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 Violetta "Lettie" Asturias

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PostSubject: Violetta "Lettie" Asturias   Tue Aug 11, 2015 5:30 am


Full Name: Violetta Singh Asturias
Age: 25 going on 26
Date of birth: December 18, 1990
Birthplace: La Paz, Bolivia
Current home: Glasgow, Scottland
Blood Status: Half-blood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: 10" Holly, strand of mermaid hair


Hair colour and style: Naturally curly, straightens it, or turns it wavy
Eye colour: Light-brown
Height: 5"4
Body type: Curvy, lean
Dress sense:
Work - button ups, pencil skirts, slacks, two to four inch heels, blouses, stockings, boots
Weekend - dresses, jeans, flats or sneakers


Birthmarks: N/A
Tattoos: Dragon tattoo on her left ankle, tiger lily tattoo on her right hip
Scars: One on her chest in between her breasts
Piercings: Ears


Likes: Chocolate, Bolivian culture, muggle robotics technology, muggles, the Asturias' family, reading, movies, fun
Dislikes: Rude people, judgmental people, too perfect people
Strengths: Care for the Magical Creatures, Herbology, Potions, Divination, Astronomy, Being an oracle, Cupcake making, helping others
Weaknesses: Her family, dragonlings, rom-com movies, muggle music, chocolate, people in need of help
Positive traits: Extremely caring, Care for the Magical Creatures, Reading, Meticulous Cleaning & Practice, Healing - spell damage, Healing - Poisons & Antidotes, Dragon Training - Dragons & Origins, Dragon Training - Dragon Anatomy
Negative traits: Extremely caring, very whimsical, quick to try and help anyone even if they don't need help, no idea of self-preservation, no understanding monetary value so is goes from being with a surplus of money to being in debt of money, dates the wrong kinds of guy, cooking


Lettie Asturias was adopted by her cousin Elessia's mother, after their grandmother who had been raising her in La Paz had died, when she was 4 and her father Benito Asturias, Elessia's mother's brother and Elessia's uncle died. She kept her last name even after her mother, Analisa, came back to raise her alongside Natter Mackerly. Natter was also a prestigious pureblood like Analisa. Natter dabbled more in the Dark Arts, and had no objections to killing. It came to a shock when Lettie learned of this when she was 16 because he was so kind to her mother and her.

As it so turned out, Natter hadn't been so kind; for a majority of his life before he met Analisa he threw people away. Ana helped him work a lot of his issues out as she was a psychologist. He wouldn't stop practicing the Dark Arts, and Lettie has a plentiful of siblings who treat her like a sister and have tried to urge her to take up the practice.

She's refused, but they don't judge her for it. Instead they'd tried to arrange a marriage for her, which she has been rather adamant to accept to.

Lettie is just a very kind soul, extremely friend. Her major fail may be that she does care too much; she's dated plenty of men who have used her for her money. They were toxic, but she's a hopeless romantic. She enjoys her life very much as it is.


Name: Analisa Kahn / Age: 45 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood
Name: Natter Mackerly / Age: 91 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood
Name: Benito Asturias / Age: 32 / Living or Deceased: Deceased / Blood type or Species: Muggleborn
Name: Killian Mackerly / Age: 31 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood Wizard
Name: Lyndhom Mackerly / Age: 29 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood Wizard
Name: Pritchard Mackerly / Age: 28 / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Pureblood Wizard

Name: / Age: / Living or Deceased: / Blood type or Species:
Name: / Age: / Living or Deceased: / Blood type or Species:
Name: / Age: / Living or Deceased: / Blood type or Species:
Name: Bubba / Age: 3 years / Living or Deceased: Living / Blood type or Species: Half-Kneazle, half-lynx

Family Background

The Asturias' current generations include this - Calista Reyes married Paolo Asturias, when she was 18 and immigrating from the Philippines. They had six children; Tino, Giovanni, Rista and Olivia, Maria, and Benito. Calista was very good at being a mother and passed good morals onto most of her children. Rista and Olivia were twins who married middle-class men in the 90's, Tino opened up his own restaurant in La Paz that his oldest son would eventually take over where he would also house Benito and Violetta, Giovanni became a lawyer, and Maria has been working her way up the accountant chain. Paolo died before Maria had Elessia as Elessia is the youngest of her six cousins

Analisa was 19 and in her First Year of University when she met Benito who was seven years older than her. Analisa was from a prestigious pureblood family with a lot of influence in Bombay, and so her family asked Benito to house her until the baby was born and keep the knowledge of Violetta's mother a secret. They said they'd search for a suitable match for Analisa once her nine months were over with a discreet husband, begging that Benito not marry their daughter. He agreed to, Analisa grew close to Calista and Maria in those 9 months and promised secretly that one day she'd come back for Lettie.

Elessia and Lettie became very close when Benito died, but when Lettie turned six Analisa came back. Analisa had married a good, but old man; he was on his fourth wife at 68. He took good care of Analisa and his need to protect those who had somewhat rocky starts at life (this included Analisa) rubbed off on Lettie. They moved to Scotland and Lettie was sorted as a Gryffindor, this surprised everyone. She keeps in good contact with Asturias even if she was more of a black sheep than Elessia was.
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PostSubject: Re: Violetta "Lettie" Asturias   Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:49 pm

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Violetta "Lettie" Asturias
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