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 Start of Term Feast (Hogwarts Staff & Students Alike!)

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PostSubject: Start of Term Feast (Hogwarts Staff & Students Alike!)   Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:59 am

It was that time of the year again, and this year, Daniel was not nervous for the start of term feast. Sure, it was only his second one, but he'd done it once now, he knew what to expect. The hall had been decorated in the neutral Hogwarts crests, and candles lit the room from the ceiling. Thankfully for the students it was a clear night, so they wouldn't get soaked from the train ride up to the castle.

He was quite sure his students would have a good year this year, and he hoped that the newly appointed (and returning) prefects would do their jobs well. It hadn't been too hard a decision picking out the best from the previous year, and hopefully Daniel's decisions wouldn't be wrong.

Taking his seat at the main table, Daniel waited for the students to begin to file in, wondering which houses the new faces would be sorted in to, and how they would do in the long run at the school.

But only time would tell.

OOC: Feel free to RP an overview of the train journey over to Hogwarts, and the carriage/boat ride up to the school. The sorting ceremony can also be posted now. Be creative!
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PostSubject: Re: Start of Term Feast (Hogwarts Staff & Students Alike!)   Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:29 pm

Stepping into the Great Hall, Aiden grinned softly. It might have only been six weeks but the holidays had certainly felt long and now it felt very good being welcomed back by Hogwart's magic. Moving through the Hall towards the Slytherin table, the brunette looked around the Hall, hoping to catch sight of Sebastian but not really seeing him in the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

Shrugging his shoulders he turned back to his table and smiled at his house mates. He had the whole year to talk to and hopefully ask Sebastian out. Their week spent together in Italy was the best week that Aiden had ever spent with someone and it was also the week that cemented Aiden's want of asking the blond out.

Being it his sixth year and Sebastian's seventh, Aiden knew that he would only have one year to ask the blond out and frankly, he did hope that Sebastian would say yes before their last few weeks at Hogwarts.
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PostSubject: Re: Start of Term Feast (Hogwarts Staff & Students Alike!)   Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:44 pm

When Adaline stepped into the Great Hall, she was very quick to make her way towards the Ravenclaw Table with only a glance at the Gryffindor one, wondering where Kai was. Sitting down, she breathed a sigh of relief. Being pregnant and at school was not exactly the best thing that could happen but it was what Adaline had decided she wanted to do.

She knew that she had the choice to just leave Hogwarts if she wanted but the Headmaster had been kind enough to let her stay. Of course she didn't know whether she would continue to stay in the dorms or not but at the moment she didn't care. What she did care for was eating the lovely food in front of her.

Her cravings had finally kicked in and Adaline knew that more then one person would be disgusted by what she was eating but frankly, she just didn't give a damn.
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PostSubject: Re: Start of Term Feast (Hogwarts Staff & Students Alike!)   Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:48 pm

Perseus had been enjoying his summer and even enjoyed the fact that all his siblings were now at Hogwarts. Which meant he could be able to help his brother Samuel out at Hogwarts. Since he had been wanting to be able to guide somebody.

Then soon the fifth year looked and he looked up at the headmaster and he wondered how many students would be sorted this coming year since he had only wondered how many students he could help with studying, alongside with studying for there owls and he met some while he was working at Flourish and Blotts.

Then soon Perseus got back to his thinking and he wondered how long it could be till he was able to go to the library and study his life away on trying to do good on his OWLS, and hopefully having a shot at getting a job in the ministry.

Or maybe even a professor, and then soon he looked up at the headmaster.
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PostSubject: Re: Start of Term Feast (Hogwarts Staff & Students Alike!)   Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:56 pm

Parker had loved his Hogwarts experiance, since it involved quidditch which was something he loved with all his heart. Since he was the Slytherin keeper, and how he took it very seriously. Since Parker took numerous things seriosuly. Since he had been raised right by his father who was the best person he had ever met.

Then soon Parker snapped back and began looking around the great hall with a smile. Since he loved seeing the people here, and he knew that it was time for him to make friends since the sixteen year old put Quidditch before making friends.

Even though Parker had known his real mother would think he is crazy and insane for playing sports, but the sixteen year old did not care, and he soon remembered that his younger half-brother was being sorted this year, well that's what he had heard.

Then soon Parker looked and he looked to see if he could see him, since he never saw him ever. Then soon he wondered what his brother was like. Then soon he continued his attention to the front.
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PostSubject: Re: Start of Term Feast (Hogwarts Staff & Students Alike!)   Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:15 pm

Finley's summer had been something of a whirlwind. It had been the first time he'd been outside of the UK and America... well, America had been something in itself, to be quite honest. Everything was so much bigger - not always better - and sometimes the vast differences had been something of a worry to Finley. But for the most part, almost all of the time, he'd enjoyed himself.

What had made Finley's summer so cool though - not that he would probably tell anyone about this part of his summer - was that he'd received his first kiss. Amber Arkawow was a very talented actress - not as much as Sumire, Finley would say, but talented no less. The girl had been prettier than he could describe, truth be told, and the night before he was due to leave for home, Amber had pulled him aside and pressed a firm kiss to his lips. One that had knocked the breath from his lungs for a longer amount of time than was reasonable, and one that had his cheeks glowing for hours afterwards.

Sumire had asked, but Finley had just gone a deeper shade of red rather than replying, trying to get used to the feelings he felt when he remembered that kiss.

All too soon, however, school had come back, and Finley had quickly bought all of his books from Diagon Alley before making his way to King's Cross Station. There he had bundled all of his belongings on to the train after a quick goodbye to his parents. He'd just about relaxed - being out of his parents gaze, when a familiar witch moved towards him.

"You didn't write back." Madison told him, her face showing nothing of the nature of her statement. Finley had swallowed, remembering only now about the small note that had come to him in America. Grimacing slightly as he remembered he truly hadn't written back, Finley's cheeks began to warm slightly.

"I'm s-sorry." Finley replied softly to the witch, hoping she wouldn't mind too much really. "I... w-was busy... a-and forgot..." He explained, knowing that the excuse was feeble in itself. Finley hadn't written to Naomi all summer either, but he had at least remembered to get her a present. This... it seemed, was a vast oversight on his behalf.

"I'm teasing!" Madison replied only a moment later, and relief sank through the Raenclaw in an instant. "I did say you didn't need to!" The Slytherin continued, and Finley nodded in response, that was very true. They'd stayed in the aisle of the train for a little while, as Finley responded to the note she'd sent - he knew exactly what had been said, and answered each question for her. Finley explained how he'd gone to America, how it has been his first holiday, and what Sumire had shown him on the trip. He told her of the people he'd met at the set of Grease. He told Madison about each of the people he'd met, and how they acted.

But when he got to talking of Amber, he became a little more... confident in how he spoke of her, and his cheeks flushed the more he spoke. It was, to say the least, a crush that had developed over the weeks he'd been away. Not one he would act on, but one that he would enjoy the feeling of until it dissipated in to nothing.

The Ravenclaw would miss any reaction from the Slytherin, too engrossed in explaining the moment.

That had been several hours before, and Finley had excused himself from Madison's company to go and find his best friend. It had been difficult, not seeing Naomi for so long, but he was sure she would understand he couldn't be in two places at once. Well, at least not without a time turner, and it never did do well to meddle with time.

They'd made their way up to the castle, Finley explaining everything he could remember from his holiday once more, and listening attentively to Naomi explain her own holidays. When they'd reached the castle, they'd both made their way to the Ravenclaw table, wondering where the new students would be placed. Finley kept trying to guess where each of the first years would be sorted, but inevitably got it wrong more often than not. By the time the sorting had finished, he'd smiled to himself and turned back to Naomi.

"It l-looks like you c-can't judge a book b-by it's cover." He mused, his eyes flickering to the Hufflepuff table to see if he could locate Sumire to say thank you for the trip once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Start of Term Feast (Hogwarts Staff & Students Alike!)   Sat Sep 12, 2015 3:33 pm

As the hall filled, Daniel waited long enough for the sorting ceremony to begin before he looked out across the sea of faces. He wondered what would become of the students before him over the years to come, and how many he would have to help along the way. There would always be the highs and lows of his job, but so far, Daniel had not been as content in any job as he was with his current one.

Once the sortings had finished - with Daniel clapping for each of them equally - the man stood up, moving to the eagle lectern that held no notes, but power. "Ladies and gentlemen." The headmaster greeted the children before them, his lips pulling in to a smile. "Welcome..." He told them, allowing a moment for the word to sink in. "To Hogwarts, where you past does not matter any more, only the future that you will carve for yourself. Now that the sorting has finished, make sure that you acquaint yourself with your housemates.

"The rules, as I'm sure you're aware, are simple. Work hard at your studies, enjoy the extra-curricular activities that we have on offer, and stay clear of the Forbidden Forest unless with a Professor." Daniel continued, making sure his tone showed the seriousness of the words.

"But, most of all, have fun whilst you're here, because these will be the best years of your life." Daniel finished, right on cue for the food to appear. "But for tonight, feast like kings and queens, for tomorrow the magic begins!"

With that, Daniel returned to his seat, leaving the students to make of his words what they will.
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PostSubject: Re: Start of Term Feast (Hogwarts Staff & Students Alike!)   Thu Sep 17, 2015 7:27 pm

Naomi was practically vibrating with excitement as she got on the train. As much as she loved her family, she was ecstatic to get to go back to Hogwarts for another year. She had hugged her Da and Nana goodbye and she was ready to get back to school for a few months.

Unable to find Finley, Naomi curled up in the corner of an empty carriage with a Muggle book, A Wrinkle in Time. She had just reached the part where Mrs. What accidentally tessered the kids to a 2-D planet when Finley found her.

They spent the rest of the ride on the train and on the carriages discussing their summers, Naomi grinning when Finley told her about the kiss, but deciding not to tease him about it. They whispered guesses about the first years together, Naomi proudly grinning when she guessed right, and listened politely to Headmaster Jameson's speech before digging into the food in front of them.

"Nana can make a better lamb stew than anything I get here, but I've missed just about all of the other food!" she told Finley with a grin.
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PostSubject: Re: Start of Term Feast (Hogwarts Staff & Students Alike!)   

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Start of Term Feast (Hogwarts Staff & Students Alike!)
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