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 Carry Into the Fall (Nirek & Caramarienne)

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PostSubject: Carry Into the Fall (Nirek & Caramarienne)   Tue Sep 15, 2015 5:40 am

This was definitely not what Cara had been expecting. She thought, from what she'd read at least, she'd be sorted into Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, but not Slytherin. Nevertheless, there was a sort of thrill she got at being sorted into the Snakes' house. It wasn't really that she was interested in being known for being cunning however, there was a sort of respect for the people in her house.

She was pleasantly surprised at how she was taking to Hogwarts; she had some loose connections, mostly people who were willing to help her with her homework whenever she teared up. Not to mention she and Jacques had yet to cross paths too often; there was an occasional glance here and there, but never a confrontational voice or a wary eye. She took that as a sign of pride. She wrote to Elenore and Adelisa whenever she could with updates and was looking into eventually being able to send pensives.

She loved October, the skies seemed timeless with the dark clouds and the light rain. Soon it would snow and soon she'd be another year older. There weren't enough words in the dictionary to describe how ecstatic for the world to go on. Now, she could be out and about trying to make friends with people of power so she could siphon some to cocoon herself. Rather, she found herself bundling her arms up around her staring out the window her in dormitory. After a few moments, she decided to go for a walk around the lake. She thanked her luck that it was a Saturday and she had hours before the sun would set. Not too many people wanted to be out, but she definitely did.

Dressing elegantly, but being within regulation, and still showing off a bit of her money with her necklace and bracelet (her wrist only showed on small occasions whenever she lifted her wrist and her robe fell back) she tucked her wand into the inside sleeve of her knit top. She held her head high as she walked through the halls before noticing a familiar face. Her cheeks flushed a bit as she remembered the boy, yet she couldn't help but meet his eyes and offer a small smile.

She wanted to mouth hello, ask him if he wanted to join her on a stroll, but thought better of it and instead looked over towards the pathway that lead to the lake pointedly suggesting he join her and gently took her eyes off him to continue on her way.

I really hope this doesn't bite me in the ass, she thought as she walked with perfect posture, the heels of her boots making a gentle click through the halls.

Caramarienne's Outfit
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PostSubject: Re: Carry Into the Fall (Nirek & Caramarienne)   Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:33 pm

The trip back to Hogwarts was not an overly enjoyable experience. Mostly because it was back to lessons. Being back around his 'friends' however, had made Nirek feel alive. Nirek had been keeping an eye on the goings on between Madison Bishop and Finley Allen, but so far, there was nothing he could do about the Slytherin's words that he could still remember quite clearly from the year before.

Today was such a day where he was people watching whilst with a group of friends, making the geeks more nervous than was probably fair and checking out the girls that were around them (and, in Nirek's case from time to time, silently admiring the guys in his year). His eyes were roaming around the Great Hall when he noted a familiar face.

The French girl... Caramarienne.

A smile was sent his way, and Nirek simply nodded in her direction to show his acknowledgement of her smile. The moment she motioned him for her to follow him, however, Nirek's jaw set momentarily. The child was younger than him, and he did not take orders from younger students (he didn't see Madison's words as orders, just a proposition to destroy Finley for good).

After a moment, however, Nirek's curiosity got the better of him, and he excused himself from the boys around him and moved after the witch. He didn't fall in to step with her until they were out of sight of everyone else, not wanting the others to know about the younger girl who was silently asking him to join her.

"You know, I don't much appreciate being summoned." Nirek told the witch, but his smile got the better of him a moment later to show that whilst he might not appreciate it greatly, he wasn't annoyed too much with her. After that, the Gryffindor fell silent, waiting for an explanation as to why he had been called by the witch beside him.
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PostSubject: Re: Carry Into the Fall (Nirek & Caramarienne)   Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:29 am

Caramarienne wasn’t used to being demanding; she didn’t need to be. If she asked with sweet eyes and small smile, she usually got it without question. In fact sometimes people would approach her, noticing her from pictures with the Clement’s and ask her if she’d like ‘samplers’ which she knew was a fancy way of asking if she’d like free things. She preferred it that way; she’d lived her life in the higher tiers of society. She couldn’t imagine being in a lower a position of life.

That being said, she understood that she couldn’t have too many solitary moments.

She needed to establish connections, widen the pools of people she knew. She knew that Joubert had many a connections wherever they went, how she didn’t quite know but her brother was a kind man and she could imagine just one of his smiles was enough to pique anyones interest or friendship. There were glances at her, some people she knew that Jacques most likely knew of the French denomination. She pulled her braid from her back to her shoulder as she continued walking until she heard his voice over her shoulder. She smiled back, feeling warm at the sight of his smile, but letting her eyes light up in fascination.

I’ll endeavor to not do so again,” she murmured, her cheeks flushing and deciding that sheepish was the best route to take to gain his trust or friendship, “I just didn’t know how to approach you; I’d hate it if you turned me away for being a first year or something.” She paused, let her eyes scan over him, “you look quite well since the last time we met, how has Hogwarts been treating you?
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PostSubject: Re: Carry Into the Fall (Nirek & Caramarienne)   Wed Sep 16, 2015 7:54 pm

The rumours about the witch beside him were not ones Nirek trusted completely. He knew of the strange second year Slytherin who was supposedly quite something in France, but he didn't really care for the boy. If he was what was said about him, Nirek didn't see that it was making much difference, but then Nirek didn't know enough to comment.

As to Caramarienne's fortune... well, that was something he had seen.

The extent of her wealth, and perhaps power, however, was beyond Nirek. Instead, he knew she was rich, and decided to keep her close. After all, an asset was an asset, even if the asset was three years younger than you.

"I'm sure you will." Nirek replied, though he doubted Caramarienne actually meant that. After all, Purebloods liked things to go their way, didn't they? He would just pretend not to notice for her benefit. Keeping her happy was something he would endeavour to do, for his own benefit. "And turn you away? What do you take me for?" Nirek asked, pretending to look hurt in that moment before smiling. "My friends might not like it much, but I can make them shut up."

The question on how Hogwarts was treating him made Nirek smile to himself. "It could be worse, I suppose. But, it's bearable at the moment. What about you, are you settling in okay?" Nirek asked, looking to the Slytherin beside him with a raised eyebrow. She still hadn't said what she wanted, but he would be patient about it.
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PostSubject: Re: Carry Into the Fall (Nirek & Caramarienne)   

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Carry Into the Fall (Nirek & Caramarienne)
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