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 Joe Astrid

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PostSubject: Joe Astrid   Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:51 pm


Full Name: Joseph Andrew Astrid
Age: 11
Date of birth: 01/02/2003
Birthplace: Oxfordshire, England
Current Home: Henley Upon Thames, Oxfordshire, England
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual, but unbeknownst to the boy yet.
Wand Type: Willow, Dragon Heartstring, 13 inches exactly.


Hair colour and style: dark brown, with a fringe that just sweeps the bottom of his forehead.
Eye colour: a subdued hazel.
Height: only 5ft2 currently, but will grow steadily until he hits 6ft3.
Body type: a little weedy in appearance, with narrow shoulders and hips. Solid posture, though.
Dress sense: skinny jeans and button down shirts, mostly, but it depends on the weather.


- Reading; from a young age, Joe has had a love for reading, and especially on cold winter nights, he likes to curl up by the fire with a book. He's an odd eleven year old.
- Disney; Joe was raised as a muggle, meaning he grew up with muggle pop culture. He fell in love with all of the Disney films, and he up until he was nine he would watch a few before he went to bed. He believes you're never too old for fairy tales, and that they teach you valuable lessons.
- Family Time; yes, he's that kid. He likes to spend time with his family, whether it's days out, or sitting around the living room with a takeaway watching cheesy reality TV shows. He values his family, and thinks they're the most important people in the world.

- Confrontation; all the way through his primary school life, Joe stayed out of everyone's way. He had a few friends, people he sat next to in class and paired with in PE lessons, but other than that he avoided other people through fear of being put in an uncomfortable situation.
- Supremacy; as young as he is, Joe hates people who think they're better than others. He had a few like that back in his old primary school class; people who thought they deserved more from life because their parents had a bigger house, or people who thought they were better because they were a few months older.
- Sports; he isn't exactly lazy, and it applies more to team sports than individual ones, but Joe has never been overly athletic. He tried football when he was much younger and it was a short-lived career. Determined not to give up, he tried out a load of others: cricket, but he couldn't hit the ball, basketball, but he couldn't shoot to save his life, rugby, but he didn't have the build, and athletics, but- well, that didn't end well either.

- Intellect; as proven by his SAT results, Joe is a bright kid. He managed to score Level 5s across the board, and was praised highly by his teachers when the grades came back. He doesn't always speak his mind, but it's always buzzing with ideas.
- Friendliness; this little boy would never leave someone hanging. At all of the parents consultation evenings that he was forced to attend, his mother and father were told that he was one of the nicest kids in the class, and that he was a pleasure to teach because of his kind nature.
- Accepting; or, as most people would probably call it, overly naïve. He just doesn't see the point in treating someone differently because of something that they're either happy with, or can't change.

-His eyesight; Joe has worn glasses since he was five years old, and his eyes never really corrected themselves. On the contrary, it only really got worse, but no matter how many times he tried to convince him mother to let him get contacts, she didn't back down into the idea.
- Social Awkwardness; he just can't help this one. Meeting new people was never his forté, but he forced himself through awkward meetings and stumbled greetings, because he was told that it was better to be shy and polite than rude. He also has a bad habit of mentally blanking out sometimes, and when he comes to he realises he's almost definitely been sat there for at least five minutes staring at a wall, or even worse and completely unintentionally, a person. Anything he may or may not have been holding at the start of such a period is generally on the floor, too.
- Emotional; any time Joe came home from school in a bad mood, or close to floods of tears for whatever reason, his mother and father would tell him it was always okay to cry. So he would. They opened a gate that wouldn't close, apparently, and sometimes, when things get just a bit too much, he loses it.
- Confidence; while he doesn't necessarily see himself in a bad light, for he really has no reason to, Joe has never been the kind of person who could openly say that he loves himself. He knows he has flaws, and sometimes he makes them out to be a lot worse than they actually are.

Positive traits:
- Artistic; self expression has never been a problem for Joe. He didn't exactly get the hang of writing letters, or poetry, but he was encouraged quite strongly where drawing and sketching was involved.
- Attentive; Joe notices quite a lot of things, from spelling mistakes, a change in dress sense, and changes to behavioural patterns. It came from years of sitting on the side lines, watching others go about their business. He would sit for hours just observing.
- Dependable; even back in school, Joe was the kind of kid you would ask to run an errand, show the new guy around, or help someone else with a piece of work, and you'd be greeted with a beaming smile and an "of course, I'd love to!" Sometimes he thinks he over does it, but really he just wants people to know he's there if they need it.

Negative traits:
- Anxious; this trait really only comes around during stressful situations, like exam periods. He worries far too much for his own good, and fears the worst a lot. It's not as bad as to call it an anxiety disorder, but he knows that it's there when it tries to sneak up on him.
- Secretive; for some reason, he's never felt the need to tell his friends anything important about him, and he didn't tell his parents that much either. He just finds it embarrassing, and would rather keep everything bottled up and to himself than have everyone find out.
- Jealousy; Joe craves success, but in a different way to you might think. He doesn't want to be rich or all-powerful, but he wants to feel fulfilled in life. He wants to be happy, above all else. It's not that he doesn't want others to succeed, he just wants to do well too, and when he doesn't then he can't help but feel envious of them. It's not spite, it's longing.


Joe was born on the 1st of February 2003 at exactly 6:15 in the morning. The day was crisp, with the frost sitting heavy on the ground outside the hospital, and the air bitter as it always was at the time of year. Sandra felt that she got away quite lucky, having only been in labour with the boy for about eight hours. The drive to the hospital the night before hadn't been fun, though, with the slippery motorways and a rather pained first-time mother in the back seat of the car.

The day after little Joe had been born, two weeks before his due date, the family were allowed back home. So they went, Joe wrapped up in blankets to try and keep him warm, and the short drive back to the house the couple had bought a few months previously was the perfect start into the family's life together.

Joe's first night at the house was restless. Every hour, on the hour, he would wake up and cry, cry, cry until he was fed. It went on that way for a few weeks, and as each day went by Sandra became more exhausted by her son. She loved him dearly, but what she wouldn't give for a full night's sleep...

After a further four months, Joe's mother became postnatally depressed. She would lie in bed for hours on end and stare emotionlessly at the ceiling, apologising for being such an incompetent mess to her husband whenever she saw him. Every cup of tea that he brought to her bedside went cold, and every biscuit fell stale. Andrew never gave up on her, though, and once he managed to guide her into some therapy sessions, things were looking up.

All too quickly for his parents' liking, it became time for Joe to start Nursery School. On his first day, he rolled out of bed at six thirty sharp, dressed himself and combed his hair and sat, patiently, on the bottom step for his parents to take him to school. On his second day, he grumbled out of bed at seven, and by the third day, he was practically being dragged, kicking and screaming, from the warm confines of his bedsheets.

Infant school was a breeze, practically a three year playtime that consisted mainly of sitting in the sandbox, finger-painting and "PE" lessons that were really just a bunch of hyperactive children running around the school's gymnasium for fourty five minutes every Thursday afternoon. Primary school, though, that was a different story.

Big school. On his first day, he met his classmates and his teacher, all of whom seemed wonderful at first. That was the problem, though. It was around the age of seven that Joe began to realise that the world wasn't all sunshine, rainbows, sandboxes and finger-painting. He started to realise that things had to be done, like reading, and writing, and Maths, for crying out loud. He hated them, hated them all, but he sat through and paid attention and tried his best because that was just what you had to do- right?

On his eleventh birthday, during the midst of some pretty hardcore SAT exam preparation, Joe received a letter. It was in a pristine white envelope, addressed to him with his name in swirling handwriting, and there was a stamp on the back sealing it shut. With a raised eyebrow, he looked to his parents, expecting them to know the origins of what he assumed was a birthday card. Not a moment later, there was a knock at his door, and Sandra went to investigate. She didn't know the woman in the really rather odd clothes, and questioned the lady for some kind of proof of identification. Everything was soon explained, though, including the contents of the odd letter, and just why it was that Joe could turn the neighbour's Christmas lights on at three in the morning.


Name: Sandra Astrid (née Mitchell)
Age: 34
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Muggle

Name: Andrew "Drew" Astrid
Age: 35
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Muggle

Name: Crys (pronounced like Chris) // They thought they'd picked up the girl of the litter and called "her" Crystal. They decided to stick with the name but shorten it slightly when they found out it was a boy.
Age: 2
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Siberian Husky

Family Background

Astrid has always been a well-to-do name. The people who possess it have always been able to afford the finer things in life, due to family inheritances and things of the like. Andrew was no exception, and was born into a family almost as small as his own, sharing his childhood with an older sister by the name of Florence. The two hated each other, and aren't even close to being on speaking terms after a particularly bad fall-out when she refused to attend his wedding.

The family with the Squib from whom Joe obtained his magic was the Mitchells. Sandra's great great grandmother, Miss Catherine Seale, had been born a Squib to a half-blooded family, and attended Hogwarts the same as her sisters but never seemed to be able to produce anything like they could. She moved away from home after graduation and married a man by the name Alastair Michell, never telling him of her heritage.
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PostSubject: Re: Joe Astrid   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:15 pm

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Joe Astrid
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