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 Zoey Price (Application)

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PostSubject: Zoey Price (Application)   Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:52 am



Full Name: Zoey Anna Price
Age: 11
Date of birth: April 1
Birthplace: London, England
Current home: London, England
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Sexual Alignment: Straight
Wand type: 8 1/2 inches, Mahogany, Unicorn hair


Hair colour and style:

Zoey likes to wear her hair in various styles. She's always up to date on the fashion, and henceforth is up to date with her hair styles. She loves accessorizing, from headbands, to flowers, to clips, but most of the time she just likes to wear it down naturally. She loves any occasion to dress up and go nuts.

Eye colour:

Zoey's eye color is a crystal blue.


She stands about 4'8

Body type:

Zoey likes to eat, but also likes to take care of herself. She will eat regularly portioned meals, and likes to exercise, but only if extremely motivated. Sometimes she would rather sit down with a muggle fashion magazine than jog around the lake. She's healthily thin!

Dress sense:

Zoey loves fashion. If there's one thing she's good at it's accessorizing. If fashion where a class, she would ace it with high marks. She loves muggle clothing, and tends to stay far away from wizarding robes. She thinks they are really baggy and don't complement the person wearing them. She will rarely be seen in sweats.



Zoey loves sitting down with a good book, though that will only last for about a couple minutes as she is easily distracted. Unless the "book" has pictures of famous people on them, Zoey would stay far away.

She loves learning. Even though with her short attention span, Zoey would love to sit and listen to a lecture for hours if she can get a single bit of new information from it. She's a very bright girl, and tries to do her best in school.

She loves flowers. Lilies in particular are her favorite. They remind her of home when she sees one.


Zoey hates getting dirty. She is very hygienic and takes a shower twice a day. If she gets sweaty, she will freak out. She's a girly-girl.

She doesn't like to fail. Zoey will try everything in her power to do everything right. Even if it's impossible she will find a way. She hates giving up and will try everything before she does.

Zoey doesn't like speaking in front of large crowds. They make her nervous, and sweaty, which makes her freak out. Sometimes she's not sure if it's the speaking in public, or the sweat that's making her nervous.


Zoey is a fast learner. She can read something the night before a test and remember it the next day. A gift she is proud and thankful for.

Zoey has a photographic memory, this making it easy to learn and remember things. She enjoys school because of this, but can't seem to sit in one position for very long.

Zoey is great at making one feel special and loved. She knows exactly what to say at just the right time. She has the "motherly touch" as her grandmother calls it.


Zoey can't stand when people don't like her. She considers herself to be a very likeable person, and this can get overwhelming to some people, and herself.

She is very disorganized, which can be a problem to her roommates at Hogwarts, and when she wants to pick out outfits to wear. She can never find things when she wants them, and always finds them later on after she doesn't need them anymore.

Zoey is really possessive. When she makes a friend she can't stand to loose them, which sometimes pushes people away.


At the age of one, Zoey's parents, Meredith and David Price died in a terrible car accident. She was then raised by her grandma, Elizabeth Price, who was David's mother. Elizabeth knew from the beginning that her granddaughter was special and one of a kind. Even with her quirks, Zoey never ceased to surprise Elizabeth day by day. Sometimes she was difficult when she had outbursts and made things explode, which were things that Elizabeth could never explain, until the day when Zoey turned 11 and received her Hogwarts letter.

As it turned out, Meredith had been a witch, and had gone to Hogwarts herself. Whether David knew about this or not, Elizabeth would never know. It pained Elizabeth to send her only granddaughter away, but she knew that if Zoey were to have a normal upbringing, then sending her to Hogwarts would be the best choice. However, this did not go well with Zoey. Zoey was very attached to Elizabeth, and threw a huge fit when Elizabeth explained to Zoey that she would have to go away to Hogwarts. This grew to resentment, and Zoey is still mad at Elizabeth to this very day.


Mother: Name: Meredith Price / Age: 30 / Deceased: / Half-blood
Father: Name: David Price / Age: 31 / Deceased: / Muggle

Family Background

For generations, the Price family lived off the money they made from Gareth Price's shoe factory. At first it struggled, but soon skyrocketed to become one of the most famous shoe companies in England. David Price took over from his father, Robert Price, and marketed the company extremely well, making it what it was today. The Price's are of upper-middle class, but work extremely hard for what they earn. They are the nicest people you could ever meet, and donate half of their funds to various charities.

David met Meredith at one of his shoe store openings in London, England. To them it was love at first site. For two years they had a forbidden love affair, as David was "destined" to be with his best friend, Alana Striffer. But for two years, Alana helped hide their relationship, understanding that it was true love. David and Meredith eloped with Alana's help, which infuriated David's father. But once he talked with Meredith for a while, he instantly realized why David fell in love with her.

The Best family (Meredith's family), were extremely poor in the earlier generations. They made their money by cleaning hotel rooms, and wealthy mansions, and servicing to higher powers whenever they deemed fit. Meredith's father, Raul made a decent living as a conseurge at a small London Inn. When the owner later died, Raul inherited it, along with all of the owner's life savings making them extremely rich and grateful. Meredith was able to go to Hogwarts, and learn magic which she got from her mother's side.

When she met David at the age of 18, her life changed forever. Her parents despised David's family, which made it hard to have a relationship with him, but with Alana's help, they where able to make it work. It wasn't until Meredith became pregnant, when David proposed to her. She said yes immediately, and knew they would have to elope to get the parents to agree that this relationship was right. They did, and nine months later, a beautiful baby girl named Zoey was born.

Zoey had a normal upbringing up until the age of one. Her parents where on their way to a gala for the shoe company, when their car slid on the ice and wrecked killing them both instantly. Zoey was given to her grandmother on David's side. She had a decent childhood, but was a tad on the spoiled side. She got whatever she wanted because her family felt bad for her not having parents to raise her.

But she was reminded every day of her mother's love, and her father's kindness through pictures and memories. She is said to look exactly like her mother, and the personality of her father. Zoey tries to live by their example, but this can be hard especially with them not being around. She hopes to prove to both of her parents in heaven that she can and will live up to their expectations and make them proud.
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PostSubject: Re: Zoey Price (Application)   Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:32 pm

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Zoey Price (Application)
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