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 Divination Professor

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PostSubject: Divination Professor   Mon Sep 14, 2015 3:49 am

Full Name: Jonathan Howard Bostwick
Position: Divination Professor
Qualifications & Previous Education: O's in NEWTs for divination and is  fairly good seer. Went to an American school in Georgia for wizardry.

Activity: Of course! I have other characters on here as well and I can manage this one on top of the others.

Roleplay Example:

Word Count: 283

Jonathan was absolutely thrilled to have gotten the job as the Divination Professor. He had taken the liberty of setting up his classroom to where there were only five tables, each with a comfy plush chairs surrounding them for all but one spot so they could still see him when sitting there. On the tables was a teacup each holding the steamy liquid. He would have them reading the Dregs in their cups today. But he would make them sit away from their friends that way they would possibly make new ones as they progressed in his class. No one of the same house could sit together that way there could be some diversity in the group. Setting the last book on the table that was short one, he smiled and waited for the children to come in so he could start their lesson.

He greeted everyone that came in with a head nod and smile. "Good Morning class! I hope you all slept well because today we are going to be reading the dregs n the bottom of the teacup in front of you! Go on, start drinking and conversing with the others at your table!" He aid cheerily. He was glad he had moved here and found the job opening here at Hogwarts. He wouldn't have traded it for the world, but he wished his father had agreed to come and stay with him in Oxford so he knew he was okay at least. However his father had also told him to go out and chase his dream and not to let him drag Jonathan down, so he held that to heart and started conversing with his students as they worked.
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PostSubject: Re: Divination Professor   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:10 pm

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Divination Professor
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