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 Dinner After Dark [James]

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PostSubject: Dinner After Dark [James]   Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:09 pm

She wasn't sure inviting him to her home was a wise choice,  but since fate wanted them to stumble upon each other again, it meant there was something more to this match. A match made in hell for sure, but Circe wasn't afraid  to try and find out what that spark was. What it truly meant, and why life kept pushing them into each other's  way over and over again.

So after that lovely evening at her party,  Circe and James had kept in touch.  Not that type of touch, but the innocent one. They weren't friends. The sequel tension was too much to stay friends. But they were nothing more either. And that was the reason why Circe had invited him to dinnew this fine evening. To see what in hell did life want from them. What was possible to exist between them. Test a few limits.

Dressed in nothing more than plain ripped jeans and a black cropped top with matching black boots, she moved around the house as she was making a few final changes before her guest arrived. Miles was visiting Germany this month which meant the house was all hers. It was rather boring though, and she needed the company. More than she wanted to accept.

An elf came to inform her that everything was ready just as the doorbell rang. Checking herself in the big golden mirror they had above the fireplace,  she smiled approvingly and moved towards the big double doors of the mansion.
She opened them easily and smirked as her eyes met his.
"How nice of you to join me this evening, James. Please, do come in." She then moved aside to allow him entrance.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner After Dark [James]   Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:14 pm

The invite to Circe's 'humble' abode was one that James had taken much thought over, truth be told. Going over on her beckon seemed a little too... well, whipped, for want of a better word. Whilst not heading over when she'd offered him to seemed like he would be missing out on endless opportunities.

It had taken James a couple of days to decide - mostly for not wanting to seem too eager to seeing the witch.

Games were his forte, and he would not allow Circe to think she was winning, for a single moment.

The response had gone only yesterday, and James hadn't left himself much time for collecting new attire. So, he'd simply gone for his usual smart trousers, and a shirt - both black with matching shoes. No tie today, and no jacket, a little more casual than normal, trying not to emphasise any importance on the meeting, whilst also looking smart enough to not blow the whole thing off as nothing. The right balance, as James would say.

Collecting a bottle of Firewhiskey on the way, James apparated to the manor he'd been to once and rang the doorbell. The door opened a few moments later, and the woman in question now stood before him. Rather dressed down too, but he supposed that didn't much matter for a home visit.

"The pleasure is all mine. I bought us something to make the evening more interesting." James added, passing her the bottle with a smirk that matched the one on the witch's lips. Slipping through the door, James closed it himself, glancing around for a moment before looking back to Circe.

"So, Lover Boy is out this evening?" He asked, joking about the name he'd given her brother because he would rather tease himself than let her have the privilege. "Or am I about to get a family scolding?" He asked, not bothering to hide his amusement in that moment.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner After Dark [James]   Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:26 pm

Seeing him once again made the hair on the back of her neck stand in attention as a shiver ran down her spine. He always had that effect on her and she didn't quite know why. It was the look in his eyes? His strong and dark demeanor? She didn't know. She didn't care.

His little 'gift' made the witch laugh as she took the bottle and observed every little detail. A small habit of hers.
"I thought my company was making this evening interesting enough, but I would never say no to such a gift."

Moving right after him, she let him take a good look around as she handed the bottle to one of the house elves. She took a minute to check him out a bit too. More casual than usual yet still elegant. Something only James could do, she believed.

The question that followed was somewhat expected, so Circe was not surprised at the least and already had an answer to that.
"Oh, but you wouldn't like being scolded, would you? Even though I must admit, it would be really fun," the woman admitted as she moved closer.

"He's on a business trip. Won't be here for a month." Circe made sure to emphasize the last part just a bit as she was looking him dead in the eye. He had caught on the message she was sure.

"So, would you like a small tour first, or should we get to dinner right away?"
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner After Dark [James]   Mon Oct 26, 2015 9:14 pm

"That depends what mood you're in." James responded, his confidence showing on his lips in that moment. Sure, Circe could probably take him down in a moment with magic, but he somehow got the feeling she never would. "Our last encounter was a little too... dry for my liking." He continued, allowing her to take that in whatever way she desired because he had meant it in a multitude of manners, and was not sorry for any of them.

"Depends what came after the scolding." James replied, calm in his words as if they were talking about the weather rather than hinting of things his mother would be horrified he would speak of.

"A whole month?" James asked, his eyes twinkling with mischief as he looked to the witch beside him. "I look forward to it." The man insisted, turning his attention back to the witch completely. Knowing they were alone made him feel more relaxed, truth be told, he wasn't much fond of company when Circe was around, but he'd never openly admit that. Well, not quite in that manner, at least.

"I think..." James responded to her question, his hands moving to the witch's hips as he pulled her close to him. "That I know my way around quite well." He whispered, one hand moving to the small of her back, pushing her close to him as he pressed a light kiss to her lips, never once closing his eyes as he waited for her reaction. "But I could never say no to a... small tour." He teased, using her words against her so perfectly.

"Work up an appetite." He added, letting Circe go and motioning for her to lead the way. "Ladies first." He told her, the smirk on his lips growing in that moment, his eyebrow quirking in challenge too.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner After Dark [James]   Tue Nov 03, 2015 9:26 pm

"That depends what mood you're in."

Well, she had to agree to that. Circe could be really scary when angry, for sure, so her mood played a big role here. Thankfully, for James, she was quite happy and excited for this evening, so no one had to worry about anyone getting hurt.

For now.

Cause Circe Mayer did not make promises she couldn't keep.

"Depends what came after the scolding."

Circe caught on to what he meant immediately and she had to stifle a laugh. She couldn't picture James in a suit, ready to get married. She just couldn't imagine him having a loving wife and a few children running around the house.

On the other side, though, she couldn't see herself getting married and having a big loving family either. At least not anytime soon. That would take her at least 5-6 more years to achieve. Give up on the fun she was having as a single, young lady. And plus, she loved her job. What would she do about that?

So instead of commenting, she just ignored whatever he had said about it. She didn't wanna know more.

"I look forward to it."

"That makes two of us, love."
But then his arms pulled her closer and his lips met his in a kiss. She had missed him, to be honest, but she would never admit suck a thing. Circe wasn't one to bond with people. James had always been the difference. He was... unique.

But then, he had to destroy everything by saying that he indeed would enjoy a small tour. Of course, knowing him, he was doing this on purpose, wanting to tease her. She shook her head, and smirked, not going to give him what he wanted just yet, which was a passionate night full of... surprises. Instead, she would play along to this little game.

After all, it had always been a game with the two of them.


"Ladies first."

Pushing him aside softly, she started walking up the inside staircase. Turning to look at him, she gave him a small smirk and a little wink.
"You coming?"
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner After Dark [James]   Wed Nov 04, 2015 7:01 pm

"That makes two of us, love."

"Love?" James scoffed, his features a mixture of distaste and amusement. "Don't go getting too attached." He chided the witch before him, though it wasn't in a serious tone, so confusion might have been inevitable in that moment.

Pet names weren't that bad to James, really, he used them on occasion, when the occasion suited. Or, more frequently, when he knew it would get him somewhere. But being called one was something he liked to make sure he had control of, that was used at the right time.

As the witch pushed him away - James wasn't easily moved, but he allowed her to believe for a moment - James watched her start to climb the stairs, his eyes not being subtle for a moment as they took in her immaculate figure. His thoughts moving to the more pressing things in life that kept him entertained.

"You coming?"

"I'm hoping to be later." James replied coyly, following after the witch only a second later so not to keep her waiting. He didn't care if his mannerisms were too forward, or too crude, he was not a man to dither around what he wanted. If that wasn't what Circe had called him here for... well, the man would leave, without worrying about offending her.

"So, what delights have you brewed up for this evening?" James asked as they climbed the stairs, making sure not too look too stunned by the beauty of her home. It made his flat look... well, incomparable, to be honest, and James was not overly happy with that thought.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner After Dark [James]   Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:22 pm

"Don't go getting too attached."

Oh, she was expecting some kind of reaction from him, and she was right when that look of distaste touched his features. Circe knew James better than she even believed, or understand, so instead of getting angry at that, or feel any sort of uneasiness, she just brushed it off, like she always did with most of the things he said. He liked to be the man. She liked to allow him that much. Period.

"Calm your... balls. Or whatever you need to calm, for that matter," she said and just didn't wait for him to answer her back. Nothing would come out of this, they both knew it, and they both were people who knew what they wanted. So, the both knew what to avoid. Like this discussion for example.

"I'm hoping to be later."

A wide smirk touched her lips, her eyes following his every move until he came up to her. She then proceeded to bite her lip and press her body against his, whispering soft words against his soft lips.
"We can sure arrange something, if it would please you."
Then turning away, as if nothing had happened, she climbed up the rest of the stairs and motioned for him to follow.

"So, what delights have you brewed up for this evening?"

Leading him to the Library, she shrugged. "Just dinner. I thought we'd come up with something entertaining anyway. Didn't want to make plans without taking your demands under consideration."

Knowing how much this would boost his ego, Circe took a seat on one of the desks, crossed one leg over the other and smiled.
"Welcome to my Library!"
And it sure was one hell of a big Library.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner After Dark [James]   Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:50 pm

Circe's teasing was a formality that James allowed her to continue with, merely to make her assume she had some hand in this game. In James' opinion, she was not in any way playing the game, merely led to believe she was. He had control, and he would bet on that fact quite happily. Girls, women, whatever you wished to call them, could always be played, so long as you knew how.

And James did.

So as her lips almost touched his, he pretended to yearn for her touch, leaning in just enough to be 'denied' before stopping himself. There was plenty of time for fun, of that much he'd already been assured of. But Circe was gone a moment later, and James watched her continue up the stairs, his eyes never leaving her figure as the smirk played on his lips.

Where they were going, James wasn't sure, but he didn't have to wait long. As Circe turned in to the library, the Potions Professor looked around, he was impressed, of that much he couldn't deny. It was large, way too many books for a single person to own, but that was the joy of people like Circe. Money grew on trees.

The idea of his demands made James' smirk grow in that moment. She knew him enough to know he'd have demands from her, at least she wasn't completely blind in that respect. "And, what are my demands?" James teased the witch, watching her take a seat upon the desk in the room.

"Welcome to my Library!"

"Your library?" James asked, quirking an eyebrow. He knew who the house belonged to, and he knew Circe was not that person. So, this room, like the house, could not belong to her. But, he changed tactic, halfway through. "And what would you need with so many books?" James asked, moving to stand before her, one hand placed on either side of her on the table. In her personal space, but for all the right reasons.

"Especially..." James continued, tone lowering in to something of a luring tone. "When you have much more interesting ways to fill your time." He finished, placing a soft kiss on the base of her neck, lingering for a moment longer than was perhaps necessary. Testing her.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner After Dark [James]   Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:09 pm

"And, what are my demands?"

"Well, we will have to figure this out, right?"
A playful smirk played on her lips as she got comfortable on the desk, letting her eyes wander up and down the man's form. James was hot. She had come to grips with that. But she couldn't understand for how long he wanted to use that to his advantage.
I mean, at some point, you will want a wife... right?

But maybe Circe was wrong. Maybe this was what she wanted and expected to happen, and James was just completely different and opposed to that idea. But she couldn't help and think about him as a father. He would be sweet, and strong willed, and loving. She knew there was a side of James that she hadn't seen yet. Actually, there were quite a few sides of him she hadn't seen yet, and didn't believe she would ever see.  And that was quite smart of him.

The less people saw what he was, the more advantage he had over them. If he opened up, he would be vulnerable. And that is why Circe Mayer was so drawn to the man before her.
Because he was just like her. Smart, and secretive. He knew what to do to survive, he knew how to play safe, and he knew how to hide things. He was just what she wanted as a partner. But she would never admit that, and she also knew he wouldn't either.

So this lead to a dead end. And how long could they keep this going?

"Your library?"

That made Circe raise an eyebrow. What was wrong?
"What? It's not much of your liking, maybe?"
But his next words put her at ease, somewhat, as he explained what he meant exactly. His movement towards her, made a shiver run down her spine as she bit a lip, feeling the warmth of his body more and more, as he came even closer.

"Especially... When you have much more interesting ways to fill your time."

She was ready to reply, but the kiss on her neck made her shut up immediately. James had that... thing. He had control of her body as if she was a puppet. And sometimes she liked it way too much. But what would happen if she gave in like that?
Oh, she wanted to badly. But she knew him better than that. And Circe was not going to be one of his whores.

Or at least, she would make sure he was his number one bitch.

"Fill my time? But what if it is not my time I need to fill?"
Smirking she leaned in and bit his ear softly before slowly sliding off the desk, pushing him back in the process.
"Should we move to the next room? Or do you need me to show you more of the Library?"

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PostSubject: Re: Dinner After Dark [James]   Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:07 pm

James simply smirked in response to Circe's reply in respect of his demands. They were, to be quite honest, very easy to guess. Or, at least, the demands he made with the shield up before him were very easy. A night to remember, was all James ever asked for, though, for the most part, the women in his life were not that memorable.

It was only Circe that had managed to keep his attention as of late, but he had not put any thought to that. It was merely because she was highly attractive that he stuck around.

Or, that was what he was telling himself.

"Fill my time? But what if it is not my time I need to fill?"

James took that as innuendo, whether it was meant to be or not. His lips tugged in to a smirk because it only proved that he was not going to be in the wrong place that evening. No, with Circe, he knew he could get exactly what he wanted from her, and it would satisfy her in equal measures. "Then I'll make sure that you get what you need." James replied as she bit his ear. She knew how to make him want her, of that much he could not deny her.

But, his desires were left there as Circe pushed him away, keeping up the thrill of the evening by not giving in to his wishes so easily.

"Should we move to the next room? Or do you need me to show you more of the Library?"

"The library was never my style." James responded, motioning for her to lead the way to the next room. "You can show me somewhere more exciting?" He prompted, leaving the exact location up to the witch before him.

"Besides, you haven't explained as to why I was summoned here. I'm sure that will be an enjoyable tale. Especially with lover boy out of town." James continued, following her closely.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinner After Dark [James]   

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Dinner After Dark [James]
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