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 Olivia Bell

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PostSubject: Olivia Bell   Thu Dec 11, 2014 4:47 pm


Full Name: Olivia Roxanne Bell
Age: 17
Date of birth: 14. 5. 1996
Birthplace: London
Current home: Hogwarts/outskirts of London
Blood Status: Half-blood
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual, aromantic
Wand type: 12.5" Yew, Dragon Heartstring


Hair colour and style: Black
Eye colour: Dark brown
Height: 1.67 m
Body type: Thin
Dress sense: Punk-rock, whatever is clean and there

Birthmarks: Yes, on her right hip
Tattoos: None yet
Scars: None
Piercings: Her nose, her ears, left eyebrow


Likes: Music, poetry, animals, outdoing other people
Dislikes: Cockroaches, small places, being wrong
Strengths: Intuitive, logical, good at generating ideas
Weaknesses: Bad at following through, selfish, sometimes unethical
Positive traits: Enthusiastic if she really likes the subject, resourceful, artistic
Negative traits: Doesn't have much empathy, is dishonest and immoral if needed, unfocused if she doesn't like the subject


Olivia was given to an orphanage the day she was born. Her Mother didn't leave any personal information other than the fact she was a witch, and so the girl was left to grow up in London as an orphan. Emilia and Rhys adopted her when she was 7 years old. They were a nice, loving couple, who had already adopted two children, Anthony and Sophia. Olivia loved it with her new family, as the parents were prepared to do anything for their children, they were accepting and sweet. Emilia was a painter and Rhys a therapist. A year later, they adopted two more children; twins, two years younger than herself, Ian and Alfred. 

At age 11, Olivia was accepted to Hogwarts and has been attending it ever since. She gets strangely competitive at subjects she likes - Transfiguration, Potions and Ancient Runes, but isn't above bribing others to do work for her in subjects she couldn't care less about. She's extroverted and doesn't mind talking to people, though she's guarded and doesn't trust easily.

Mother: Name: Emilia Irene Bell/ Age: 50/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Muggleborn
Father: Name: Rhys Oliver Bell/ Age: 49/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Muggle
Name: Sophia Ivy Bell/ Age: 25/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Half-blood
Name: Anthony Noah Bell/ Age: 23/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Muggle
Name: Ian Nathaniel/ Age: 15/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Half-blood
Name: Alfred Timothy/ Age: 15/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Half-blood

Spouse: Name: / Age: / Living or Deceased: / Blood type or Species:
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Partner: Name: / Age: / Living or Deceased: / Blood type or Species:
Children: Name: / Age: / Living or Deceased: / Blood type or Species:
Pets: Name: Ed/ Age: 6/ Living or Deceased: Living/ Blood type or Species: Dog - Husky

Family Background

Emilia and Rhys met at a protest in New York, fell in love instantly and have been happily together ever since. He was a Muggle and when Emilia told him she was a witch, he was excited and happy about it. They couldn't have children, so they decided to adopt one. When they saw how happy they made their little girl and how fulfilling it was to offer home to a child, they decided they would adopt another one. They had money, as Emilia's parents left her her inheritance and Rhys was a beginning his career as a psychologist. They adopted a boy that turned out to be a Muggle, just like Rhys.

The family moved to a bigger house to the outskirts of London and they welcomed another little girl in their home. Olivia adjusted pretty well and soon, the 7-year old chased her older siblings around. A year later, the twins came. They became fast friends with Olivia and their favourite hobby was pulling pranks on their serious older sister.

Sophia was set on becoming a Healer, she took school seriously and didn't appreciate being disturbed when she was studying. Tony, who was a Muggle and loved books more than anything, tried to get his younger siblings to lay off Sophia, but he gave that up when they threatened his books.

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PostSubject: Re: Olivia Bell   Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:16 pm

Olivia's family:

Emilia Bell - Painter - Mom

Rhys Bell - Therapist - Dad

Sophia Bell - Healer Pediatrician - Sister

Anthony Bell - post-grad History student, works in a library - Brother

Ian(left) and Alfred(right) Bell - attending Hogwarts - Brothers

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PostSubject: Re: Olivia Bell   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:26 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Olivia Bell   

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Olivia Bell
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