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 Cloud Examples (Finley)

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PostSubject: Cloud Examples (Finley)   Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:43 pm

The Gryffindor laid sprawled out on the ground, looking up at the sky. For the past hour she'd been laying there comfortable picking out shapes in the ground. As a pop star, it was something she probably shouldn't do because people seemed to think pop stars were constantly preparing for their next tour or whatever. However, right now, Layla was enjoying being just a regular child.

The girl was beyond naive for her age and she was oh so innocent, she'd feel sorry for Ethan if he ever dated her because she'd probably only ever hold his hand.

As she stared up at the clouds, she thought about everything: her classes, her lack of friends, new songs and her parents. They seemed to be proud of her, but maybe that was just because she was bringing in money for them. Layla was enjoying the cool but not too cool September weather when she vaguely heard the sound of footsteps.

It shouldn't shock her, especially since she was at such a large school with a large amount of students on a beautiful day.
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Examples (Finley)   Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:51 pm

Finley was - stupidly - still on cloud nine from his summer. Crushes were something very, very new to him, and every time he thought about the Amber he got a slight reddening to his cheeks that showed he had enjoyed the moment more than he would care to admit.

Moving in to his fourth year meant that a number of things had changed for Finley, but mostly it was the new awareness he had of himself.

And girls.

Girls were very beautiful to Finley now, not that they weren't before, but now he noticed (and often reacted) to girls much more than normal. Not enough to distract him from studies, but enough to make him wonder. But, Finley was too shy to act upon any such feelings, so it would never, ever matter what was going on in his head.

Stepping out in to the grounds with his Herbology book, Finley took off across the grounds with no destination in mind. Naomi was busy with something he'd not quite heard, so he had to make himself busy - or at least scarce for a while.

Thinking he'd found a quite spot, Finley was about to sit down when he noted someone else. A girl. Wondering whether he should leave, Finley stood still for a moment, thinking. Then, deciding it couldn't hurt, Finley did something he didn't usually do. "Hi!" The Ravenclaw said brightly, managing to keep his stutter at bay for the single syllable word. "I'm F-Finley. Do you m-mind if I join y-you?" He asked, controlling his stutter just a little more than usual, despite his cheeks going a little red in the process.
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Examples (Finley)   Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:26 pm

She was a princess in a far away land. However, her village was under attack by a large dragon so she wielded a sword and battled it. The dragon tried to burn her to a crisp but she dodged him, smacking him with the rather large sword. Round after round she tried and tried to defeat the dragon, always falling just short of success before finally -

The sound of the voice caused her to look up, her blue eyes connecting with eyes of the same colour that the older boy wore. Layla loved eyes. Mostly because eyes were the window to the soul or so she was told. To her, you could tell what the person's personality was like by their eyes which is why every time she met someone, she looked them in the eye.

"Hi," she replied cheerfully back towards him. "I'm Layla, nice to meet you Finley, and no, I don't mind at all." She gave the boy a warm smile as she waited for him to sit next to her. She noticed the stutter in his words, but it didn't bother her, in fact, she thought it was sort of adorable, especially as his cheeks seemed to turn to a reddish colour.

She recognised the boy from several of her classes. She knew he had been older, but if he shared classes with her it meant he was maybe only a fourth year right?
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Examples (Finley)   Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:08 pm

The smile from the witch was enough to make Finley relax, if only marginally. Smiley people were usually nicer. Not always, but usually. This meant that Finley could try to be a little more relaxed, even if that was difficult for him.

When he was told the witch's name, he scolded himself inwardly for not remembering her from classes. "It's n-nice to meet you." Finley told the witch, taking a seat beside her and putting his book down beside him. Whilst he wanted to read, he knew that it would be rude of him to simply open his book upon sitting next to the witch.

The only problem now, however, was that Finley was not very good at conversation. Well, he wasn't very good at conversation unless the person was Naomi, with Naomi he could talk to her for hours. And, slowly, he was getting better at talking with Sumire, but Sumire was confident in leading a conversation... His mind was going off on a tangent as he thought of his friends.

Shaking his head a little to rid the thoughts, Finley looked sideways to the witch beside him and gave her a small smile. "It's a nice d-day, right?" He asked her. Okay, it was not the best conversation in the world, but it was a start. "I c-came outside to see if I-I could see t-the plants changing for w-winter." Finley explained, motioning to his book. That, he realised a moment later, probably made him sound more of a geek than he looked.

Frowning to himself, Finley took a deep breath and looked to Layla once more. "W-what brings you outside?" He asked, his smile a little sheepish because he wasn't sure he should be pestering her.
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Examples (Finley)   Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:38 pm

She hoped that she looked friendly enough to the boy. Layla couldn't imagine looking unfriendly, even worse, she could never imagine making an enemy. The thought of it even occurring was enough to make her cringe internally.

She was glad that he thought it was nice to meet her as well, for if he had not, then Layla could not think about what to do more less say. However, now, they were in a predicament. Layla wasn't a very good conversation starter and she didn't want to always talk about herself, so she needed help with evenly distributing their conversation.

The girl dramatically rolled over from her back to her stomach and looked at him, leaves scattered about her hair. "It's a fantastic day!" She threw an arm up as she gave him a large grin. The girl was enjoying herself, especially since she was only thirteen and the times she could be her silly self were rare. This, was probably the first time anyone had actually seen that side of her. She listened to him and nodded. "That sounds really interesting, I guess you like Herbology as well?"

"Cloud watching," the girl said, rolling once again, back onto her back this time. "So Finley," she asked, "what's your favourite class?" She glanced at him sideways and smiled.
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Examples (Finley)   Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:56 pm

Finley couldn't help but let out a very soft chuckle at the witch's overly enthusiastic response to his mundane question. Not in a mean way, but in a manner that showed he appreciated it. It reminded him, a little, of the actresses he'd met over the summer with Sumire. He liked it.

The idea of being interesting made Finley pause for a moment, trying to work out how to deal with that comment. Of course, as with any compliment, Finley's cheeks warmed visibly and it took him a moment to collect himself. Compliments were not something he was used to, even with is new friendships that had blossomed in the last couple of years, but he was getting better.

"I do l-like Herbology." Finley confirmed to the witch after a moment. "T-though I'm not very g-good at it." He explained sheepishly, though he didn't add that this was the case for almost everything that Hogwarts taught.

Realising that the witch was cloud watching, Finley looked up to the sky in wonder, but he couldn't see anything of interest. Reading a book was much more interesting, in Finley's opinion, but he wouldn't say that out loud because Layla might think he was being rude.

"My favourite c-class..." Finley mused for a moment, before giving a small shrug. "I l-like all the classes." He admitted, knowing that it sound very geeky but not really caring anymore. "But, I like A-Ancient Runes the m-most." The reason for that was because it was the only class he was actually any good at, but again, he didn't think he needed to say that out loud.

"W-What about you?" Finley asked, watching the witch who was watching the sky.
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Examples (Finley)   Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:21 pm

She was glad to hear a chuckle. For some reason, being able to make someone smile or even laugh was a big accomplishment for her and it felt great. It was one of the reasons she was a musician. Her music could relate to people's feelings and make them feel good about themselves.

She found herself wondering why the boys cheeks grew red again. Was it something she said? Did she have something on her? The girl looked up to the sky before looking back to him, wondering if maybe she was just seeing things. Maybe his face just naturally held a red tinge to it and she was exaggerating things with her eyes.

She smiled at his confession. "There's always time for improvement, I'm sure you'll get better." Typical Layla. She always felt the need to encourage people and make them feel better. "I'm not the best at Potions of Defense Against the Dark Arts," she chimed in, a bit embarrassed.

She smiled, typical Ravenclaw, however, she'd never say it aloud in fear that she may hurt his feelings. It was nice to see someone that liked all the classes almost equally, as it was a hard thing to do.

"Mine is Ancient Runes as well," the girl explained, grinning real big once again at the fact of them having something in common.
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Examples (Finley)   Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:31 pm

The idea of having time made Finley nod a little. "I g-guess." The Ravenclaw replied with a small smile. "P-Professor Ellingston is h-helping me." Finley explained, he wasn't ashamed of needing help, everyone has their weaknesses, and Finley's lied in his confidence and spell casting.

That reminded him that he needed to speak to Professor Ellingston and Professor Hollands about his extra study periods, but that was not for Layla to know about, really.

"P-Potions is good, but m-my hands shake too m-much." Finley explained, holding up his hand that had a light tremor running through it due to his nervous disposition. "But w-when we can work with p-partners it's okay!" He continued, smiling to himself. Layla didn't look like someone who would judge him due to his stutter or nervousness, but he could be wrong... he hoped he wasn't though.

When he found out Layla's favourite subject was the same as his, Finley couldn't help but smile. "Really?" The boy asked, the excitement showing in his features. "T-that's great!" He added a moment later. "I like t-trying to crack the p-puzzle of the Runes, d-don't you?" He asked, enthusiasm quite clear in his features. Though he didn't want a job with Ancient Runes, Finley enjoyed it.
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Examples (Finley)   Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:48 pm

"That's great," the Gryffindor told him. "It's always nice to have a professor who didn't mind giving the extra help." In all honesty, because of that reason her favourite professor was probably Professor Newbury or Headmaster Jameson because they didn't scare her. In fact, to her they seemed encouraging and welcoming and they seemed like they'd be happy to help her if needed.

Lately, she thought about maybe talking to Professor Newbury about what she wanted to do as a career. She knew that he didn't work with Runes, but maybe he could still help her.

"That's okay," she said as he explained about his hands shaking. She knew what it was like to tremble, she did it before every performance, during the performance and even after the performance, but no one would ever know because she moved too much. "I've never worked with anyone," she admitted, "I don't know a lot of people here, but that's okay." The girl was cheerful which hid the fact that she wanted more friends.

"Yes," she smiled. "I really want to have a career based off the Runes, but I'm not sure what." She shrugged as she listened to him and agreed. The puzzles, she had to admit, were quite fascinating and challenging.
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Examples (Finley)   Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:53 pm

Finley smiled to himself when Layla said that Professor Ellingston was nice. The man was nice, despite having a little bit of a scary persona. He'd helped Finley a lot already, and though his confidence was still shaky, Finley was getting more comfortable with magic with each additional lesson they had. "It is g-great." Finley agreed with the witch after a moment.

When Finley found out that the witch didn't have anyone to work with, he frowned a little. Layla seemed nice, which meant she should have friends. "Well, if w-we're allowed, you c-could always work w-with Naomi and m-me." Finley offered, though he didn't know whether Professor Balan would allow such things in his lessons.

Layla's career choice was a good one, and Finley grinned in response. "Professor J-Jameson could probably help y-you." The boy suggested, seeing as they didn't have a school counselor the Headmaster was probably the best choice seeing as he taught the subject. "I t-think I m-might work with animals." Finley told the witch, giving a small shrug. "It n-needs the least m-magic." He added in explanation. Dragons would be cool, but Finley still hadn't made his mind up just yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Examples (Finley)   

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Cloud Examples (Finley)
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