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 Damien Halloway

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PostSubject: Damien Halloway   Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:05 pm


Full Name: Damien Gray Halloway
Age: 14
Date of birth: (day, month, year) 1/October/2002
Birthplace: London, UK
Current home: Hogwarts
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Sexual Alignment: Male. Pansexual
Wand type: Blackthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 12 1/2 inches, inflexible.


Hair colour and style: Black, short and straight but mildly spiked.
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 1.76m/5'8ft
Body type: Tall and slim.
Dress sense: Damien isn't very picky with clothes. He wears anything that he thinks it looks good. He usually wears Muggle clothes and dresses to "fit in" in order to go unnoticed

Birthmarks: None
Tattoos: None
Scars: None
Piercings: None


Likes: Music; Reading; Coffee (To the point of addiction); Animals and Fantastic beasts; Wands and spells; Talking to himself;  Being around his friends; Rain.

Dislikes: Excessive and unnecessary noise; People tinkering with things; Cocky,  egotistical,  egocentric, ignorant or prejudiced people; Cruelty or bullying.

Strengths: Good advice giver; DADA; Intelligent; Logical; Helping; Charms

Weaknesses: Arithmacy; Emotionally fragile;  Socially awkward and shy; Overly dramatic; Slightly paranoid; Terrified of failure (secret)

Positive traits: Honest; Altruistic; Courteous; Moderately ambitious; Determined.

Negative traits: Stubborn; Highly sarcastic;  Brutally honest sometimes; Not very social


Due to his shyness, Damien didn't have many friends growing up. He always kept to himself and was afraid of talking to anyone in muggle school. Despite being a good student and being complimented by that, he didn't feel happy. Seeing that he wasn't well, his father aproached him and talked with him. This gesture made them become very close. Few days later, he bought Damien a few story books for him to read and inside those pages, Damien found comfort and happiness. In Christmas of that same year, he bought Damien a MP3 and from that time, he gained the habit of listening to music while doing anything. In his 2nd muggle year, he gained himself a best friend due to an act of generosity. Having that friend made him more talkative and a bit less shy. I  class, he unintentionally gained the habit of spacing out and by reading books, he became prone to muttering. His 2 other years in Muggle school remained the same as the 2nd one. He had someone to talk to and he grew happier and relaxed

A few months before he turned 10, he recieved his Hogwarts. His father explained him about magic and the strange but small phenomenoms that have been occuring around him. He then met his friend a last time and explained his moving out and that he came to say goodbye. Damien and his parents went to Diagon Alley a month later to buy his material. What impressed Damien the most was Mr. Ollivander's shop, where he spent at least half an hour to find the perfect wand for him while his parents shopped for the rest of the items. After having his wand, he went back to his parents in front of the store, who had a surprise for him. In his mother's arms was a baby black cat with a  teardrop sign in her forehead. In the beginning of September, Damien embarked on the train to Hogwarts, carrying his baby female cat who he nicknamed Ariel. He felt shy, nervous and anxious but also excited for this new adventure. He waved his parents goodbye as the train started moving


Mother: Hillary Gray/ 42 / Deceased / Muggle
Father: Philip Halloway/ 43 / Living / Pure-blood
Siblings: None

Spouse : None
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Partner: None
Children: None
Pets: Ariel / 3 / Living / Nebelung cat

Family Background

Philip and Hillary met in a coffee shop in London. They were in the same college but they were unaware of that until that moment. After a few years of dating, Philip proposed to Hillary, who immediately said yes. They were happy and nothing seemed to be able to ever break them apart. Philip found a lifetime work in the Ministry of Magic as a worker in the Department of Wizard Security & Secretism. Hillary, being a Muggle, opened her own business, a flower shop that would soon become rather successful. A couple of years after, Damien came to life and they couldn't be happier. Some years after, Philip became head of his department, gaining the family quite a bit of money, adding to Hillary's shop recent and growing success. In Damien's second year at Hogwarts, an unfortunate and tragic accident tore down the family's happiness. Damien's mother died in a car accident and he was absent for 2 weeks to go home and recover. Having a full time job, Philip would have to Damien in Hogwarts during holidays. Although, he kept constant contact with him, sending him letters and visiting him whenever he could in his day-offs. He kept offering Damien books occasionaly. He also didn't hesitate in giving Damien permission to go to Hogsmeade. He also gave Damien access to the family's Gringotts vault, knowing he was responsible enough. In conclusion, Damien was very connected to his family.
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PostSubject: Re: Damien Halloway   Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:30 pm

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Damien Halloway
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