR. They saved enough money to have a wedding and go on a decent honey moon, so nick proposed to Mary, and they got married that year. Six months later, Mary had a beautiful baby girl named Ramona.

Ramona grew up to be a free spirited child who loved to explore. She was used to getting her own way, so she ended up being pretty spoiled. When Ramona was seven years old, her grandfather thought it would be fun to show Ramona a slaughter house that he ran. She grew very attatched to a cow, and then her grandfather told her that they killed the animal for meat. Ramona cried for days and never touched meat again.

When she was nine, she was sitting in a field outside her grandparents house, and there were dead flowers on the bushes. She looked at it and wished it would bloom into a pretty Rose knowing full well that it was a daisy. Three seconds later, the plant grew into a Rose. Ramona had gotten her magical abilities. She bragged about it for days.

When she was 10, her father died on an AUROR job. This left Ramona heart broken as she was very close to her father and was "daddies girl". It was then her mother told her about. Ramona's twin sister they had to give up for adoption. Ramona was shocked and scared all at the same time. Her mother was the one who protected her from the violence of the world.

She had created a mess, and Ramona wanted to fix it. She had family that she didn't know about and she felt that by meeting her twin sister, she would be gaining a family member and loosing one. Mary set out to find the daughter she gave up to save her relationship with the current daughter she had. Mary found her daughter who went by the name of Daphne. Mary found her in a foster home, and found out that she had been having behavioral problems. They had said that she was making things happen they couldn't explain, and Mary knew that daphne had gotten her magical abilities and would go to Hogwarts too.

Mary had officially taken Daphne back in and adopted her fully for Ramona's sake. Ramona and Daphne where completely different people. While Ramona was free spirited, and sarcastic and blunt, Daphne was shy, easily distracted, and not very talkative.  But that didn't stop Ramona from wanting a twin bond with her.

At age eleven, Ramona and Daphne received their letters to go to Hogwarts. Ramona was sad that they were sorted into different houses. But because Daphne was a huge pushover, didn't mean that Ramona would be. Ramona stood up for Daphne, and wouldn't let anybody walk over her. They took the same classes, and had the same career goal. They both wanted to become healers like their mother.

But by the age of 15, Ramona was missing their father more and more. She wanted to become more like him. This pursued arguments between Daphne and Mary. It got to the point to where Daphne and Ramona didn't even speak to each other. They became estranged. They barley made eye contact in the hallways, and their friends new to never mention the other when they where talking.

At sixteen, they still hadn't talked. Ramona was still pursuing a career as an AUROR, and she had bed kicked out of the house for saying some stuff that she shouldn't of. She worked full time at a tea shop in hogsmeade, and lived in Hogsmead during the summer so that way she could keep working to get into school.

Ramona is now in her seventh year at Hogwarts. She's still pursuing an AUROR career, and has even dabbled a little bit in writing articles about world peace and animal rights.  Her dream is to get at least one in the daily prophet.  Ramona and Daphne haven't spoken since their fifth year at Hogwarts. She hasn't even spoken to her mother.


Mother: Name: Mary Everly (née: Smith) / 47/ Living /pureblood
Father: Name: Nicolas Everlg / 50 / Deceased/ Pureblood
Siblings: Name: Daphne Everly / 17 / Living / Pureblood
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PostSubject: Re: Ramona Everly   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:36 pm

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Ramona Everly
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