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 I cant believe this (Zander)

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PostSubject: I cant believe this (Zander)    Thu Oct 08, 2015 7:39 pm

Vanessa was beyond excited to recieve a letter from her boyfriend Jonathan. SHe couldnt wait to see him. Jonathan had promised Vanessa a day of romantic and enjoyable fun for the two of them. She was so excited. She decided to wear something cute and girly today. She knew Jonathan loved it when she went all girly on him. So she put on a light sea foam blue green dress and a peach jacket. But she still threw on her high tops.

As she was about to leave her house, her eyes started bugging her. She looked over at her kitchen table and saw the things she dreaded most. Her glasses. She groaned and knew she would be miserable if she had a head ache all day. She reluctantly grabbed the evil things and put them on. No one really knew she wore glasses. That was about to change.

She apparated herself to Hogsmeade and looked around for Jonathan. She eventually found him kissing another girl. After about 20 minutes of yelling and screaming, she finally shouted "IM DONE! WERE THROUGH!" And stormed off.
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PostSubject: Re: I cant believe this (Zander)    Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:36 pm

It was a peaceful day and Zander found himself in the Three Broomsticks. The only reason he wasn't with Victoria was because she was in her dance class and he was waiting to pick her up and escort her back to the college. While he waited, he walked around Hogsmeade and found himself drinking a Butterbeer in the little restaurant. The day had been chilly, but nothing that a winter coat and a warm drink couldn't fix.

He found himself watching the snow fall out the winter and litter the sidewalks. He loved the snow and he wondered if maybe later, assuming she wasn't too tired, if Victoria would want to go play in the snow. He pictured the two of them making snow angels and having a snowball fight and even building and igloo to cuddle in. Cuddling. That was the best part about having a girlfriend. He wasn't into all the romance shit that apparently all boys wanted. He was into the hugging and cuddling and the soft pecks that he quite often planted on her forehead.

His imagination had been interrupted by the small bell above the door ringing. Someone had entered but he didn't exactly care, he had been preoccupied. Once again, his focus drifted back to Victoria. After her dance class, they'd go back to his place and he'd make her hot chocolate and they'd cook together because she'd be starving and then he'd ask if she wanted to go play in the snow. Perfect.
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PostSubject: Re: I cant believe this (Zander)    Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:42 pm

Vanessa tried to remain calm and cool, but it was quite difficult for her to do so. She took a few deep breaths and ordered the strongest drink that they had that she could handle. "Firewhiskey. Straight. Keep em coming." She said and waited for the first round to appear. She felt a few tears fall and quickly wiped them away as her drink arrived. She quickly grabbed it and did a shot of it and smiled at the taste of the drink. SHe sighed and then downed the rest of the drink She then gestured for the next round and the bar keep came over and asked her if she was alright, "I am fine I guess. I just found out my jerk of a boyfriend was cheating on me during our entire relationship. We have been together for three years. I cant believe a guy would do that."
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PostSubject: Re: I cant believe this (Zander)    

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I cant believe this (Zander)
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