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 Thaddeus Ramero Greer

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PostSubject: Thaddeus Ramero Greer   Fri Jul 17, 2015 8:48 am

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Full Name: Thaddeus "Tad" Ramero Greer
Age: 30
Date of birth: March 26
Birthplace: Venice, Italy
Current home: England
Blood Status: Pureblood
Sexual Alignment: Straight
Wand type: Hippogriff tail feather, 7 1/2 inches, mohogany

Hair colour and style: short and natural looking. It's brown with a hint of blond
Eye colour: hazel
Height: 6'3
Body type: muscular, and well fit.
Dress sense: when he's not teaching, Tad dresses in Wizarding robes as he doesn't associate with muggles





Being told what to do
Somebody not knowing his name
Not having money


Authoritative voice
common sense smarts (he's practically a genious)


When people bring up his past
His family


Tad was born to Ramero and Isabella Greer. They where purebloods who where forced into an arranged marriage to keep their families blood lines pure. It worked out eventually, because they grew to love each other. They didn't let the power of their parents force their marries at first and had an open relationship. But as the years grew on, Bella and Ramero fell in love when they had their baby boy Thaddeus Greer. Named after his great grandfather.

Bella always said that it was tad who brought Her and Ramero close together. Before Tad, Ramero was a gambler, an alcoholic, and a theif. Tad was originally conceived because Ramero raped Bella one night when he came home drunk. But after numerous appologies and promising to never touch her again, AND give up drinking and all his faults, Ramero grew into an impeccable strong and wealthy man after paying all of his debts. When Bella announced that she was pregnant, Ramero really changed his attitude on how he viewed society, his wife, and everything around him to become a better person for his son.

Tad was born in Venice,Italy. After his birth, Bella and Ramero fled to England to fight off debts that Ramero had. They changed their names to Greer having previously been called Montelbano. Ramero had thought that changing their name would secure Tads saftey and give him a bright future. Rameros plan worked. He became a banker for Gringotts, and grew very wealthy working with the goblins. Bella became a semstress, and sewed and hemmed clothing for the people in her neighborhood. With Rameros large salary, and Bella's decent income, the Greers made a decent living. With the money from their past lives, they where able to buy a four story mansion on the outskirts of England in the country.

Tad grew up being able to play in his big back yard. With this his oppertunities where endless. Like his father, tad wanted power at a very young age. He played games with his mum like "King and slave" and made his mum do little things like tie his shoes, or fly him in the air like an airplane. It was one game he loved. Tad grew up having a wild imagination. When he was the King, he played that an army was going to come and take over the house, and he was the only one who could protect the kingdom in his fathers absence. He grew up wanting to be a writer. But since generations of montelbanos where not writers, but crafts men, farmers, scientists, and doctors, tads dream at a young age was shot down and disapproved of by his father.

Since Tad was "the little prince" when he was at home with his mum, this made Tad angry. One day, he was writing in his journal. He was about seven years old, and his parents feard he would be a squib since he hadn't shown his signs of magic yet. But hat fateful day proved them wrong. Tad had exploded all the windows in the house in a temper tantrum when his dad had stolen his notebook of drawings and threw them away. At age eleven, tad received his Hogwarts letter. He was sorted into Slytherin, which made his pureblooded parents very proud.

Tad enjoyed school. He loved going to class and learning. What he hated was associating his social life with other people. The people of Hogwarts didn't exactly see eye to eye with his view on life and humanity. To him, Tad was always right and everyone else was just stupid. And his attitude never changed no matter how hard a professor tried. His school life was more difficult than his home life. He got detentions a lot, and was on the verge of being expelled. The only Thing that kept him going was the girls. If it wasn't for the girls, Tad would've left a long time ago. Tad realized that he was a smooth talker and could get girls to do what ever he wanted them to do. He became the bad boy, and the player never having a relationship lasting longer than two weeks, or as long as he could get them into bed.

He realized by the time he was seventeen that he wanted a relationship to last, but his reputation ruined that. He couldn't break the cycle, and his addiction to sex was just not worth taking away for just one girl. He had tried to have a decent lasting relationship with his best friend Bethany. A fellow student who surprisingly was almost just like him. The relationship lasted three months, and frankly it was just sexual. They never talked, and one never saw them without their tougnes down each other's throats. It was when Beth had gone out with another man, that Tad gave up all hope with women. He wanted to still have that chance, but he had commitment issues, and he was afraid, and still is.

Today, Tad wants money and power like his father. He has this weird dream that everybody will know his name, and he will rise up and become one of the most dangerous wizards since Lord Voldemort. Tad has fallen in love with the idea of him teaching and corrupting children to learn his way of life, and possibly make them like him. Tad hasn't spoken to his parents in years after Tad went to school. He spent his holidays either with friends, or when he was of age, he got an apartment of his own after saving with his part time job in Hogsmeade. If one knew both Tad and his father, they would say that tad was a spitting image. But Tad would punch them in the face and say that he was nothing like his dad, and never will be.


Mother: Isabella Montelbano-Greer (nee: Blancos / 72 / Living/ Pureblood
Father: Ramero Montelbano-Greer/ 87/ Living / Pureblood

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Thaddeus Ramero Greer
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