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 Snow Ball Fights (Open)

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PostSubject: Snow Ball Fights (Open)   Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:35 am

Ruby was beautiful. And she knew it. She wanted to use her beauty to her advantage. Today she decided to see who was lurking around the black lake. She wasn't going to cause too much trouble, she just wanted the other person to get in trouble for it. She had on a black cloak with purple lining the rim over her school uniform. Her hood was up covering her blond locks. She liked acting creepy. It was her one joy in life. Ruby didn't walk on the snow. She more like glided.

She was a goddess. She looked over the lake. It was a beautiful day, the sun was just starting to show after it's long winter absence making the snow start to melt, making it the perfect kind of snow for throwing snowballs. Ruby still hadn't found her victim. She glided threw the white cotton grounds, just looking. Looking for the perfect face to aim her ball of snow at.

At that moment. She saw a figure. She couldn't tell the gender or age of the person, but she bent down, gathered up the cold white cotton snow, and aimed. She was quiet good at throwing, as she was everything else, so she doubted she would miss. She just wanted to have a little fun. And this would be how it would go.
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PostSubject: Re: Snow Ball Fights (Open)   Thu Oct 22, 2015 1:10 am

Quinn wanted to get out for a little bit, so she ended up in the tea shop they have close by but when she saw it was crowded she turned around and went back the way she came. Quinn was a beautiful girl but sometimes she didn't think of herself like that. Her father when she was younger placed in her head that she would never be beautiful and that is what she thought herself as. Some how she ended up at the Black Lake and looked to see another Hufflepuff there but was obviously older then the girl. "Hello" Quinn greeted to the older girl.

The young Hufflepuff wondered what the other girl was doing outside in this snowy cold, but then again here Quinn was doing the exact same thing as the other girl. They were both trying to find some kind of entertainment. So here she was.
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PostSubject: Re: Snow Ball Fights (Open)   Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:06 am

Ruby threw the snow ball and giggled to herself. Everything was fine and dandy right at that moment. She didn't worry about tests, or graduation coming up, or what she was going to do with her life after school. She was just running care free in the snow. Ruby loved the snow. It was cold, and wet and peaceful which she felt she needed.

Ruby laughed out loud as she grabbed another snowball awaiting the girls throw. She laughed again. She said, "I'm Ruby! What's your name?" She might as well make friends with the attackee. She ran her hands threw her long blonde hair as she awaited for the snowball from her victim.

This was a good way to let off some steam from final exams coming up. She hated that she was leaving the one place she loved. She hated that she was graduating and would soon have to be an adult. She hated that she was no longer a child. So she wanted the memories to last.
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PostSubject: Re: Snow Ball Fights (Open)   

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Snow Ball Fights (Open)
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